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Terrorizing Children in the Name of God is Legal in the U.S.

I ran across this site (link below) while doing research on authoritarian religion, adverse childhood experiences, and early brain development. Posted was a story being taught to young children from Grace Baptist Church in California. It’s a lesson adapted from II Kings 2:23-25. Take special note of "The Curse" and following lesson. It's about a 3-minute read.

Brace yourself, it's exceedingly alarming.


VictoriaNotes 9 Apr 10

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Much of "Christian" rhetoric is vengeful and does not make intellectual or moral sense.


That is sick! I don't have a vomit emoji, sorry.

This is one, I don't know if it works here.

It does, so copy and past.

@Gert Okay.


Religious terrorism is full of explicit and implicit threats whose chief purpose, whose sole purpose, is to paralyze the mind and kill all attempts to think critically. Reading the article and listening to the recording it is evident that the author is trying to instil fear and as everyone knows when people are afraid they cannot think clearly.

Even the biblical statement: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" is complete and utter nonsense. Human beings were on the earth long before the first record of language appeared in Summeria 3000 - 3300 BC.

Well said.


This is disgusting!


The church is full of child molesters,crooks,perverts that pray on fellow members,etc.I have no use for anyone that thinks I belong in hell anyway.They are the ultimate haters and scum of the earth.I am already tired of talking about it.


I'd rather be eaten that believe than silly s#!t


I really can't see Christians using the word "fuck", or any curse word for that matter, in their advertising.

it is satire

No, they wouldn't dare use the work "fuck" -- god forbid, but they don't seem to have a problem telling children this:

"When Elisha heard what they said, he got very mad. But not only did he get mad, but the Lord did too! Elisha cursed the kids in God's name, and two mother bears came out of the woods, and tore those kids to pieces.

Can you imagine how scary it must be to be attacked by a bear? Can you imagine how much the long claws and the sharp teeth must hurt when they sink into your arm or leg?

But this really happened! There was a road or a field in Bethel littered with little arms and legs and dead bodies. 42 kids killed for not respecting God's Word."

@btroje I pretty much figured that out.

The thing is, it's not just Christians that terrorize children. I used to work in a laundromat. I can't count the times that parents (mainly mothers) telling their kids what I would do to them if they misbehave. I finally had enough and told the parent, in front of the child, that it's not my problem if they are incapable on controlling their child and that I will be doing nothing to said child. They weren't very happy with me, but I truly didn't care.

@kiramea you are right on the terrorizing part. I would have objected to someone including me in that laundromat scene too

"The thing is, it's not just Christians that terrorize children."

@kiramea If you witnessed this in the U.S. the odds are they were Christians or believed in the Abrahamic god.

@VictoriaNotes Probably, but it wasn't a "if you do this God will strike you down". It was a "if you do this the laundry lady will do things to you". I realize I wasn't clear when I wrote it.

What I was meaning when I wrote it was that "God" never came into the picture. I refuse to be made up as a scary boogie-man just because the parent refuses to discipline their child/children.

@kiramea I understand, thanks for clarifying. As a child, I was always more afraid of what God would do to me than any threat from an adult.


That's an atheist joke poster, right? That can't be real. I understand the principle is valid but I can't imagine they use a poster like that to scare kids.

Yes, it's satire. The story in the link I posted is not.

@VictoriaNotes Yeah, The truth is actually much worse. Believe or burn in hell for all eternity and have God and everyone you know and love, hate you for being a sinner is the message being pushed

I think it's a joke. For it to be real, there would have to be a private jet in the picture with the minister giving the warning.


Yep, scare the kids into saying they believe, give them nightmares until they are old enough to rebel against such cruel scare tactics and enlightened enough to see it for what it is. Do these ignorants actually believe scaring little children will make them love and respect God? There is no doubt in my mind this is child abuse.


Now all they need to do is put a taxidermied bear in each classroom.


Love the poster. Needed a good laugh! I find you to be a true and worthy leader of this wonderful community. Thanks for your efforts,and posts. Much to learn, I can from you. Have a great day.

You really made my evening. *smiling* Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous comment. I'm glad you gotta laugh out of the poster. I wanted to post something to help buffer the dark and despicable treatment towards trusting, vulnerable children.


Its not that God is cruel.....


Ha - great sign! It's one step beyond horrible how that story abuses children.

jeffy Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Wow, straight from the 1700's. I don't think it's fake news per se. The website is way too developed for this to be fake. Thing is, children's conditioned minds are very malleable and this crap can make an impression. To me, this is all about scaring children so that adults can control them. So if you don't respect bald men and believe the bible, then bears will eat you? Really? God loves you, but he will kill you if you don't respect him. ... I'm speechless.

Thank you for your support. I looked into this thoroughly. By all accounts it's legit, and I agree that he's using a tactic to cause fear, even terror so that adults can control them. These children are at an age when critical brain development is taking place. It sickens me that this is allowed, especially considering the abundant research regarding the impact of adverse childhood experiences. The CDC did a huge study on this (ACE) showing that it can lead to disruption of neurodevelopment, disease, mental illness, social problems, social, emotional and cognitive impairment, and early death. []


Fucking bullshit


it's called 'Religion'....been doing it for centuries across the globe.


Were any animals hurt in the making of that myth?

godef Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

That's so sad... they should whip these so called profits and teachers. Living in fear of the loving God. Hats bullcrap!


I have told this story Christians who insist I am making it up, and when I show them it in the bible they insist it is either not a "proper bible" or I get the "even the Devil can site scripture" cliché

It never ceases to amaze me how many Christians claim the Bible as their guidebook, yet have never read it except for a few cherry-picked scriptures.


I am sure that bears have indeed eaten children... and adults. Humans also eat bears.

Nature is kinda rough that way. I don't buy the fiery horses though, or the bit about god.

If I am eaten soon, my wife will post here in case anyone needs to rethink the whole god business. Think I am gonna be fine though.

I am taking a real risk here for science, people.

Yes, you are so brave. LOL Not as brave as those kids, though.


Why should this surprise anyone? This kind of brainwashing is far too common. Anything to get the kids hooked and the earlier the better. Eventually, even the adults believe this crap.

BTW, the issue of the magazine "Trumpet" which I posted several months ago, has similar nonesense but for adults. Too many adults believe this. I just got my latest FFRF newsletter and my letter on this was printed. To the religious there is a war on and no one is immune especially children.

I agree, Jack. I'm sure you've heard of the Good News Club -- Child Evangelism Fellowship? They lure children with a party-like atmosphere. This is a group whose events have been supported by McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A and State Fair Grounds.

Every year in America thousands of public elementary school children bring flyers and permission slips home to their parents, seeking to take part in an after-school “Good News Club” inside one of over 4000 public elementary schools. Most parents are usually unaware of CEF’s agenda and what their children are being exposed to. To boot, the organization has the "blessings" of the Supreme Court of the United States.

“The Good News Club curriculum is filled with over 5000 references to sin and thousands more to obedience, punishment, and Hell. It stresses Old Testament narratives of a retributive God who must punish sin, warns children that they will suffer an eternity in Hell if they refuse to believe, and stresses complete obedience as the supreme value."

Once they've lured them in they tell children as young as preschoolers that they have “dark” and “sinful” hearts, were born that way, and “deserve to die” and “go to Hell.”

A site has been set up to warn parents. []

@VictoriaNotes Yes, I have heard of all of them. Funny you should mention Chick-fil-A (where did that name come from?). On my recent trip with my daughter they stopped in one of these drive-ins. I made a comment about it but they said they didn't care - they just liked the food! I will send your link to them.

@VictoriaNotes Isn't it amazing that Hitler did the same thing in the 1930's? The same tactics, with the same results. Obey, or die!

@AncientNight Fortunately, the German people had a completely different political system. I had a very good friend who was in an American POW camp and he said learning about democracy changed his life. Our system is supposed to protect us from such criminals and some parts are starting to work.

@JackPedigo Unfortunately, it seems to me, that there are those now in power that are trying to undo our Democracy. They are the criminals that were supposed to be protected from.

My father liberated POW's on Luzon during WWII. He would never talk about his experiences. I asked him once, when I was about 10 or so, if he ever killed any Japs in the war. He got up, went into his bedroom, locked the door and stayed there for a couple of hours. He never gave me an answer and I never asked about his experiences in the war again.

@AncientNight this is very common but unfortunately, ignorance of what goes on in war only beats more wars.

My uncle, a German, fought for 4 years in a tank on the Russian front. He got captured and sent to a gulag in Siberia. He wrote a book and even added some illustrations. One copy was translated which I have. The reason for the book was he compiled a long list of those who died and he wanted some of those names to get out.
He felt no guilt because it was war.

@JackPedigo My Great-grandmother, a citizen of Germany, was murdered by the Gestapo in 1941. She was in her 70's and about 4'10". Literally, a little old lady. She was, also, a member of the German underground railroad. She was caught smuggling Jewish people out of Germany. I have relatives that were drafted into the German army, but, as far as I know, none of them joined the Nazi party.

@AncientNight My family always thought our uncle was a Nazi, this is a common misconception. Hitler gave special emphasis on Tank people and gave them black uniforms.He had a picture of himself in this uniform and they automatically thought he was SS. I had to point out he was not in the Nazi party (it is not like here in that they had to actually join) and he didn't have the double haken on his uniform. They know nothing of the history and culture of the time and I don't think they fully believed me. He lived the last 40 years of his life in Dallas, Tx. and identified as a Democrat.


This is true in many other countries as well.


Holy shit is all I can say. Inventing bible stories to control children and their obedience training like a dog. Sad.


Well you know In god we trust


Elijah, like most other christians, he went to heaven.

I wonder how many other jews the grace baptist church thinks were christians?

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