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LINK Sparking Outrage, Australia Will Honor Anti-Gay Bigot for Her Tennis Career | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Margaret Court, the former Australian tennis star, has become far better known in recent years for her virulent anti-LGBT bigotry. She opposed marriage equality in the country before it became legal, and she has claimed LGBTQ people brainwash children… just like Hitler did.

Court is now the pastor of Victory Life Centre, a Christian church in Perth. When COVID broke out last year, she refused to close the building, insisting that the virus would “not come near our dwelling… [because] we are all protected the Blood of Jesus.”

My point is: Her insanity is competing with her bigotry in the contest of how to define her.

snytiger6 9 Jan 24

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Be advised that many Australians, like me, think she's a fruit cake --- a fruit cake who used to play tennis. Sports 'heros' get altogether too much attention anyway, in my opinion. So they're good at a sport. Big deal.


I would like to know the identities of the homophobic coprophages who thought it would be a good idea to honour such an extremist heterosexual.


Many people here in Australia are very angry about this. One previous recipient of the order has given it back as a protest. Margaret Court also was a fan of apartheid in South Africa. She is a disgrace. One thing people need to know is that she belongs to the same religious sect as the Australian prime minister, so what is that saying.

Margaret Court is a national disgrace.


The page to contact the committee is here. hope this works as my computer is having a hissy fit and won't allow me to cut and paste the url.


@Budgie Thanks for putting the address up.
I'll adding my 2 cents worth to her 'nomination and it will NOT be pretty btw.

Old fashioned I know but I always write down such things on a piece of paper.


Tennis concussions are a thing! 🤣

And combined with religious based delusion/s can be a very harmful and dangerous thing imo.


Sick, demented, deluded BITCH imo.


I had no idea she is such an awful human.
I only remember watching her play, when I was still a kid.

Australians have been outraged for years at Margaret Court's vicious sniping at equality for all.

@anglophone As well they should.


It is a certainty that she is a closet lesbian after growing up (I assume) sexually repressed by her religion.

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