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LINK Christians: "You're atheist because you're just angry at / bitter toward / afraid of / hate god." : atheism

r/atheism post rebuking Christian arguments saying atheists are just angry at God. I'm glad I haven't heard this argument.

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I'm not angry at a non-existent God. I'm angry at a self-righteous christian trying to insult me with their ignorance.
Everytime someone tells me they're a Christian, I put my guard up because I know I'm about to get fucked...


Christian arrogance! They can’t/won’t see the world beyond their little mythological bubble.


When I stopped believing in the tooth fairy, I stopped receiving the money.
When I stopped believing in Santa, the presents stopped.
I'm starting to see the connection.


God, Sauron, Lord Voldamort, sure throw them all in the same category.


i do confess i am angry at the tooth fairy. with interest over the decades i don't have a clue how much she owes me now but i suspect we could pay off the mortgage if she would only pay up.



More correctly stated, I am an atheist because there is no reason to believe stories that make no sense.


Just more Xian bullshit


I've had these comments unsolicited on dating sites. These cowards like to drop these pearls and then block you so you can't disagree with them.


Makes sense. Lucifer was god's favorite, got mad and pouted.

If anything just call it Santa X1000. I was pretty mad when I found out he wasn't real! Still am. lol


Some people will do anything to avoid new information.

Don't tell me that.


I'm angry cause I can't find him! Looked all over the house. I know I left him somewhere..........Oh, I thought you said dog...........never mind...........

You could always get down on your knees, put your hands together in the approved fashion and go "Woof! Woof!".


That line gets trotted out by the feeble minded when they have run out of all their other excuses.


Some idiots here use labels to convince themselves otherwise, yet always blaming someone else for their own stupidity, suffice to say what the article says, you can't be angry at something that doesn't exist.


Wake up and smell the Reality you poor little Christian Snowflakes.
the REALITY is that we, Atheists have learned something that you snowflakes simply refuse to learn, i.e. Sky Daddy Gawd, Jeebus Chrust, etc, etc, are ALL Fairy-tales designed solely to suck you Faithfools in and make it easier for the Priests, etc, to get you to part with your money.


True. I'm also livid at Santa Klaus, ropeable at the Easter Bunny, apoplectic towards the tooth fairy, and if I get my hands on the flying spaghetti monster he's going to get it good.

Funny really, since it's religious believers who are the ones who are scared of their imaginary god. Emotional blackmail and fear are two main ways religions keep control over their gullible flock.

Wanna talk about being pissed off at the Tooth Fairy, I had 2 teeth pulled out this time last year and I'm STILL waiting for the money.

I'm not happy with Santa Claus either. I asked for a 30 year old escort and all I got was an old Ford.

@GeorgeRocheleau sounds like you got screwed one way or another. 🙂

@Triphid oooh, that's gotta hurt.

@GeorgeRocheleau I feel your pain.
You know what FORD means here in Australia,
Fix Or Repair Daily,
Full of Rusty Dents,
Found on Rubbish Dumps.

@David1955 ONLY after the local anaesthetics wore off though.

@Triphid I liked the car, pretty reliable, fun to drive...but only for the fist 220,000 miles.

@GeorgeRocheleau You must've got one of the very ones then.

@Triphid Make sure you avoid Dodge. The name must mean something.

@PondartIncbendog Yep, Dodge means - to avoid at all costs,
Holden, now a defunct Automobile Company here, means, "Hold'en together," "Hold'en up traffic 'cause it's broken down again" or " Don't wind down ALL the windows because they're Hold'en the roof on."


Mmmm......Bitter toward?.....afraid of? Are any atheists on here “Afraid of God”?

Christians are the ones who are. After all why do they say that they are “God Fearing”?

Yes, so very often I've heard the Faithfools spout out that tired old phrase of theirs.
Yet, when I've asked them Why they are so 'fearful' of this loving Gawd of theirs all they can reply is that " They live in fear of loosing his undying love for them."
They do little more than shake their somewhat empty heads when I say, " But IF this God you worship has UNDYING love for you then why would it stop loving you in the first place?"


First theist have to prove a god is real. They need objective evidence, not subjective from their mind. The bible is not evidence, it's the claim.

I won't debate with a theist, unless said theist openly says they have no proof and that religion is an act of faith.


How can we be “angry” at something that doesn’t exist? 😂 These Christians .... 🥸


This is the common answer they give you. My religious friend is like this coz he knows "that I know the truth." Of course I do. There is no evidence for gods. None. Zip.

Now on into their prayer at dinner of lunch. "God, use this food for the nourishment of my body." Wait! Wait! I know more into that idea than most but let's just deal with the fact that it is your body using the food. There is no god to use the food that goes into your body. The prayer model for this is so old that if they had refrigeration it would be another story. Today we have it. Then they did not.

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