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I've never understood the propensity of sportsball players to give thanks to god for victory on the field.

Zoltans_Queen 6 Feb 19

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Much like the tornado survivor who thanks god for sparing his house while being interviewed standing in front of his neighbor's house which was demolished by the same tornado.


ha! ya, the violent will always seek to appropriate the (good things), that is what they do, after all
Go team!


Yes, god is quite a sportsman. I bet sometimes he has hard choices to make on who to like.


LMAO that’s classic!!


I've been waiting for that my whole life.

BD66 Level 8 Feb 19, 2021

Naughty, naughty #87, you should KNOW that Sky Daddy EXPECTS and DEMANDS that FIRST you MUST Praise Him/Her/It, then pay Tithes to ensure that his/her/its self-appointed P.R. and P.A. are well paid and ONLY then will he/her/it try to schedule in a few moments ( btw, a mere nanosecond to us is akin to an Eternity to Gawd) to consider your worthiness....LOL.


Precisely the problem noted below. So their god or gods did not care about those who died or lost loved ones?
Did their god or gods care also about a sports outcome? So frivolous and idiotic.


Agreed! The other one that gets me is when they say "god was looking out for them" when they survive something. So that means god must have hated all those who didn't. Ridiculous.

Riding down a country lane on my bike with girlfriend on the back. Suddenly heard this tremendous crash directly behind us. A large tree fell across the road. Missed us by a second. She said “God’s sure looking out for you!” I said, “ nah, he’s after me, just has bad aim.”

Hey trying to get my levels up


I often wondered the same thing.


Kinda similar to when a surgeon saves a life after many hours of precise operation with his training, experience, and hand/eye coordination, but we all know who gets the thanks with the devout and if the person dies it's still awesome since it was their time and in heaven looking down. I once had a guy I worked for who was speeding in his work truck coming close to semi's down the highway in rage and I asked if he would please slow down some and he replied, "when it's our time, it's our time and gods will"; we were just discussing his health issues and high blood pressure and so I asked why he bothered to take meds to control his BP if it was gods will anyway and why bother going to the hospital when sick and he got so red that he looked like he was about to knock my teeth in.

Imagine if a surgeon were to speak with the family to inform them of the demise of their loved one and then he blames god. "I did everything right, but god decided to take him." Or worse, if he were to blame the family for not praying hard enough.

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