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LINK Pew Survey: Christianity is in “Rapid” Decline While “Nones” Continue Growing | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The big headline in 2015, when the information was released, was about how much Christianity (with all its labels) had declined in popularity since the previous survey — from 78.4% to 70.6% — while the “Unaffiliated” had risen from 16.1% of the population to 22.8%.

snytiger6 9 Oct 17

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Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, that explains atheism going from 2% to 4%.


There is hope for some of the planet.


If it wasn't for so many immigrants identifying as Catholics I'd bet this statistic would be even more favorable for the nones.


Meanwhile, followers of "the prophet" are proliferating.

In the future the "Church goers" percent will match almost exactly the percent of Americans who worship His Trumpyness who will be hailed as the second coming. He has definitely set himself up as their prophet, god, savior. In a thousand years they will preach how he was buried in tomb of Johns Hopkins and rose after three days. And they will talk of the 2020 election as his crucifixion.

You may laugh but I accurately predicted Trump trying to infect Biden at the debates. Trump is a false prophet and an angel of darkness.

@prometheus Wrong "prophet"!


I would mind being part of a sisterhood of Nones. Sure Im a guy, but I look decent in a habit.

But are you perputually indulgent? 😉


Almost half of gen z are nonreligious.

A good deal of millennials are also.


Speaking of "nones"

Bloody hell, why can't we get this bloke's show here in Australia, I'd gladly stay up late to watch it.
All we get is D class, and lower, comedians who could get a laugh even if you tickled them, Songs of Praise, Compass and a Free to Air channel dedicated to Evangelists, Episcopalians, etc, etc, running 24/7.
Oh, we do get other T.V. channels as well but they are kind of like that Indian Curry you had a week ago, it just keeps repeating over and over again.

Have you seen his movie "Religulous"?

@nicestuff Thanks for posting this. I've been a fan of Bill for decades...Bill has a unique way of putting even the most sobering, bad news out with.a twist of humor...albeit dry. He actually coined the word #religulous.

@nicestuff Nope, but I wouldn't seeing.
Btw, the link doesn't work.

@Triphid Get a VPN that allows you to pick a country - then you just select U.S. & there you go.


I don't doubt Christianity is declining in the nation as a whole. But in some areas, it seems some churches are actually seeing a resurgence of attendance. It is probably partly regional. As long as the general trend is downward... It could be that in more populous areas people may be more likely to be secular, but I don't have data for that.

Yep. And, it seems that nones don't vote.


This is why they are shooting now to get control, the religious are fading. They needed a way and Trump gave them this opportunity. I guess he’s a born again Christian. Yeah Right. The South will Rise Again. The Republicans had to move now. They’ll never will have another chance and in doing so because they followed Trump they disregarded their Constitutional Oath over their southern religious beliefs. The Republican Party, I see them as the new CCCP, the Communist Confederate Christian Party.

It may be fading, but for 70% of the population to identify as Christian is still huge. The "nones" are still in a minority. It will take a long time for that to change substantially, IMHO.


True for the U.S. but not the world.

“The number of religiously unaffiliated people, also known as religious “nones,” is increasing in places such as the United States and Europe, and we project continued growth. Globally, however, the opposite is true: The unaffiliated are expected to decrease as a share of the world’s population between 2010 and 2050 (from 16% to 13%).”



skado Level 8 Oct 17, 2020

It seems to all be breaking down into cults, militias, conspiracy theorists, and whatever else is brewing trying to join in the game. People don’t know what to think anymore. It’s a Religious thing I believe. Their reality is mind bending to them. If we put everyone on a Science Learning Diet then our understanding of life might become more similar. At this point their still living in Green Acres.


Maybe because "Xians" are showing their true nature? Not so much a revolt as being revolted!


Do not make the mistake of conflating "nones" with Atheists or Agnostics. Some, perhaps many, certainly are, nut the rest are more likely to be lapsed but vulnerable believers.

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