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Republican Religion

Varn 8 Oct 10

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Now these people are real suckers.

godef Level 7 Oct 13, 2020

And ultimately, losers. I’m so ashamed of how we must be viewed by advanced nations, if deservedly so.. A nation, often calling itself “#1” ..with freaks like that ..right up to ‘the top’ 😕


Religious imbeciles!


Did I hear some of these bastard say holy New Year? LOL


Stranglely, trump is the most non-religious pres we've had in my lifetime. Starting with JFK


Praise Jesus send me all the loose change and dirty Covin19 monies you have in your pocket, your wallets, your purses, your checking and savings account, and your children’s piggy banks!!!

I will tell all those above us that Covin19 will not do too much for you in the ways you hope that it would!!!

No checks, debit, cards, credit cards period only cash!!!

Your lord does not accept fake digital monies, only real fiat monies he or she can return to earth as the king or queens of planet earth!!!

Rush your donations postal paid deposits to cfo for god/Jesus at HSBC, CITI, Wells Fargo, BoA, BBVA, Chase or any other bank that is FDIC insured!!!


Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy?

The Lincoln Project is working hard to get rid of Trump and that's just dandy with me but the Lincoln Project is made up primarily of Republicans who are still against almost everything I support. The ONLY thing we agree on is that Trump's gotta go but once he's gone they'll be there with their corporatist agenda and conservative policies.

So, I ask again, is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy?

A temporary alliance at best

That's what reasoning is all about. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and sometimes they aren't. The aphorism is less about teaching a deep truth than it is about jarring your sensibilities to open you up the possibility of an unlikely ally. How about, there are exceptions to every rule?

You don't need them. Trump is as good as gone.


Learn from their ass kicking ads though.

Dems will probably win in Nov. Then spend the next 4 years CROWING about it Then back to screwing everything up again and working hard/ overtime to convince Americans that is NOT about Church & State, but really about someone's panties in high school 40 years ago.

I’d felt the same in the early months… Didn’t trust them, at all. Listened to one of their founders on a podcast, and became convinced - he'd had enough! Likely near my age, with his timeline and life experiences, the difference between us was, I got out - as he went on to make hundreds of thousands putting in place the array of Republicans having led to ‘this one.’

I suspect, if/ when trump gets crushed - and the R’s lose the Senate, his kind will attempt to pick up the pieces of that broken party. Doubt I’ll help, but for now, appreciate their having found a semblance of honesty..

@twill After the majority wins in November - they’ll instantly be attacked by the Industrial Wealth that’s screwed us for the last decade ..or four.. Left with a federal deficit having grown by 60% under their watch - Democrats will instantly be demanded they reduce it.

Let’s see … the R’s ran up the debt again, tanked the economy again, the only thing missing is a new war.. But he’ll have several months to remedy that. The nation shot itself in the head with trump, it will take many years to recover. Do you plan to help?

@Varn I dunno. I gave all with Obama....Health Insurance costs went through the roof (being healthy is baaaad). OSHA bullshit cost me $1000's.
Pretty much fuck them....if not for Trump & the EV's I'd prolly be voting red


Christians, what are they?
Every Christian, Mormon, Catholic, Baptist, Orthodox all claim their version is the truth. There’s over 33,000 denominations and when I went to church I knew a bunch of people that disagreed on big key concepts that still attended.
The qualification to be a Christian is just saying you’re one, like Trump.

Or paying your tithing and other monetarily offerings - probably not like Trump, but including Trump as a "believer" increases their power and access to government.


I watched this on mute and with subtitles instead, since my kid's sitting next to me playing GTA. It was utterly surreal.

For a start, it's subtitled in Dutch for some reason, so I had to get it to translate. Then it read like a stream of consciousness; like an insane Hunter Thompson. if I could copy-paste it I would.


This is why I say we must try to reach them on their ground, not ours (as they won't put a toe in ours), or we will not change a single mind. Jesus is the answer. God is yesterday's religion and a Jewish one. Jesus redeems us from the bloodthirsty laws of His father, or Self, or Spirit (or whatever).

This tells us nothing about you other than pointing out the fact that you hide behind Christianity.
Is a real Christian liberal?
Is a real Christian conservative?
Is a real Christian gay or straight?
The answers vary depending on the Christian.
In short Christianity means nothing unless closely associated with a culture, and in the US that culture is based on the Confederacy.
That makes your position inexcusable.

@Willow_Wisp I'm saying it's not about me. It's about getting zealot CHRISTians away from the Golden Calf of Moses to the words and deeds of Jesus. I'm saying that, if we can do that, it should eventually lead them to a more liberal view of life. Therefore, I promote a strategy of appealing to them on their ground. That's not Confederacy thinking. The Confederacy used religion to keep the slaves controlled and that needed a strict form of it. That, I would argue, created a misplaced focus on the Jewish God of Leviticus and away from the prophet Jesus. The message of Jesus is the one a CHRISTian should be paying attention to.

If that piece doesn't ‘reach them,’ what will? How buried are they in Hypocrisy, and how low would we have to go?

I’ve no desire to reach them, or come within ten feet of them to be honest. What I want are others to see them for what they are, the bane of our nation.

@Varn If we don't reach them they will grow, just as they did under Pope John Paul I (creating this Catholic resurgence), but Jesus is only a small stretch from Taoism. I can personally remain true to my conscious while appealing to theirs.

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