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LINK Dave Daubenmire: Many Women “Abort the Baby for Satanic Rituals” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire knows something about Planned Parenthood that is news to me.

He said on his “Pass The Salt Live” show yesterday that many women who have abortions are actually doing it as part of a Satanic ritual.

snytiger6 9 Nov 9

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I don’t believe in Satan(you must believe the Bible to really believe in Satan). In paganism, we can kinda relate Satan to Pan (the Hunter/Horned God).
>>> but, I used to think “Satanic Panic” was just another “Pop Urban Bullshit”.
** But I found an abandoned house in 1990 that was used for Satanic rituals! There was blood and evidence that at least animals were sacrificed. I found it deep in the woods of an abandoned little town while I was hunting.
So I don’t put it past people Who Believe in Satan to go so far as having a baby (in secret) to use for sick shit! And people say “how could a woman have a baby totally off the record”?! EASY! I new a heavy girl in school that had a baby and no one knew until she was suddenly out of school (she came and showed everyone her baby a few weeks later)


Well,how else you going to get them without the FBI getting involved? What a dummy!


People who believe Coach Dave should be disqualified from signing contracts and taking out loans.


SMH unbelievable


Oh brother.



He knows this how?

His daughter, after she aborted his.


Everything they don't have mind control power over or just don't understand is Satanic, media, science, education, women in general.
They are just ass holes, why do people bother listening to this shit?


Well, the Satanic Temple is using that argument to attempt to keep abortion rights, so I guess he believes it hook, line, and sinker.

That’s what I was thinking


The sooner such mental defectives get mocked into shutting up the better it will be for humanity.


Idiocy is rampant in all religious nutcases.


Really now. Here the women are in a womans health clinic and they get an abortion. This is not supposed to be public knowledge to start with. How do they do it? Maybe ask for a doggie bag. The other option is to just have that Satanic ritual right there in the clinic. This Dave guy is nuts. Totally nuts.

IMO, he IS nuttier than a Snickers bar.


Oh shit, yet another one who's a few loaves of bread short of a full sandwich.


One of my daughters (a trump supporter), believes abortion is used as birth control! Neither me or my granddaughter can make a dent in that belief!

It means your daughter does not know math. Why would a woman pass up a $35 monthly prescription for a $750 plus abortion? The birth control pills are only $420 a year. A Trumper friend of mine says "nobody knows how many abortions some of these women have had." That's right bozo, and neither do you. This is not public knowledge. This problem gets fixed when you keep religion out of politics.

@DenoPenno ...I suspect this daughter could possibly ‘go down with the ship!‘ I say this in all seriousness! She...who is 57 and has stood her ground with every member of this family, who are as smart and can deliver facts and experiences as well as anyone...have not made ONE dent in her thinking! In fact I have watched a progression in her delusional thinking! I gone from pulling my hair out about her to acceptance. After all, I have known her since birth, lol! I see varying degrees of this around me, but she is in the top percentile of delusion. And it just occurred to me that others similar to her are in or around their 60s. More study is in order, in my opinion and then put some action behind what will help correct this mental health dilemma!

@Freedompath I hear you fully. My daughters have turned religious during all the BS of the last 4 years. People must feel that they have to be able to explain things, connect the dots and know things, and therefore feel good about themselves. It makes no sense to me. I have a religious friend of many years who claims he does not know what I mean by "connect the dots." I'm not sure he understands what I say about people seeing patterns in the sky, therefore Jesus in the sky. Sometimes we have to just accept this and go on.

@DenoPenno yes! Should we waste our lives over their mental functioning in this world? I think this is where that statement, ‘love hurts,’ comes into play! We need to learn how to hold our hurt in our own loving hands and apply ourselves to make things better! Otherwise, we loose or our own mental state is compromised!

Your daughter sounds like my one cousin....they don't want to hear facts anyway.

@Larimar she already has ‘the facts!’ It is very strange when trying to discuss any matter with her... there has never been one of those ‘light bulb’ moments when she says...’I never thought about that!’ Or, ‘in that way!’ Sad, sad! And, being the mother, has put me in the place to lay on me..,any and all dissatisfaction! It is one of the hardest things I must do, this is to keep my balance and carry on. I am hoping to see some change when trump is out of sight! But, I do remember how she hated Obama, so who knows?


More delusions from a plantation slave.


Well, they are not just for breakfast anymore...


No. They don't.

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