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Cat Lovers are special people

We need a support group for cat lovers! Dog lovers have their own group. I think it’s only fair us Cat Lovers have our own support group too! A place we can share our stories of our special furry feline friends, post about the whimsical antics of our furry sons and daughters, talk about our favorite breeds and share our loves and memories of our beloved cats. Join with me and a SUPPORT group for us Cat Lovers and our Furry Feline Friends! Take the poll below and share your thoughts!

Do we need a Cat Lovers Furry Feline Friends Support Group?

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Leeecke 3 Oct 17

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There is already a Feline Fanatics group here on Agnostic. That would seem to be enough.


Vewwy vewwy special people 🀣🀣


You mean like Feline Fanatics, which already exists?

Ditto what LovinLarge said. We are very special people and generally different from dog people IMO - that's why we already have a group.

@prometheus "special people" obviously has a very different meaning in the US to what it does in Aussie. Here it's short for "special needs people". 🀣

@Cyklone haha, that would be a misinterpretation here too.


Cats rule and dogs.....drool...

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