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LINK Advocates fear Barrett will strip away gay rights. It could begin next week.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which could allow religious foster agencies to bar gay prospective parents.

snytiger6 9 Oct 28

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This is why they put a cultist into the high court.


It is dumb that this unqualified person was confirmed and could now take away our rights.


that is one reason she was chosen and confirmed to make being gay illegal

It's a pity that willful ignorance and willful stupidity is not yet illegal.


Pack the court!

I prefer the term "Expand the Court." But, the end result is the same and I agree wholeheartedly. The Rethuglicons are the ones who have been packing the courts.

@Joanne I took the liberty of checking out your self-identity.
Tell me, would you like to have sex on the graves of the soon-to-be-extinct Rethuglicon Party. Would that be a rush or what!
It IS Halloween after all.

@Storm1752 Hopefully there will be all kinds of celebrating on the grave of the Republican Party.


First it will be gay rights, followed by interracial marriage. Then abortion will be on the chopping block.

I understand the fears about the gay rights and the abortion issue.

Even if one or both are overturned, all that means s that the issue(s) go right back to the states to do what they feel is appropriate.

Abortion was legal in New York before Roe Vs. Wade, and also had gay rights protections before the SCOTUS in 2015 made their decision.

@SeaRay215ex The fear is not that rich and middle class, white, city-dwellers in progressive states are going to have trouble. These laws are needed to protect the most vulnerable: young, possibly minority females in rural areas with completely backward laws/values. So downplaying it as "all that happens" like it's not completely devastating for the populations that most need the protection is disingenuous and kind of a shitty thing to say.

@JeffMurray I’m just telling it the way it is regardless of who likes or agrees with it.

And it just so happens that most people who live in these rural areas are proud of their “backward laws and values as they are dominated by......guess who? Evangelicals.

@SeaRay215ex But that's not really the way it is. Yes it goes back to the states, but many states already have legislation on the books that immediately takes effect when Roe leaves. Plus, it's by the whole state. So the young girls in Houston and Dallas area having their reproductive rights trampled by the rest of the huge rural state.


She will, she will.


She is sufficiently non compos mentis to claim that her god exists. There is no way that she has the mental capacity to administer Law.


It won't be gay rights that will be stripped away, it will be human rights.

I wonder if she will baulk at the re-introduction of slavery. After all, it is justified by her Bible.


At her hearing, she couldn't tell what the first amendment said - expect NO worthwhile votes from her. And, yes, she is highly likely to make individual decisions based, not on the constitution- h err job, but on her asshole religious feelings and whatever her husband COMMANDS her to do.

that is my argument as a handmaiden to her hubby his voice is hers he is on the court not just her


These vile bastards actually call us evil, all the while they have done NOTHING but cause catastrophic harm for thousands of years while doing anything necessary to promote ignorance and intolerance.
Damn them and their entire subculture.

I'm so sick of them acting like they are the ones who have morals when they are trying to take away our rights and destroy our planet.


Barrett will be all for stripping that away. Let's keep in mind that there are others on the Supreme Court who might counter her view. The question is why now? Why is this all coming back to bite us now? Remember that Barrett is an "originalist" Constitution wise and would also have to admit there were no women voters or women judges back in the early days. This makes her view and her position an oxymoron.


I'm just so fucking tired of religion interfering with people's civil rights.
I'm really tired of being so damned angry all the time.

And pretty much helpless to do anything about it other than voting.

Yes 🙁

Is it time to mount a vilification campaign?

@anglophone Count me in.

@anglophone Maybe an armed revolution.

@SeaRay215ex No. Just no. I mean.... no.

@jlynn37 Well, even though I sometimes feel hopeless, I vote. That is at least something I can do.

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