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I just found out why I have never known of an atheist eating dijon mustard. It is god mustard, atheist don't believe it exist.

city in the Burgundy region of eastern France, from Latin Divio, Divionis, from the personal name Divius "divine, godly," related to divus (see divine (adj.)). Noted for its mustard (Dijon mustard is attested in English by 1824).

Word 8 Oct 23

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I'm an atheist and I've eaten it. Although, I typically buy a cheaper version of it. Also, I have evidence that DiJon mustard exists; so I am not an aDiJonist.

Joanne Level 7 Oct 23, 2020

So the cheaper is not as godly?

@Word It's probably the heretical version.


I'm an odd duck, I don't like any mustard

You are missing one of delights of life!

@creative51 Nah, I've got like eighteen kinds of hot sauce!

@Larimar I don't care for mustard either!

@Larimar I do not know of any law which prohibits liking both mustard and hot sauce (either together or alone).

Up until recently I didn't like mustard much at all, but lately I've developed a taste for it. No accounting for taste.

I was a kid and we flew in to the Cleveland downtown airport, it takes off over the lake...small Cessna. Next door was Captain Frank's seafood restaurant. This time my dad ordered ribs and started swearing and sweating when he started eating them. They used Tabasco, something that never made an appearance in my childhood home. I ate his meal and he ate my shrimp. I was instantly hooked. Loved hot sauces ever since.


I am an atheist and have been eating Dijon mustard for over 45 years. I was an atheist all of those years. I have some Grey Poupon Dijon mustard in my refrigerator right now.

Pardon me, but would you have ...

@Word Yes I do...

@creative51 would being atheist and having God mustard make you ...

@creative51 ... a hypocrite or a sammich?

@Word Probably the witch with an s in front of its name. Just because a name has a previous meaning, if it fits what I need at the moment, I will use it. It becomes my meaning then.

@creative51 So, if the God mustard makes a sammich by what ever name, does that make the God mustard a creator?


Glad you're here Word. You're a true original 🀣


Actually here is one atheist who prefers Dijon mustard to the English mustard most Brits prefer. All the better when it’s the whole grain variety. I have visited Dijon on many occasions and may actually have eaten it when I was there ...but I wouldn’t swear on that!


I like most condomments...

I got that!!

@Paul4747 Kudos!! ☺😜


This is the brand I buy.I also eat angel food cake.

Looks French to me. Could it sound Greek?

@Word No it's French it's from France.The ones we have here in Canada would have labelling in French and English.Everything here has to be labelled in French and English by law.I am French-Canadian.

Moi aussi! I buy the Maille brand too.

@actofdog except when you are in Quebec... and then French only is ok.. or if you are lucky.. French first..


😳😯 I just bought more today. We eat it daily. πŸ˜†


I prefer Grey Poupon, and use it all the time, it’s better than Mayo, yuck!
Send this sandwich to the Mayo Clinic for a Mayo reduction procedure, a transplant, replace Mayo with Grey Poupon.


Love me some Dijon mustard lol


I like German mustard, blessed by Odin and Thor. Really, are you guys losing it?


I get a big trill out of Nun's Farts. Get your head round that. The nuns don't seem to mind, and its not illegal.

We did that here it is a French-Canadian thing,we call it pets de soeur (nun's farts).My grandma taught me how to do these.If we made pies we would take the leftover dough and put butter,brown sugar and cinnamon roll and cook it at the same time as the pies.You eat it as it cools down so you don't eat the

@actofdog Great story thank you. I did not know if they were just a French thing.


This atheist likes her Lusty Monk mustard. (Apologies for the sideways photo. Stupid app.)

dkp93 Level 8 Oct 23, 2020

I have the same problem with my pictures.

It was a mustard seed tree in the garden of eatin' that Adam and Eve ate from, maybe?


Gee, I don't use it because I can't stand how it tastes.
Who knew?


I love Dijon on ham

Sounds like it could be some God damn ham, pardon my french. I just had to say.


So this is where god has been all along!! In a mustard!!! No heaven needed for the christian god...he'll hang out in mustard.

You are way out of date. That was discussed 1000s of years ago. But I am Glad you are now up to date.

He told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Matthew 13:31


I'm agnostic and love to dip cheese sticks, or cheese slices into Dijon mustard. Anybody else do this? (Gray poupon is also good for dipping cheese in!).

Dipping my cheese into grey poupon sounds a little gay if you know what I mean. But, maybe I could try it sometime.


LOL - The comments are even funnier!!

This is a funny discussion. Funnies are allowed. So long as they are funny.


I prefer American mustard, it actually had less additives πŸ™‚ and tastes yummy!


Grey Poupon?


Don't be silly. I like Dijon mustard. I've been an atheist since age 5.


Sure enough, as an agnostic I KNOW it exists.


Oh my fairy wasp. Next thing you know, people will be parting the ketchup sea.

Word Level 8 Oct 23, 2020

I say "goodbye" all the time (god be with you).

We just met and your saying goodbye already?


Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon.

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