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LINK Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections

So hows that "let Trump rile up the base so they turnout" strategy looking, Mitch?

Dont blame the fools, though - they've been told for months the election was rigged, why should this one be any different?

1of5 8 Nov 21

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The runoff elections are a couple months away and these people have short attention spans. They probably can easily be redirected by the election if trump directs them. Alternatively he can play from his own book and remind them closer to the election day if he wants revenge on the republican party. I'm guessing he will go with the former so long as he is compensated in some fashion.

Under 2, January 5th. That'd mean Trump would need to reverse course and call the elections fair, something I'd bet against. A republican rep (can't recall which one ATM) just came out with the same boycott message yesterday.

Its hard to predict what crazy will do, though.


Oh please, oh please, commit suicide for me!


You cannot destroy what no longer exists.

Its still there, just looks like it'll (fingers crossed) fracture a bit into the fucking nuts faction and the traditional conservatives faction. Kinda looking like the GOP will be dominated by the fucking nuts crowd ATM.


I'm not sure the traditional faction still exists except in the privacy of the smoking room. It is quite possible that the momentum of the trump party has too much damage and displaced any efforts to resurrect.

@t1nick it exists but is currently being shouted down. The question is will they move to the libertarian side of things and make it a relevant party or will they try and make the Democrat's a more conservative party?

The dems are setting themselves up for a split between their conservative side and their more liberal side. Both parties are to big and the democratic party is actually a bunch of smaller coalitions that at the very least should break into its conservative and liberal wings. Moderates fleeing the GOP to the dems will accelerate this.

If we're lucky this will give us 3 viable parties, extremely lucky and we get 4.


Good, thoughtful answer. What you contend makes a makes a lot of sense

@t1nick thanks. Unfortunatly politics is hard to predict, so something else will happen.


So true


I would pay money to see That

Hopefully it doesn't cost us our democracy


Oh, that would be soooo wonderful if they threw the election and split the Senate 50/50!


I absolutely live for conservative infighting. Ranks right up there with religious infighting.

Evil always turns on, and destroys itself.

EDIT: Religious and conservative infighting have been one and the same for a few years now.


Due to its own bad behavior, the GOP was already on very shaky legs. All the Trumpwters need to do is to knock those shaky legs down, and we can watch the entire mess self-destruct.



But we need Warnock and Orsoff to allow a balance in the Senate so we can bypass that Mitch Bitch. That's what is going on now as Trumpers think they can turn the entire election. Not going to happen. Either way Trump is done.


As if "bitch" is a bad thing.

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