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Analysis Paralysis

Twelve more days until I can sleep at night. Yesterday I chose not to watch the presidential debate and instead, read intelligent analysis in the morning. Down the rabbit hole I went.

Can't stand it anymore. It's all speculation. From CNN, NBC, Slate and Huff Post:

  1. Who won the Trump-Biden debate? Experts grade the candidates.

  2. Inside the campaign to "pizzagate" Hunter Biden.

  3. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Trump and Biden make closing arguments to Americans.

  4. ANALYSIS: Final debate shows Trump's outsider status may no longer be the election weapon it was four years ago.

  5. A guide to all the nutty things Trump said that you'd need a Fox New brain to understand.

  6. Trump complained that Biden wants to talk about middle-class families instead of Fox News conspiracy stuff.

  7. FIVE-ALARM LIAR: Trump closes in the gutter.

  8. CNN fact-checker rips apart Trump’s “bombardment of dishonesty” in final debate.

  9. How is it all going to end?

Nearly two weeks ago, I voted all Democrat, depositing my ballot in an official drop-box. More than 50 million Americans have voted so far, breaking records.

Like so many of us, I wake up, read a few articles and then I'm furious. It's exhausting.

For over four years, I have been hoping and pushing for progressive change. Actually, I have been fighting Republicans my entire adult life.

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 23

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I understand your frustration and anxiety. I want this to be over!


I understand your every word and it works on me about the same way. I find it hard to sleep and can't wait until the Orange Asshole is gone. It might not be that simple and Trump knows it. The Supreme Court is gaining a Trump shill in Amy Barrett. Not a judge for even a full 3 years yet, she is claiming to be an "originist' in Constitutional interpretation. This means she will say that social security, Medicare, and Medicaid may not be Constitutional when the time comes to do so. She may do much more.

Even if Biden and Harris win by a landslide that shoots the electoral votes through the roof Trump and friends will declare that absentee and mail in votes caused this "fraud" and it gets tied up in the courts. We all know that such voting is legal and has always been an option but Trump's GOP would also like to be a part of the electorals state to state. It's like the fox guarding the hen house.

We also have Trump repeatedly saying he deserves a third term (I have already seen flags for this) because "they spied on me." This must be straight out of the Trump rulebook but what he is talking about here is our intelligence agencies doing their jobs as they rightly should be.

Will Trump leave the WH peacefully or be drug out kicking and screaming? He is trying to fix it to where this does not happen either way, and it is time for his supporters to grow a backbone. Bad times may be ahead but it is time to Dump Trump.


You've done your bit citizen...


It will soon be over. We will just have to survive until January 20, 2021 then he will be gone from our Government, and hopefully looking at years in prison.


I voted in person, I watched the debate I wanted to watch the orange a** make a larger orange a** out of himself. 🙄 And it was accomplished bigly. 😁


It can't end soon enough for me😳


I’m in the same boat but made the mistake of watching the debate.

Ohub Level 7 Oct 23, 2020

You should’ve done like I did, whenever trump started speaking I pressed the mute button. When Joe Biden came back on I unmuted. It made for a lovely debate. 😉


The fact that it is still this close is concerning. I think Biden sucks ( just perpetuating neoliberalism), but he still won't do as much damage as trump has done...


Here we are, holding our breath, waiting to exhale.


Well put.


Sorry to say it's going to be much more than 12 days. Think somewhere around 19-33; 12 days until the election, then 7 to 21 to finish counting and certify the ballots, unless it's a crushing Biden victory at the polls themselves on the 3rd. Right now it looks like more Republicans are planning to vote in person, while Democrats voted early or absentee; therefore it will take time for their votes to be counted, providing an opening for Trump to try to claim victory based on election night exit polls and then scream fraud when the count turns against him.


Good point.

Trump and Republicans will continue ruining America, civil rights and the environment, and fomenting white supremacist violence until January 21, 2021 when Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

This is the most consequential election of our lives. Fingers crossed.

Yes, the worst nail-biting time may be in the days after November 3.


tRump has to look up to see the gutter.


I especially like the first 2.


You like the first two of what? Articles or signs?

@LiterateHiker Signs.


Thank you!

@LiterateHiker At a 7 11 near my residence, there have been Trump supporters waving flags and signs, very often I walk past them wearing these garments


Good for you! I love your T-shirt that says:

Let's compromise. I'll stop attacking religion when religion stops attacking:

Free speech. Human rights.
Equal rights. The Constitution.
Children. Women. Gays. Facts.
Atheists. Transvestites. Animals. Science. Truth.
Evolution. Reality, and other religions.

@SeaRay215ex 🤣🤣"not known as the asshole nation" 🤣🤣 - after the last 4 years, are you sure about that?


I like all of your signs. I didn't watch the debate, because I mailed my ballot yesterday.


Thank you.


I agree with you. I have already mailed in my vote and as far as I am concerned, it is over and just waiting for results. I do not watch or pay attention to anything political at this point. Even with the SCOTUS debacle there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I voted blue and for me, that ends the discussion. It will be what it will be.

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