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Have you ever felt yourself being pulled from your body, when you look up? What do you think it means?

Meiliken 6 Apr 9

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I used to have those feelings regularly in semi-dream states. They happened all the time when I was in my 20s and 30s, very rarely any more. I was always prone lying in bed but not in a full sleep state, floating and moving above hills or forests, water, cities, lots of things. They were wonderful feelings! No drugs BTW, just simply falling asleep. Not frightening or weird, just euphoric. I miss them but can't get them back through trying. Much like life itself.


Vertigo see a Dr


Perhaps you are strongly psychic and was feeling the beginning of astral projection. I've done than a number of times, but usually when lying down.

I was laying on the top of a hill in a very dark area of the country on a very dark night (no moon) and as I looked up at the stars I had a feeling vertigo so bad it seemed that I was falling into space. Real weird feeling that I have never forgotten. I have never attributed it to the supernatural. Could people confuse vertigo and dizziness with so called astral projection?

@DaveSchumacher Possibly. The times I experienced astral projection, I actually went up to the roof, saw my body on the bed, then went on through the ceiling and went off to some other place or dimension, because all the "people" I knew were there. Or their soul energy was, I suppose. I remembered several past lives, and the "inbetween place" since childhood, so didn't think much of it. It just seemed normal.


You have great posture.


So far, all of the religious responses, as well as the negative health responses have been erroneous.

When it happens, I get no negative effects. At least beyond my direct physical body. But the euphoric feeling can feel so good that I have to struggle with myself not to get lost in it. I become unaware of my direct surroundings, but I start seeing images and equations overlayed of seeing the area all around almost like a bird's eye view, though not a single location, but everywhere at once.
The only true negative is if I'm driving, I could lose myself in it, and crash. I never feel dizziness either.


No, I have never felt that.


Out of body experiences? Nope.


In my case, vertigo. I am terrible with height, looking up is very bad, down is far worse.


low blood pressure

I can control my blood pressure by thought. I don't get high or low blood pressure.


Vertigo..? If I’ve something to hold on to, something super solid - and I’m standing somewhere high up to begin with - looking up at anything even higher can/ will make my knees buckle 😀

Varn Level 8 Apr 9, 2018


That's neurosis. It's linked to B-vitamin intake, water, stimulation habits, sleep cycle habits and macronutrients.

I do not have a neurosis. And I keep my body's chemicals perfectly balanced.


lol i used 2 do this all the meant i was about 2 pass out because my blood sugar was low

Byrd Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

The blood is rushing backwards making your face lighter. That or the fluid in your ears is adjusting your equilibrium.


It means you are falling grab something quick.


In the hospital under chemo almost halleucinating. I think it means they gave me a shitload of drugs.

You still came out looking good 😉

Thank you kind sir.


I drank a lot of rum once and this happened.


It's called vertigo

I've done this in big cities with skyscrapers.

I've learned not to look up at tall buildings. Awful tunneling effect.

@RavenCT I love looking at tall buidlings. My vertigo more affects looking at wobbly things

@LadyAlyxandrea I get Benign Paroximal Positional Vertigo. I can do a two step on perfectly level ground. lol

I'm careful looking up because it can set it off worse now.

At that time it used to be a reaction to heights? Now it's just life. lol

Not vertigo. I only feel vertigo when looking down from a very high place, and the effects are drastically different.


You're an angel.

I don't believe in fantasy 😉

I don't believe in you.

@The_Antichrist kind of like the unicorn and the maiden. 😉

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