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LINK Pete Buttigieg Is “Deserving of Death” For Being Gay, Preacher Says | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is “deserving of death” because he is gay, according to a preacher writing for Charisma News.

Mayor Buttigieg’s homosexuality is actually bringing the “death rattle of a nation,” writes Bert Farias, who said in 2014 that homosexuality is a “putrid-smelling demon.” Farias is upset that people are celebrating that Buttigieg is able to be open about who is, and that he kisses his husband “without shame” in public.

snytiger6 9 Feb 16

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Bert Farias should be tied up by his leg and dragged by a car on a bumpy road.


Pete Buttigieg has proven his dedication to our nation and to the service of the American people. He is highly educated and is a Rhodes Scholar. He served in Afghanistan in navel intelligence. Buttogieg has proven himself to be articulate and compassionate able to handle himself under the pressure of political campaigns and under the scutiny of the press including oppositional reporters. In short, Buttigieg is an individual who is an asset for our society.

Can the same be said of Bert Farias? Lots of people are "deserving of death" according to the Bible - adulterers, disobedient children, etc. But today's Christians only select gay people for their draconian punishments. Christians were once considered deserving of death. One would think they might have learned from their own history.

Too stupid and ignorant for that.

Christians learn from their own history? I long ago learned that Christians are quite incapable of learning.

@CuddyCruiser - And too arrogant. Christians like Jews before them (and just about every other culture/religion) decided they and only they were worthy of God's blessings and heaven. It gave them the right once they acquired the power to bully others. What this guy is doing condemning a guy like Buttigieg to "deserving of death" is simply a manifestation of this blind arrogance.


Fuck that guy.


I bet ol' Bert has a secret hankering for some Ernie.


This preacher needs to team up with Rush Numbnutz.


Hmmm...criminal threatening?

Definitely a terroristic threat

Inciting violence.


Bert Farias is himself "deserving of death" for being such a vile ignorant asshole.


I've thought for decades that preachers, because they spew dogmatic bullshit and prey upon weak-minded people, are deserving of death. Sorry for ranting. But I really don't like preachers much.

I don’t like them at all.


None of his effin' business! None!


He would say it would he not.


Oh where, Oh where is the DDT and the 1080 poison when you REALLY need them?
Yet another Religio-slug has slithered out from the Sewers of Religion I seem to perceive.


Guaranteed this guy also complains about anti-christian discrimination unironically.


To be fair, we are ALL "deserving of death" in their rulebook - themselves included. Why single out Mayor Pete?

To be honest it made me want to quote the bible, thou shalt not judge and let him who is without sin cast the first stone. If was a judgement these guys would have a right shock!


Let people choose whom they want to love, as long as both are consenting adults! Such a choice does NOT deserve death!

It doesn’t even deserve condemnation, but yes, agree 🙂

Any non ignorant person knows that sexual orientation is not a choice. This comes from the flat earthers who wrote the bible. If their invisible sky god created all people, this god created sexual orientation. by judging Pete, they judge their own god.


Disgusting behaviour 🙁

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