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Have you ever met anybody who actually believed the Earth was 6,000 years old?

EmeraldJewel 7 Apr 11

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I know people I asked them how do you explain dinosaurs bones that are millions of years old.

Did they tell you about the Noah's Ark theme park in Kentucky which shows humans riding dinosaurs? Only recently did it file for bankruptcy.

@hemingwaykitten Too funny.

Ha! I once went out with a guy who looked at me in amazement and said, "Don't tell me you believe in dinosaurs!"
I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember I ended the date right after that. Lol


Yup... 6k old....flat...giant dome keeping us from going to outer space..... NASA is the devil.... he is a lunatic and one of my hobbies is asking him how the sun works hahaahahahahahahah

YEP And they all do important 'scientific research' on Utube.


Sadly and disturbingly yes. My neighbor who looks over my cats when I travel was telling me of her life’s goals (which were few sadly as she’s a bright girl with so much potential) which included visiting the “arc museum in KY.” I had to make great effort not to look horrified.

Oh! Ffs! I cheered when that theme park went bankrupt.


Yes. Decades ago, when I was still trying to be Christian, I bought a shark tooth fossil for my youngest son. He took it to church and showed it to one of the elders and told him how many millions of years old it was supposed to be. The elder looked at him and said, "Now it can't possibly be that old, can it, since god only created the earth 6,000 years ago." It was another nail in the coffin of my Christianity.

And my son didn't believe him.


I live in kentucky!


Yes, several individuals....and all of them share a common indicator: They never finish grammar school

Come on down to North Carolina! Duke Divinity School at Duke University turns out a lot of clergy with advanced degrees on the literal Protestant side. We also are home to Wake Forest University...their basketball team is the "Demon Deacons" and they do the same.

In Virginia, you've got Bob Jones University and Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. They are literal Protestant schools, and mostly that's who attends them.

@hemingwaykitten The fact they study "Divinity" tells me they are as ignorant as those who never went to school.

@DUCHESSA Yes, but they had the grades to get into Duke! These aren't grammar school dropouts.

@hemingwaykitten Did you ever heard of "I went to school but the school didn't come to me"?

@DUCHESSA No. Did you ever hear of not insulting someone's intelligence because of their religion? I may not agree with belivers but I won't slap the label "grammar school dropouts" on them in my ignorance.

@hemingwaykitten Well, to me every person who believes in god is not too bright.


Yes. Plenty. Most fundamentalists are YEC's.


Many of my family down south believe that. Evolution is an invention of the devil, god has a plan , etc etc. nothing will convince them otherwise.

Ohub Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

When I was "born-again", in the church of god, they were ALL like that. Now that I'm awake (somewhat) I look back on that time and ask myself how I could ever have been involved with those kooks!

I feel the same way about my Southern Baptist family. ?

@hemingwaykitten I guess we can welcome each other to the REAL World!


@AncientNight Thank you!


Yes I have in the past when I was brain damaged by religion. I met one guy that said that dinosaur bones where planted by atheists to deny the existance of God. I'm not making this up!

balou Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

Lmfao! I heard something like that, but it was Satan instead that was going around planting dinosaur bones to confuse people.

@EmeraldJewel Oh yeah, they will make up all kinds of shit, huh?

@balou yes and it pisses me off. I actually had a woman tell me earth appears older is cause god put everything on pause when he and the devil had a huge blowout and when he kicked him out of Heaven.

@EmeraldJewel It's a mind blow what some people will believe!


Yes. Unfortunately, my family and I (before I grew out of religion). Like @dianahdz88 mentions, because I loved Science, I tried to fit Science into the Bible and vice-versa, going to great lengths to do the limbo with excuses. For example, I used the "With the Lord, a day is like a 1000 years and a 1000 years are like a day" (2 Peter 3 v8 ) - a verse that essentially makes no sense, to try to reason that "lots of my time = tiny amount of god time", therefore the earth could be much older. As I grew older, I just couldn't reconcile science with religion.


Yes. He also believed that the large rocks on tops of mountains were put there by Noah's flood. He said when the floodwaters rose, the boulders floated around and when the water receded, the rocks were dropped on top of the mountains. Uhm..... floating boulders. Yeah. He was home-schooled, so.....


I grew up among those people.


Live in the South of the US. They are all over the place.


Yep. At work. Seems to go hand in hand with belief that sex education and homosexuality are baaadd. Oh and tv shouldn't allow shows like Will & Grace. Needless to say this is a person I desperately avoid at work.

Bible literalists must actively protest abortion and homosexuality above every other "sin." Their clergy tells them they will go straight to hell if they aren't with the program.


I would find ways to fit the bible into science. I would say things like " well god is so great and infinite that when he says he built earth in a week it actually means billions of years because for him our lifetimes are mere seconds". I was so full of it lol


They infest Utube like a virus


No, I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd?!

Even on your tiny island you have one: LOPEZ ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH. If they can exist on an island with a population under 3,000 people, they are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE in the United States.

@hemingwaykitten There are 3 churches on the island and they often have services in different sects. The Community church is in the village and it has been there a long time. This was a major agriculture area especially pre-Grand Coulee dam. A lot of events are held in the churches, music venues, meetings, classes and on and they are mostly secular. Be aware, this county and especially this island is about as progressive as one can get.

@JackPedigo I know exactly where Lopez Island is and how expensive and exclusive some of those islands can be. The Lopez Island Community Church advertises itself on the web as being a congregation of Bible Literalists. That doesn't mean they can't play nice with other churches or give their basement to use for AA meetings. They'd have a tough time staying open and recruiting if they didn't.

@hemingwaykitten You are probably right about this church. I recently took some classes in non-violence communication here and it seemed like our Grace Church which is a liberal congregation. Glad you pointed out their site so I learned something about this place (which I seem to do daily). Also, there are conservatives here (and tRump supporters) but they are a minority and stay mostly in the background. My dentist is a 7th day Adventist. She doesn't proselytize and we were even in a vegetarian group with her. She is a great dentist. You can't escape the religious fanatics but we definitely overwhelm them.

Yes, it can be expensive here and we do have homelessness and domestic violence. Some islands to be that way by nature (accessibility, jobs, housing) and it is mostly the wealthy that are the most flexible (but I am not one of them). It is the energy and generosity of volunteers (mostly retirees) that make this place what it is. Also, we want to keep sprawl at bay but yet provide affordable housing (which I see as contradictory) which is also limiting. We don't like being a mono-culture (mostly white & middle class with some wealthy and poor thrown in) but there is little we can do to change this. There is a Latino group here but they stay mostly in the background per their own choosing. As usual it is a complex issue. BTW don't let the below 3000 population fool you. Almost 50% of the homes are 2nd and 3rd homes so the summer population doubles. How do you know about this place?

@JackPedigo For years I have looked for a more liberal area I could afford, even though I love Boone, North Carolina. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it is often ruined by the sheer number of ignorant Evangelicals who seem determined to make me stroke out. I looked into many places in WA, OR, CO, & VT. NONE of them are affordable unless you want to live in the backwoods with racist illegal militias. So here I stayed.

@hemingwaykitten I was happy in Seattle. Our home was paid for and really nice. However, my late partner wanted a community and this place dropped in our laps. Noe Seattle is way overpriced but we found a small piece of property with an old manufactured home. We built and renovated and the value is not that high and it is easy to live on my fixed income. Christian nuts are everywhere but they are a small minority here. The community is unique in the whole state.

@JackPedigo I can imagine Seattle or Portland before the recession would have been wonderful places to live, and relatively affordable.

I knew a couple from Boone who moved to Oregon five years ago, and moved back here a year later. Their reason: too many ignorant rednecks! They couldn't afford anything in the Portland area so they lived out in the sticks. It's amazing how backwards Eastern Oregon and Washington State are compared to the coasts. Oregon in particular is not any better than the Appalachians, in fact worse when it comes to hate groups and illegal militias.

Denver now is congested with sky high rents also. Nothing is affordable in the Rockies, anyway. I understand it, but it seems strange as many places in the Central Appalachians are just as wonderful, but far more affordable.

The issue in Vermont is a lack of jobs, or I'd be right at home in the Green Mountain area.


My best friend in high school and her family does. What I don't understand is my friend is an RN while her sister is an Occupational Therapist. Apparently schooling has nothing to do with stupidity.

The nursing and heathcare specialists tend to often be fundamentalist women, and a B.S.N. doesn't try to change that. My sister is an RN and a Southern Baptist. Those I call the "willfully ignorant!"


My stepmom. No joke. Adam and Eve and everything. It’s sad really

I hope you can forgive me that I had to laugh.

@EmeraldJewel It doesn’t bother me much now that I’m out of the house. And my little brothers from her are believers but barely. They believe in God, but that’s basically it.


Unfortunately, I've known quite a few folks through the years that believed that garbage.


Yes. The fiend also explained that we didn't evolve because he never saw a monkey birth a human...face palm


Yes, that is what the church I attended for many years believes.


I have met. People who basically believe that, what the Bible says this planet was created in 6 days




Oh yes. I was substituting in high school several years ago during the evolution chapter. The student actually started reading from the "10 questions to ask your teacher about evolution" that he was trying to hid from me. Google that phrase and look at the questions. It is obvious that anyone who asks those questions believes in a 6000 year old earth. Ridiculous.

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