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What's the one thing you can't live without?

kensmile4u 8 Apr 10

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My hair blow

Yes one can imagine many uses for that! Lol


A garden.

I that your medicine place?

@kensmile4u yeah I suppose it's cathartic ?


Music, what a boring empty place this would be without it.

Music is my medicine. But my kids are my nourishment. I would starve to death without them.



Thats right behind love and sex on my list!



I think there are ten comments stating music is the answer. It's my medicine.


Quality toilet paper!....not that John Wayne brand i.e. rough as hell,and don't take shit off nobody! 😛

Yes I call that Texas TP! Its got to be on everyone's top 25 I guess...

Trader Joes was selling Recycled Toilet Paper for a while. I kept thinking, "This can't be good." 😉


There being women in the world. I wouldn't want to imagine life without them, I'd lose my sanity in due course. I know I know, I'm just a hopeless romantic, right?

I agree. Love for a woman is in my top 5.


Books. They've saved my life. However, if I couldn't have that, I would have to choose music.

Both good choices!



That's right behind love and sex on my list!

@kensmile4u sometimes love and sex are humorous

@Rudy1962 So true!


Love from this girl.

dkp93 Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Is that a Golden Retriever?

@kensmile4u The Humane Society said she's an Australian Cattle Dog mix, but I don't see it (although she loved to visit the cows that once lived behind us.) The vet thinks there is some Golden in there, and I think she possibly has some Chow as well. So she's a mutt- the best breed!

@dkp93 Thanks for the reply. I see a golden retriever with a chow head. She is a beautiful dog. Is her tongue purple? It's an interesting mix because golden's are laid back and chow's are aggressive. What is her disposition like?

@kensmile4u There was a Chow that roamed the neighborhood that looked very much like Ruby as far as her face and general color. Ruby has black spots on her tongue. She's generally pretty chill except with one dog next door or if there are dogs on TV. Last time I took her to the dog park she did try to attack a couple dogs, but when I took her to the Humane Society for heartworm testing last weekend, she wasn't terribly aggressive with other dogs. She just barked a little but didn't growl.


Air, water, food and yo sweet ass.


All in my top 5!

Aaawww! jlynn called my bum sweet.



My favorite meat!


Ice. When the lights go out, or the bombs come down, I'm going to really miss ice cubes.

In that scenario I will miss a cold beer and a cold glass of milk.


Oxygen honestly...

True but is there a must have that is unique to you?

@kensmile4u ok ...ummm fresh brains daily????

@Charlene I'm good with that as long as they're not using them while you eat them! Lol

@kensmile4u nomnomnomnom..crunch!



My favorite meat!


@Leutrelle Second fav is Beef Brisket!



True but what is a must have that is unique to you?


My son. This is no kind of life. I’d rather be dead than face this reality.

I have seen a lot of loss in my life. But I'm sure the greatest loss would be the loss of my child. My sister lost her only child to leukemia when he was three. His coffin was the smallest i've carried out of many in my life. But it was by far the heaviest. I feel for you brother. My sister could'nt even talk about it rationally for ten years. But over time she was gifted a daughter who is now the center of her galaxy. It helped ease her suffering. I hope you get a gift like that.

@kensmile4u I will not reproduce again.

@NothinnXpreVails There are other ways. You've got a lot to give. What about extended family? Nephews or Nieces?

@kensmile4u I can barely stand to know what their lives entail, much less spend time with them. I wish them the best, but I can’t embrace them and their lives.

@NothinnXpreVails Sorry it might still be a painful reminder for you. The next level out is volunteering or rescue a pet?

@kensmile4u 4 dogs, 4 turtles, and a fish. The pain will always be there. Dogs have kept me here.

@NothinnXpreVails I'm glad you found your connection to life. My sister's pain was like a hurricane that slowly faded in waves over the years but it left a wound that never heals. I've found this to be true for all of my grief. I hope your waves are getting smaller and less frequent...

@kensmile4u I don’t know, it’s always different

You had to put things in perspective🙂

@NothinnXpreVails I can imagine there are many manifestations of grief at this level. I explained the best way I can. Do you see any pattern at all?

@kensmile4u all I see is chaos, but that is probably just perspective.

@NothinnXpreVails I agree. Chaos to me means like a hurricane. Then as it moves on you get the feeder bands aka waves of grief which diminish over time. That's the best metaphor that I can think of. But it's very possible you perceive this differently.


My kids.

Lani Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

Me too! BTW I lived in Irmo many many years ago.


Sleep lack of sleep will kill you the fastest. My kids only because they rely on me so. Material objects my multitool.

Multitool? like a dremel?

@kensmile4u a leatherman

@azzow2 I've got one of those! They're very handy!


My phone.

apple or android?

@kensmile4u Android always.


Right now my computer and tv. Sad but true.

That's a popular answer.


My dog

What kind of dog?


Obstacles. I need things to do. Something to overcome. A perfect world without obstacles would be torture for me.

So you must have purpose!


Well I could say air... which would be true but I am gonna say music!

Beat me to it!

Music is top 10 in my list.


Hiking....and being able to get in my truck and just go somewhere. I hate feeling trapped.

I feel the same way except I escape in my boat!


Red wine

I prefer white but cheers to wine!

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