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LINK Los Angeles Catholic School Threatened to Out Lesbian Student to Her Parents | Megan H | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The largest Catholic school in Los Angeles used every trick in the homophobia playbook to prevent two lesbian students from showing any kind of affection toward each other. While senior Magali Rodriguez knew the Catholic Church forbade sex between two individuals of the same gender, being gay wasn’t a sin.

She had no problem avoiding more overt displays of a relationship with her girlfriend, but officials at Bishop Amat Memorial High School wouldn’t even allow her to sit next to her girlfriend during lunch.

Claudia Koerner at BuzzFeed writes about how the school went so far as to threaten to out Rodriguez to her parents before she could do it herself.

snytiger6 9 Nov 9

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Life is hard enough, never out anyone, for anything that’s legal, or at least consensual and exclusively adult humans, or robots possibly but you know responsible.
It’s none of my business, especially if they’re family, but we’re all family.


Nothing but idiots here. These morons wouldn’t know what intelligence was even if it was slapped into them.


More hypocrisy from the rcc.
Fucking typical.


Somebody needs to tell these cretins that even the pope, who is supposed to be infallible in matters of the church, has said otherwise.


Some folks just need a good slap to the head until their brain restarts.

You assume that such numbskulls are in possession of brains! 😉

@anglophone If it is just loose gravel in there, it will make a satisfying rattle.

@anglophone A fuckin’ dodo bird has more intelligence.

Their heads are probably empty anyway........or otherwise have a brain the size of a green pea.


At the least here it is a little bit over reactive. I recommend not appearing to be climbing through each other's ass 24/7 and giving yourselves away easily. Hollywood actors did this for years. Try to act normal in public and you can most likely sit anywhere you would like.

This would apply to hetero activity as well. Tone it down in public...


Another repulsive example of religious terrorism...


Those bloody Catlickers ( Catholics) just can't keep their noses out anyone else's business can they?
Their 'schools' charge thousands of dollars per year in school fees, and I do MEAN THOUSANDS btw, and given the case I've counseling for nearly a month now they teach the students almost NOTHING other than religion.


I remember reading about this last year when when it was first published.


Is this being done with heterosexual couples? Ignorance abounds about what is and what is not! Even Science can’t make a dent sometimes!

I don't know of any schools that allow overt PDA's. (I worked 20 years as a teacher). The question to ask is, what did they define as a PDA? Schools from my past frowned on kissing, at least on the lips and too much hand holding. Hugs were usually ok. I went to observe at an all male school that was near an all female school and the seniors had som ed mixed classes - they couldn't sit too near to each other, in some classes, but most classes were just like public school seating.

@Beowulfsfriend What you report, makes good sense. I wonder if they are using this incident as an example for gay rights? I did think when I read this piece, that it had an extreme element about it. This one incident made big news! Why?

@Freedompath Probably the threat from the teacher for what the girl said was no more than teen conduct That's the way I understand it.

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