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Liberal Ideals

How do you feel about it?

sweetcharlotte 8 Apr 9

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I think liberal has become a messy word. I prefer 'progressive.'

On a side note, I hate the word socialist. Stop saying you're a socialist and say that you're progressive. Get rid of the "loaded" words so we can make progress.

So you don't want me to refer to my "Social Security," I should call it "Progressive Security?" He said, tongue firmly in cheek.

@Louie406 I agree, liberals do roll over too much. We need to clearly explain how our ideas and proposed policies will help average people.

Unfortunately we live in a reality where things need to be "sold." It is, in a lot of ways, how we wrap the ideas – What words are used.

@Louie406 There will be another Bernie. I'm confident. Who that will be, I have no idea.


Liberal all the way. Raised that way, never heard an argument to make me feel any differently. Conservatives HATE change. That is the reason they are lousy at governance. They are always looking to the past and trying to drag the rest of us with them.

Actually real conservatives want to manage change.
Reactionaries and Tories hate change.
This avoids the no true scotsman fallacy because the originating principles of conservatism explicitly mention managing change. So if you hate change you are NOT a conservative, you are a reactionary or a Tory.
Calling the current holders of the name by their true descriptions may possibly rehabilitate the other half of our polity as we get back to what was intended, an interplay of conservative and progressive ideas each contributing its strength to sustain and/or check the other's weakness.
BTW that last bit is liberalism, as distinct from progressive.


Your question is so wide open that there is no way that I can respond to it.

I didn't see the comment in the form of a question. Explain. -10 points

@Lincster45 It bothers me when people post things of no value just to gain points. To me, that cheapens and trivializes this site and genuine communication on it.


I am not liberal; I believe in human rights, period.

Then you are a liberal, possibly a conservative liberal, but human rights spring directly from liberalism.
Liberalism is not a vague set of beliefs, it's a concrete manifesto set out by the people who founded capitalist democracy and later by those who set up states based on these principles. Washington were liberals. Their opponents were Tories who wanted to see wealth concentrated and controlled by a specific group of people.
Liberal does not equal progressive, nor socialist, nor yet the very mild right wing Social Democracy that Sanders espouses. All these may embrace liberalism, but they are not of themselves liberal.


I'm pretty liberal. I believe in diversity, inclusion, LGBTQ rights, and social justice.


I'm definitely a Progressive living in a Red State. Healthcare for all, and I honestly don't understand how the USA can call itself the richest country in the world and have homeless people, people with food insecurity, and people dying of TREATABLE medical conditions.


I have them. They're disliked by those without them. I find if the government is for the people, then the people should be foremost on their agenda. If the government is supposed to be by the people, our government fails to represent the will of the people. I guess that makes me a liberal.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

Does 'liberal' in this context mean the American Democrat progressive left? Or a free market individualist ideology?
I do not think of myself as a liberal, personally, because while I believe in socially progressive ideals, I do not think certain ideas about free-speech, freedom-of-the-market, freedom-of-choice and civil rights hold much meaning in the context that most of us experience them. I don't believe in Civil Rights very much, because who gives us these rights? God certainly doesn't give them to us, so it must be the State who gives us these rights.
But what giveth the State the authority to give or take away rights as the State should choose? Democracy? We know politicians can be bought, so what does democracy even mean if the elected representatives can't be trusted?
The will of the people? I'm not certain I can convince my friends to come to my house for dinner, let alone the will of the people directing an entire nation.
The mere existence of the State? Does the State, simply by virtue of having access to the workings of politics derive it's own auto-existence? Does a monopoly on violence, on energy production, on legislature or any number of other things allow the State to gain a meaningful existence?


I am a pinko bleeding heart liberal with a strong hippie background.


I see that you are a 'newbie'...glad you are here!


I will take them...even though I have heard 'liberal or conservative,' so often... until I have decided I want claim a label!


I'm all in favor of them.

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