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Have you settled on being single?

What have you done for yourself to be noticed? I still go to AA retreats just to see and maybe help another in recovery. Its a cheap weekend get away at a campground with shared cabins and large bathrooms. It's a meeting place to begin with. Another form of getting to meet people is (adult camping). Check it out on the web. It's pricey but it's fun. One pay covers lodging and food. Something like this gives you that extra push to diet and tone up for the next step in your life. Putting yourself out there will help you out there.

BucketlistBob 8 Apr 10

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I'm happy being single. I'm open to a relationship with the right person or people. I can't imagine a situation when I want to get married.


I don't like being single but I do like the freedom it gives me. What I miss is my other half being here to talk with and share experiences and small talk. Maybe that's not enough for some women. I always did the occassional shopping and looking around thing, eating out once in the while, etc. but I'm a homebody. I have my little projects I do and improvements I make. Small things, not spending money things. This weekend I'm doing changes to one shower stall as I replace the faucet. Maybe I have always thought that younger women kept me from getting old. I don't want to relocate. These days despite being on a couple of dating sites I think it's time to settle on remaining single. It might be the best answer but I won't rule anything out.

There are bunches of beautiful females on this post you might want to check out. They feel being single is there only option too. Don't give up. Look around on here.


I'm fine being single. He would have to be a hell of a man to get my attention.


I am content and happy beggn single, but I dont' view that as the sem thign as "settling". Rather if I met someoen who would enhanc emy life by beign a part of it, I'd be perfectly opne to changing my "single" status.

That is NOT settling, but rather holdignout for wha tyou relly want.


It’s fine. Less emotion is soothing. Gives me time to mourn.


I was told that at my age I should settle... Should I?

It's not my place to say this to anyone.

@BucketlistBob Well, some people wish everybody lived as they do.

Seriously sweetie, life is short at our age, never ever settle. You don't want to regret that decision for the rest of your life.

@HippieChick58 Which decision, sweetie?

@DUCHESSA The decision to settle. You'll have someone but is that all you want? I want to feel loved and appreciated and someone whom I love and appreciate, and want to be with. Not just someone who contributes to the household budget.

@HippieChick58 And who told you that I -and many others- want a person with whom to share the bills? First, I don't need a "bill sharer". Secondly, I don't want to share 24x7 with a person. Third, the rest of your post is OK.


I’ve pretty much figured that romance is a long shot for me at this point. Nothing is impossible, but it’s not likely happening soon. I still enjoy meeting people when I can. If love happens it will be more a pleasant surprise than an expectation. sorry.


Not quite but I'm good with it. never say never.

I hear you...


I'm pretty much resigned to it. I've gotten my hopes up a few times too often, only to be ghosted by women I really could have cared for.

I do like the freedom, and I seem to be the go to dog-sitter, house-sitter, and doctor/dental appointment chauffeur for my family. I don't mind being the guy my siblings and mother count on, but it can be pretty fucking lonely at times.

JimG Level 8 Apr 19, 2018

Its amazing how a guy would give his all for a certain lady and they turn us down. I know this for a fact. But then i met my wife and she was impressed. I think telling her she could retire and never have to work again might of helped me a geeze... i had a classic vet i was restoring. It already had a new paint job. A big ass motorcycle i toured all over the place with. i could go on about all i had. I suppose love had a lot to do with it... I hope it did. A guy just doesn't know about what women think. Or what makes them happy.


For the time being.


Single is becoming a less tangible concept for me. I do not see myself co-habitating with a lady again. So I am trying to redefine the terms single and relationship. I do seem to have a lot of female acquaintances, most are single, some only just outside my age range, some my own age.


I'm comfortable.


I love living alone. I do wish I could wake up next to my boyfriend and girlfriend more often, but I don't want to live with either of them. I think the only reason I'd ever want to live with someone again would be for financial reasons.


I'm tragically single and I meet lots of people. I can't see any benefit to meeting more. I cycle between 😇 looking for companionship, and 🍺 trying to accept the isolation.

I'm sorry brother...

Ditto to the searching vs acceptance.


I would welcome that rare specimen that could tolerate me she is most likely like that genie in a bottle though.


Most likely I won't remarry. But I might find a girlfriend someday. That would be nice.



For many, it's a conscious choice.
For others, happiness with their singleness is incredibly freeing, and they are still open to a relationship.

Your right...


I don't think I've done anything really to put myself out there. For me, it's just not worth it. I like my freedom, to do things when I want, where I want, and not having to rely on someone else. But sometimes it would be nice to have that companion; I just don't know if I would be willing to share my life with someone 24/7.

Well ok...i felt that way too. Then I met my wife 8 years ago. We've gone from beautiful people to pleasingly plump. It's nice watching each other change. I use to strut and she float into a building or where ever. Now we just walk into the building. We got past that glamour thing.


I keep active healty exercise and try to go out and meet up in groups like trekking or walking or meet up groups. Also trying to set up my e-commerce business so that I can have income coming in to support and do traveling.

Rosh Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

I'm a better, happier, healthier, more fun person as a single.


Thats cool that you enjoy doing that. its great to find new ways to meet people, but honestly, im the happiest ive ever been in my life right now as a single person and I think id like to enjoy the ride for a bit. not saying if I stumble across someone I won't be happy with that too, but im not looking

Byrd Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Not looking is good...


I would much prefer being on the edge of frame. Scoping the angles and making sure where the exits are.


Pretty much sums it up.


It's an interesting question. I guess I won't live unhappy if I stay single. I believe I will be happy single or partnered.

That's cool... some people can be this way and be happy.


I go to meetups, have online dating profiles, put myself in the public eye by having a table at which I autograph prints and stuff, etc. I get hit on alot by men, but I'm not attracted to any man. I wish cute ladies hit on me more often.

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