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LINK One-third of Americans believe the coronavirus was sent by God, poll finds | TheHill

The Hill article about poll regarding COVID-19 beliefs

Hages 7 Oct 10

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And once more we see the need for a facepalm emoji on these posts.


One third of Americans is about the size of Trump's voter base in 2016.


I once saw a Trump rally when someone displayed a large sign that read, “Thank you lord Jesus for President Trump”. Go figure!! Lol

@SeaRay215ex Thanking a 2,000 year old Jewish zombie is par for the course for such mental defectives.

@SeaRay215ex I just got it in reply to a comment I made about his Deification. I gave her a down thumb.


Good. Let them die off at God's hand. That will only raise the pct of atheists in the country. Religious Darwinisn!

godef Level 7 Oct 10, 2020

No wonder this country is the way it is!! Sad and pathetic.


So... Logic, reason,critical thinking, plain thinking for that matter Zoom! Right over their heads. Isn't religion and it's inherent dumbing down of the populace wonderful?

It might be if Trump was never elected in the first freaking place.


It seems God is a much worse disease than Covid.


One-third of Americans suffer crippling mental deficiencies.


Those are the same third that worship trump. Trump will save them from same-sex marriage, gays in the military, black lives matter, and gun-control "cucks". And they have NO PROBLEM with a million dead, as long as the death affects black, brown, gay, liberal, and The Elites (educated).


One third of Americans are fucking idiots.

Low balling.


That's a scary number. I just don't get how it stays that high. If I were them I'd be thinking God's a bit of an asshole.

Your comment highlights a problem: such people are incapable of thinking.




Unbelievably depressing.


And then they pray to that same nasty god to cure them !

Or they preach that if you are a TRUE believer , (whatever the fuck that is), that you needn't take precautions ...

Go figure.

Bathed in the blood of Jesus. Technically, though, if you believe in an all loving God, the rest of those beliefs follow logically. It's the only thing to respect about Christian Scientists.


And yet their gawd never takes the opportunity to wipe out the non-believers. He always throws out the baby with the bathwater. Funny how that works... just like there's no all powerful overseer at all. 😀

Leelu Level 7 Oct 11, 2020

HIV kind of does. Near 70% of infections are in men who have sex with men. Since they don't believe in science or logic, that their book says it's a sin is the perfect explanation and confirmation for them.


This is the stupidity that religion brings to the world.


I find this amazing and also scary. Does this mean that the GOP/DNC (take your pick) are not behind it and controlling it? Maybe it will go away after the election. Someone told me that yesterday. How did the entire world get involved if this is a trick of American politics?


How could it be sent by god when it was made in a lab?!

Do you have any evidence that it came from a lab?

@xenoview yes I have the video of the scientist say that the Chinese government let it go an was created in a lab

@Amethyst A third believe it is sent by god but also three in ten Americans believe it was made in a lab.Just more conspiracy theories.You can find scientists that say the earth is flat,does not make it so.So you believe one scientist on Youtube over all the others in the world?If you Google it there are plenty of reliable sources that says it was not made in a lab.She will be discredited in the future,Facebook banned her.

@actofdog I didn't watch it on YouTube it can from the news and you would have seen it if you was following the news as well and yes I believe it came from a lab not god cause there is no god point blank period here's the link [] ) it's not about what I believe or what anyone else believes it's about the facts. Thank you and have a nice day

@Amethyst Facts are she is probably a fraud.Time will tell.I don't believe in gods either,scientists say it is not man made,all of them except this scientist.It is what you believe,you choose to believe one news source (Fox) and one scientist over all the others that is how conspiracy theories happen.Check your sources,I follow my countries news not only Americans.Your link is Fox news,they reported what she said,it does not mean it's true.I could put up 10 links or more that say it is not man made,I put a link called media fact check Fox News has right bias. []

@actofdog why don’t you just follow your countries news instead of America’s, our reality isn’t your reality.

@actofdog and you saying she is probably a fraud is your Conspiracy theory cause you choose weather or not to believe her or the news


I read news from many sources and I decide what I think is the truth, I also make sure I know the source,like I said before you trust Fox news they are know for being right leaning.I would not trust Fox news if they told me that the sun will come up in the East tomorrow.Check your sources,I would bet 1 million (US not even Canadian) dollars this ''scientist'' is a fraud.Why is the rest of the world's scientist agreeing that it has 98% dna like a bat virus and a natural occurrence and not man made.Where is this scientist's proof.I can put up many links to REAL scientific articles that all agree it is naturally occuring. []

@actofdog I believe it did come from a lab left right why does politics nowadays influence science when politics have nothing to do with science, no matter where it came from we're all screwed and for you to be poloticing this makes no sense, an this video that am talking about came long before probably any of the videos your talking about came out.

@Amethyst O.K. take away politics.All the scientists in the world except two in Europe and the one we were talking about say it is natural.
ALL the other scientists and doctors.So why would they be lying what is their aim.Do you not believe the CDC or the WHO or all the other doctors or scientists.

@Amethyst I think we had better stop.😁 We are at loggerheads.I'll never convince you and you will never convince me.You can respond and get the last word in.I promise I will not answer but will read it.
This was interesting at least we did not get mad at each other.I hope you enjoy the site and have fun.

@actofdog it came from a lab in China and the president of the United States said so since you want to listen so hard to the My government, and The Who an CDC said that it all originated from wuhan in China since you wanna bring them into this as well. So your point is?? 💁♀️

@actofdog And another thing alot of forign countries like yours are trying so hard to influence our presidential election this year I mean china, Iran, Russian now CANADA?! I mean why is everyone so worried about America why don't you all just stay where your at lol cause whatever happens over here will have nothing to do with anything happening over there.


Then one third of Americans are nuts.


And three quarters believe in fairies and less than 40% believe in evolution and over 90% of republicans support Trump. Like Einstein said, we truly belong to a wretched species.


Yes, especially since this Coronavirus pandemic has been partially instigated by the wealthy and their corporations out of greed and pure profit off our backs!!!

Just part of the big Reset they are forcing upon us without our consent!!!

They use religious dogma to push this misaligned forced indoctrination upon us!!!

This Coronavirus pandemic is real, no doubt about that!!!

Just follow the money to see who is profiting off of our misery and. Deaths!!!

You put into words why I feel it's vital we gain some inroads against Christians. The Pope will have to deal with the Catholics. I wish us both luck but it's time to take up this fight, again.

@rainmanjr Yet there was a huge debate here recently about whether or not to try to convert people of faith.


I believe that the Americans that believe in the so called god do believe that after the anti christ arrived there would be a plague. Probably not a coincidence...


Sadly, about the same number believe Donald Trump was sent by God, to "save" us from the Democrats!


Covid19 is just nature trying to balance the human population.


In case those Americans get sick, all they should need is prayers.

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