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LINK Linda Harvey: LGBTQ People Can’t Celebrate Thanksgiving Since They’re Ungrateful | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Linda Harvey, the founder of Mission: America and a Christian who thinks straight people never engage in oral or anal sex, says that LGBTQ people can’t possibly celebrate Thanksgiving because they’re not thankful for anything...

...Only straight pain matters, apparently. Harvey must have forgotten to mention the pain caused by Christian parents who torture their kids via conversion therapy or kick them out of the house over a same-sex relationship or gender identity issue.

snytiger6 9 Nov 27

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I'd feel sorry for her husband, but fuck him too. "Straight people don't......" well, most xtions don't follow Leviticus anyway. And PornHub has it's best sales in the bibly belt.

I have heard, that the consumption of gay sex videos is very high there. Apparently they feel need to be able to recognize it immediately and these videos help them.


Did anyone take a look at Linda Harvey's picture? She appears to be rather angry and miserable. Perhaps it is simply a case of projection.


As Alienbeing said already, how would she know?


She needs conversion therapy to release her inner lesbian.


Now be nice please people, she has THAT kind of a face, the kind you'd happily break rocks on.
Jeez Louise, IF I had to wake up every morning and see her face first thing I reckon even I'd turn Gay.


I didn't read what she said but I do wonder how she would know.

Most probably guessing...LOL.
With such an inviting visage and personality she'd have to guessing imo.


Unfortunately there are plenty of LGBTQ folks that follow the same imaginary god as her. Religious people of any stripe are the masters of justification.


She looks as hard and unforgiving as a coffin nail. The face that sank a thousand ships..


She looks like a very angry, unloved woman full of hate.


Oh what a silly woman she is. She would be ever so surprised if she knew that a lot of her friends do very naughty things in the bedroom that are not conventional.

Anything done with informed, voluntary consent between two adults is conventional. Uncommon, but conventional.

Do tell😉👂

@Canndue I would but that is just far, far too personal.

@Jolanta a lady of mystery😎, be well, stay safe


That’s some hardcore discrimination.

Why haven’t we all exiled these right-wing nutters, already?

Syria won't have them.

@anglophone Send them to Armenia. Then they can find out what martyrdom actually is like.


Reality is stranger than fiction. Some of these morons have lost all their marbles.


She must be few christains that never watched porn. Since, it's done all the time in them.


Hiding bigotry behind a fictional novel the xtian way


She can go fuck herself.

But that would be a sin, and good Christian don't do that sort of thing.

Too much information the day after the holiday.

They ought to make her swallow dog shit for being such a cunt.

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