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Do you stand for the anthem?

What are you thoughts on saluting the flag? I always thought it was a pointless ritual similar to worshiping a rock. What really trips me out is when atheist would scoff at the notion of worshipping a God have no problems saluting the flag. Which os essentially doing the exact same thing.

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mrveggieman187 6 Apr 9

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This poll does not include my answer… I make that determination based on the event. I see no need to protest before my children’s school performances but I won’t stand up at a sporting event until conditions improve and my sense of pride is restored.

Good point!


No. I don't feel pride for my place of birth. I feel pride for things that people do. I might feel pride for my country if it were to treat all people with respect and equality. We were founded as a racist country and remain so today. We have never treated women with the respect and rights that should be a birthright. When this country stops judging people by their sexual orientation. Get all of that done and l will stand.

Agreed. I'm not a fan of nationalism or patriotism. My "loyalty" is to humans, and the Earth.


I feel the same way . Feeling proud to be randomly born on this bit of dirt or proud for what others have done In history makes no sense to me


Nationalism and theism are two sides of the same coin. Both are tribalism and us vs them mentality. IMHO

Too many of us wrap ourselves in the comfortable position. It is easier to be coerced than to rebel.

^^This!! My "loyalty" is to all sentient beings and the Earth; I won't have anyone tell me what to do with my loyalty. Nationalism and patriotism are short-sighted at best, dangerous at worst.


I take a different postition, I for one do love the old democratic USA, not the trump one,
I appreciate daily the freedoms we have and with that do not wish to participate in the traditional must stand stuff. If my feet are tired I continue sitting. IT is like those that go to church on easter and christmas. What is the point if you turn around and spit on the busses of children seeking love

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Am a veteran and do it to honor my friends.

Thank you for your service!


I do, and I don't care if someone else chooses not to. If we can't express what we believe then there is no point in standing.

I stand because it is what I believe, if someone were to force another to stand then I would sit since such a flag didnt deserve anyone standing for her.


I stand. But I wouldn't insist that anybody else do it. If I found a reason not to appreciate my nation, I wouldn't. S'been a while since I attended something that has opening cerimonies so the point is moot for now.


i will stand out of respect in general but i do not put my hand over my heart for no reason unless i am experiencing a heart attack.
If others decide to kneel or sit, that is their right to do so.


I stand. I don't place my hand on my heart. I think part of the reason I stand is that I don't want to be ostracized (or worse) for not standing. I think another part of the reason I stand is lifelong habit.

I fully support anybody at any time protesting injustices in our country in any legal non-violent way that feels comfortable to them.


My (slightly drunk) uncle told me I "hate America" because he witnessed me fail to put my hand over my heart during the Pledge of Allegiance once. I didn't dare tell him I don't (willingly) participate any oaths or rituals, because I find them disingenuous and frankly, for me, fraudulent.


I don't think I'd sit or kneel if it was something like a high school graduation and the whole place was standing. But if i were attending an NFL game where players were kneeling in protest of police getting away with shooting black men, I think I'd sit it out in solidarity. I'm against fetishizing the flag like it means more than our actual rights and freedoms. I'm kind of uncomfortable with the ritual of the pledge, but I'd pick my battles.

I don't see it as fetishizing the flag (btw, never heard that before). I see the flag as a symbol of respect for the great experiment called the United States. That's why I stand.

I'm with you, @Rangepainter: veneration of symbols feels very squicky to me!

@marga, i wouldn't assume that everyone who chooses to stand is fetishizing the flag. To me, my country is my home. We fly the flag on national holidays because it's our flag too. It doesn't just belong to one demographic of Americans. But I do believe that if someone makes a point about something as important as life and death, saying America needs to do better and calling attention to their grievance or plight by not behaving in deference to a symbol of our country, then even if I disagree, I believe in their right to do it.


I always stand for the anthem. I was a soldier so perhaps that further ingrained patriotism into my opinion.

Thank you for your service!

@twshield thank you for the support!


The more I know about this issue the more I detest it. The flag, national anthem and pledge worship is nothing else but shallow patriotism and I want nothing to do with any of them. My late partner quit subbing for our local school because a new, Christian, principal tried to push this off on to the students. It is unconstitutional and even the Supreme Court has said no can be forced to stand or offer any abayance to this hypocrisy. To me the road to respect leads to tyranny!

Brilliantly said! I agree wholeheartedly.

@stinkeye_a I learned so much from an immigrant. Her country was basically destroyed because of shallow patriotism so she saw what religion and false idealism can do to a country. Our country is supposed to be based on individual freedom not obedience especially obedience to symbolism.


It is the respectful choice to stand.


I stand but don't say anything-like at a football game.

Same here and sometimes I just go to the restroom to avoid any of it.


I don't really care for my country's national anthem as it mentions a god. Not sure which one it's meant to be. Not real thingo about nationalism either although I do understand that it shapes people's identity, including very much my own.


No I do not, never have and never will.


I don't stand for the words, or for the royalist sentiments, as I ama republican (in the British meaning of the words) but I am British, I love my country and what it aspires to stand for.
By standing for the the Anthem I acknowledge the sacrifices of my ancentors and the righting of past wrongs, the ever bettering and evolution of British tradition and custom.

Many of the ones kneeling are protesting the unequal, cruel practices of this country. And those currently in power are making it worse. We are going backward while many think we're returning to some type of nirvana they see in their mind's eye where they will be "on top" again instead of getting the side eye.


I've never really felt the need. I live closer to another country and am 3000 miles from the next closest US state. When I fly out to other states there is always a geographical and geothermal disconnect, not including the time change.


If someone asks us to stand I do. If someone asks us to bow heads at their dinner table I do. Not because it means something to me but because the people around me mean something to me. And if someone chooses not to stand or bow, I respect them as much or more than someone who does so out of habit alone.


It's hard for me to stand for a country that does not want me. It's hard for me to stand for a country that invaded my island of Puerto Rico in 1898 by Gen Nelson Miles and totaly disregarded The Charter of Autonomy which granted our freedom. How can I truly stand proud when the US bombed us twice for wanting to break away from the U.S. Experimented on our women with birth control. Passed public Law 136 that made it legal to sterilize our women against they're will because white people didn't like us. Imposed Law 53 aka the gag law which made it illegal to own and wave our Puerto Rican flag or sing our national anthem or speak of separating from the US. I cannot be proud of a country who still to this day will not allow us to trade freely with other countries because of the Jones ACT and cabotage laws. Then they want us to be appreciative for what they have done.
No I cannot. And if anybody is proud of that. Then we cannot be friends.


I used to stand for the anthem until athletes used kneeling as a peaceful way to protest systemic racism still very much present in this country. I didn’t stop standing because they kneeled, I stopped standing because of the infantile authoritarian reaction to the kneeling.

I guess I find it much more upsetting that minority people are disproportionately losing their lives unjustifiably at the hands of people charged by all of us with protecting them. And it’s a nationwide problem. And that has to stop. Now. It’s a little more important than taking pride in a colorful cloth.


As a Jehovah's Witness, we were NOT to stand for the national anthem or pledge allegience to the flag. Now I do it out of freedom as well as respect.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

I do not, mainly becuase I do not go anywhere it is played....


The national anthem sucks. Do any of you have it saved on your playlist? Really, I'm joking, Fergie did amazing at the NBA all-star game singing it. Hahaha

Actually, yes I do have it on my playlist. 🙂

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