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Issues such as this should be resolved before marriage or soon after. I am married to a believer and we both agree exactly the same on this .And our daughter also was made aware of our wishes - we both agree with the principles of the great Dr Kevorkian .Ones life should end when one wants it to and this includes assistance if necessary.

Exactly.Issues such as this should be resolved early on in a relationship ,and have absolutely nothing to to with a person believing in a god . A non believer can also be against a medically assisted death for possible reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs.


Was bound to happen,this option is just a few years old.He will probably win the case but the problem is you must be well enough to go to a pharmacy and take the pill yourself hopefully the courts move on this.My sister's friend had a mother who died of brain cancer,she was primary caregiver and could not believe what a horrible way to go it was.One year later she was diagnosed with the same thing and being a physician herself she decided to choose the right to die.She did it about a year and a half ago so I learned all about it.You must have a terminal illness,have seen at least two psychiatrists and be declared sound of mind.You must get the pills directly from a pharmacy yourself and take them yourself.

Just step in front of a train. They will get the Engineer counseling, and my note will absolve him as well......

@AnneWimsey not cool. That is how the " TEMPLE OS" operating system lost it's software development team and ended up bankrupt.

@SanDiegoAirport ummmm, what? My little old creaky self can topple some empire (which I never heard of) by stepping in front of a train? Naaaaaaawwwwwwwww

@AnneWimsey While the engineer might get counselling for some the fact they have taken a life weighs heavily on them Please read this article, I get you may never do this but it is a really serious issue.[]

@AnneWimsey Sorry BUT counseling does NOT really relieve the Loco Driver, etc, from the absolute horrors of hitting a person/s in any way shape nor form.
I spent many years on the Railways in the B. D. & C. Crews and saw sights from Loco/Train Collisions that turn your stomach with the shattered pieces of bodies, the blood, guts, etc, etc, spread everywhere.
I've known Loco Drivers who have literally ' gone to pieces' even after intensive counseling sessions plus a few who have been so badly shattered emotionally that they have committed suicide to try to escape from the horrors they have witnessed.
Those truly horrific images become so deep burned in to your memories that absolutely nothing can remove or erase them and I have far more than my 'fair share' of them as well.


What a cruel woman! She's horrible.


This is exactly why I would never marry a believer. Untrustworthy. Their god beliefs make them think they know better than anyone else what's best for others. FTS!

Leelu Level 7 Aug 28, 2020

In case something happens to me, my executor and POAs are both longtime atheist, lefty friends I have known for half my life. I can trust them with anything..

You can not lump all believers together . MY wife is a believer but does not follow any religion and she believes in assisted suicide for both of us if necessary .There is a huge difference between just believing in a god and following a certain religious ideology which puts restrictions on ones actions

@richiegtt Actually, I can. I'm happy for you that you have a good marriage and you trust your partner. Congrats! But my statement still stands... I would never marry a believer.

To call believers untrustworthy is ridiculous.Everyone is different

@lori99 And they don't call them sheeple because everyone is different.


Yet another reason to get or stay single!


His wife is a very selfish person. Another self-righteous ‘Only I know what’s best for you’. I at least hope the courts will respect his wishes, even when the ones closest to him won’t.

She is one of the reasons why I hold God Mobsters in such contempt.

@anglophone it’s inexcusable to attempt to block his legal rights in court. A panel of doctors agreed he fit the physical and mental criteria. She’s truly despicable at this point to let a loved one suffer against his wishes.


This kind of "well-meaning" interference by clueless family members reminds me of Paul Newman's line from Cool Hand Luke, one of my fav classics. "I wish you'd quite being so good to me, Captain"..


At least we know his wife is the reason why he lost his will to live more than his sickness.



Succinctly stated.

Delusional bitch


If it were not so tragic it would be hilarious.


This is why religious/atheist mixed marriages are such a disaster. So much for 'love'. A book I recently read said that 70% of dying patients are talked out of letting their lives end by their 'loving' families. What a load of crap! It is about being totally selfish. This sort of thing just burns me up.

When my late partner was dying her brother and sister-in-law got an expensive and special visa to come from Vancouver BC to Lopez (they are Iranian). The stupid sister-in-law couldn't stop crying and the brother kept criticizing her use of this states Death with Dignity program. Even though she lost her ability to speak in less than 2 days she pointed to them and then the door (get out). Before crossing the border they kept calling and asking if 'she' had changed their mind. Some people just don't get it.


That would be grounds for divorce right there. It is sad how controlling some religious people can be in a relationship. One reason I left my own marriage.


That is a horrific betrayal.


I really hope the Appeals Court upholds the original judgement that his Medically Assisted Death is legal and that the wife and her religious cohorts have no grounds on which to challenge his competency to have made this decision to end his life. The arrogance of these right wing religionists is breathtaking. First they spend years campaigning to prevent such humanitarian rights becoming legal, and then when that battle is lost and it becomes lawful to put in place an assisted dying package and all the criteria are met, they can’t leave it at that but challenge the sanity and competency of the person to make the decision.’s vitally important that the Appeal Court upholds the decision and strikes down this attempt to frustrate this man’s wishes, because case precedent is important in law, especially in the testing of new laws.


None of anyones business if he wants to die.


I would probably go the divorce route and then come up with a new will to make sure she gets bupkiss.


He should divorce her, take half of everything, go to Switzerland and visit Dignitas. Problem solved she does not get any say in what he is doing. His body his life his choice.


On one hand this seems cruel. On the other, some yet to be known other man is spared her 'love' for awhile and maybe if he's lucky, the delay will result in her finding yet another man instead. Better yet, the delay might result in the husband out-living her; a real win:win!


Very sad indeed! Wife seems not to care about what her husband’s wishes are...and worse...that he could suffer and might be sedated and on a ventilator because of the pain. Why would she want that for her ‘beloved’ husband? I would not want that for myself!


This is why it is not OK to simply believe what one wants to believe, or what one feels comfortable with, with casual or little regard for actual truth or fact. This is why reason should always be a part of searching for truth.


Absolutely disgusting


That's legal in Canada? Dr Kevorkian went to prison in Detroit.

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