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Have you received any compliments that have stuck with you for years and still cause you to feel good?

Donotbelieve 9 Apr 10

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My mother once said I was the baby that made her realise why people have children.

It doesn't get any better than that.


When my adult children tell me they had a great childhood and that I am their inspiration, that's bound to stick with you for a lifetime.

@Donotbelieve same hope here


Only when my teenage daughter told a friend that I am one of the smartest people she knows. Obviously, she didn't know that I was walking past her bedroom door when she said it. I never told her that I heard it either.

JimG Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

@Donotbelieve I was pretty shocked. That will always be a very sweet memory.

In the interest of honesty about my age, she was a teenager when she said that. She isn't now.


A member of 10,000 Maniacs said one of my songs was the prettiest song he'd ever heard.


I once grilled Michael Chertoff at a lecture he gave at our university and co-workers attending came over to congratulate me for holding his feet to the fire. They also told me to watch my back from there on in. LOL.

From a blog post elsewhere on the encounter.

"I asked Michael Chertoff directly at a lecture at my university. I asked him how we as Americans could trust that the recent story of so many false positive of the no-fly watch list is not a serious concern(it’s up to like a bazillion names so clearly the only people in the country not terrorist are me and you…and i’m not so sure about you).

He dismissed it with the verbal technique of hand waving and changed the subject.

He said (pretty close to an exact quote) That it doesn’t happen that often, the information is not misused, false positives can be corrected so they don’t recur, our people have integrity, I can assure you, and when they don’t the area they are lacking in integrity isn’t relevant to those with privileged information. He then changed to subject by adding that they’ve got some cool spy toys/aids/tools/software on the horizon that meant that trivial concerns we had that were of no real concern would soon be of even less concern, though that would be based on them getting the budget needed to keep that well-oiled machine humming."


I've been told that I "get it". Whatever "It" is, I was flattered.


My niece once told me that I was playing Chess, while everyone else was playing Checkers. True! 😉



Some regarding my legs, dancing and intimate things.

Goes back before disco age. lol.

woooah there


I am a typical Brit. Therefore we only compliment each other sarcastically otherwise it just feels weird.


That I don't look half as bad as I smell.

I love that kind of comment - it appeals to my warped sense of humour.


Once while discussing some problems I was having, a good friend said, “well, you’ll be fine. You always roll with the punches”. It was the way he said it, with such confidence, like it was the most obvious thing. It gave me strength then and I continue to draw on it.


A few years back my chemistry professor pulled me off to the side after I turned in my final exam and said "I know you plan on becoming a nurse and there is nothing wrong with that, but know you're smart enough to do anything you want to do so don't settle"

I'll never forget that because its the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.


This seems like as good a place as any to put this. Your pictures are cute AF and they always make me smile. I was thinking about sending you a PM stating such, but was worried it might come across as unintentionally creepy.

No. Thank YOU. xD


I was once told I look like a Hell's Angel on his day off. My favorite to this day. 🙂


Years ago I was in a bank. I'd just shaved my head. It was the year 12 Monkeys came out and an older gentleman said "Hey everyone, it's Brad Pitt."

I'll take it!


Yes. Two actually: " you are a human version of a sun" and " you are a botched nerd"


I was told about 10 years ago that I was the answer to every young maidens prayers. I was told this by a retired 80 year old nun. So I may never forget it, just don't know how to take it.


Someone once told me I was intelligent. Since then there have been plenty of examples to disprove his observations. But the compliment was nice.

@jioo087 I was trying to inject humor.


The Medical Physicist who was performing my wife's radiation therapy. I told her about an idea to make radiation therapy sasfer, and more effective. She turned to my wife and said "I am trying to convince your husband to pursue his doctorate." I am still tempted.




My daughter often remarks that if she were stranded on a remote island, she would like me to be there, for my ability to improvise, fix and create things.


That I am "good company."



@Donotbelieve Glad you're smiling. Thank you, and rightbackatcha!


I'm often weary of compliments but I've been described by different people unrelated to each other that I'm a modern day Renaissance Man. I like that descriptor.


Yes. Apparently I'm caring, loving, accepting, compassionate, give excellent hugs and kisses. 🙂

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