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Famous person?

Who is the most famous person you've ever met face to face? Ive been to MANY sci_fi, comic, and fantasy cons and met tons of famous people. Who's your big meet?

jamessmithwick 6 Apr 12

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I had a beer with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) in a bar in Schwabing (Munich) and i was introduced to Ravi Shankar in Amsterdam.


George Clooney. He bumped into me in the Hilton by the airport in St. Louis. He was there filming the movie "Up in the Air." He is a very polite man.

I've run into him too! Years ago at a bar in New Orleans. I lived there. I was right next to him and paid no attention. He was out to have some low key fun.


Before he was famous I met Jay Leno. I was 21, a college student in NH and he was a college student at Emerson College. He was playing comic at strip clubs in Boston near the old Playboy Club in the combat zone. In between the entertainers with snakes and another with fire he would try telling jokes. He was tall and skinny then with a very prominent chin. I thought he was weird so when he asked me out to dinner I said no.

My Mom turned down Weird Al Yankovich for a date years ago. When she told my brother and me later we were like, "MOM!!!" Weird Al could have been my step-dad! Fortunately, we lucked out with a wonderful step-dad later on, but still!


I played lier's poker with Bill Murray in Nashville in 1980.


My son. He's not famous yet, but.......


I met Arlo Guthrie back in 1976 playing in a local bar in Connecticut. Really nice guy!

ebdb Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

As a New Yorker, I've SEEN a fair amount of famous people -- but was too shy to approach!

Mel Gibson filming Conspiracy Theory on the Brooklyn Bridge
Harrison Ford filming at a restaurant in downtown Brooklyn
Liza Minnelli at a fruit & vegetable market on the Upper East Side
Soul singer Freddie Jackson walking in midtown
Rapper KRS1 in Grand Central Station
The late journalist Ed Bradley on a date in midtown
Jimmy Smits at Welcome Back to Brooklyn parade
Chef Carla Hall at Chelsea Market
The late journalist Gil Noble at a community event at a Brooklyn school


George Carlin, backstage at the Ice House comedy club in Pasadena, CA, after a show.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt came into the camera store I used to work at many years ago. Still waitig for that autographed picture....


Probably Danny Trejo or Sebastian McCoy at local comicons. Both were fantastic friendly people.

danny is another one i would love to be able to chat with. i love his work and once i found out he was an animal advocate, ii just thought he was even more epic!


Cesar Romero (while he was still playing the Joker on the Batman series-I was little).
Cheech Marin (riding an escalator together at the Las Vegas Airport).
Had brief conversations with both.
There have been others, but those are the two that I remember best.


I have a long list, worked backstage at the Sunrise Musical Theater in the 80’s... I have a ton of stories, 1 highlight; Frank Zappa threw a giant rubber double ended dildo at me, and I threw it back.

Oh Man - FRank Zappa... !!!
That's one person I would have loved to have met - or at least seen a concert.
But alas, it was not in the cards for me.


Mohammed Ali. I've had the very good fortune to play behind Wllie, Reba, Johnny Gimble, and Leon Russell, and have met and done shows with others. I feel very fortunate for the life l have led.


I met Ingrid Bergman when I was about 14. I knew she was a famous actress, but didn't really know much about her until later.

This past September, I rode an elevator with Graham Nash and Shane Fontayne. It was quite a thrill for me. I held the door for them, and Graham said, "Thank you, ma'am." They were so nice. I'm sure I was acting like a bubbly little school girl, but couldn't help it. 🙂


I met Peter Tork of the Monkees. I went to see his band The Shoe Suede Blues and got to meet the whole band. He told me I was cute!


I used to work as an "Extra" on films TV shows and in commercials, and I have met a lto fo famous persons, but as I have never really admired fame, I dot' really remember all of them.

Just a few who come immediately to mind,
Rob Lowe
Matrin Sheen
Andy Dick
Dick Van Dyke
Craig T. Nelsom
John Cleese
Liam Nissen

The general rule when you work as an extra is you are nto allowed to start a conversation with a "star" unless they talk to you first. Break that rule and you will not only get fired immediately , but you will be black listed by the castign comapny and won't be able to work again. So, th eabov elist are just some of the few who were nice enough to talk to us lowly Extras. Those who didnt' talk to us were not necessarily stuck up so much as most of htem were focused on their work. Actign can take a lto of concentration and breaking that woudl impact their performace. Thus the no talking to th estars rules.


I've met more than a few but have the best memories of meeting Dr. Jane Goodall...not just once, but THREE TIMES! She's like a rock star--people GASP when they see her!

oh my golly! she is my hero! ever since i was a tiny human my mom says i would sit and watch anything with her, i would give almost anything just to sit and chat for a day with her

You'll like this, Byrd...she came to a Roots & Shoots conference I attended and she was wonderful! She insisted that the press should leave and then, she spoke with each and every little Girl Scout who had submitted a project! Her priorities were the girls...NOT making an impression on the media!


Tommy Lee Jones on the set of "The Fugitive".


Oh, Danny Carey from Tool. I saw his band Volto! play a small show in Los Angeles at the Baked Potato. He offered me some of his recreational herb of choice that night, but I don't partake. Later, I peed after him in a urinal. He didn't flush, so my pee bubbles mingled with his. I mentioned it later and he thought it was very weird, but pretty funny.

EB80 Level 5 Apr 12, 2018

Bill Clinton.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

During his Presidency?

Last day of 1998, one week before his impeachment trial.


Leonardo Decaprio in Ralph's Supermarket checkout where I let him use my club card.

Ha ha - That's awesome.


I was lucky to meet Richard Dawkins when he spoke at a convention in Honoulu a few years ago. Was very brief, but cool. I see a few celebrities here on Kauai, but don't interact with them. I've "married" several somewhat famous people, but I don't keep up all that well with celebrities, politicians, musicians and actors, so didn't always realize who they were until after. Probably the most interaction I've had is that I performed the marriage of the drummer for the Grateful Dead (Bill Kruetzmann) in his house here on Kauai, and read a poem he had written about a mango tree.


Had an interesting chat with Jimmy Page in New Orleans in 1985. He was at the Olde Absinthe House after a Firm concert. He declined my offer to buy him a drink but he did give me an autograph. Thinking we might be pestering him, my friends and I went outside and Jimmy followed us out and chatted with us on the sidewalk for 10-15 minutes before weaving his way towards the Royal Orleans.


Hopalong Cassidy in 1950, when I was four, at a Fiesta event in San Antonio. My photo was taken on his knee. Meeting Hoppy was a big deal and although I had been on horses before, he put me on Topper for a few moments which made it especially memorable. I was only an Honorable Mention in the contest but still I was awarded a pair of roller skates that had spurs.


To me, Wendell Berry is the most famous person I've met, but lots of people probably don't know who he is! Ha!

Most objectively famous would be Ben Stiller, followed by Keenan Thompson of SNL. Both on a movie set I was an extra in. Any guesses which movie??


Once upon a time, I was a yacht, met/fed a lot of famous and/or important people....from Mel Gibson to Rosie O'Donnell to a couple of Russian billionaires...lots of entertainment execs... worked for Tobey McGuire for about 2 months while he was doing a movie -- he was just vegetarian then but has since gone vegan. It was a good gig. I've met a bunch of the vegan celebs at various food festivals -- i.e. Joaquin Phoenix and Alicia Silverstone.

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