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LINK Man Who Launched Himself in Rocket to Prove Earth is Flat Dies in Crash Landing | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

(If he didn't die, I'd have put this under the "silly, random and fun" category.) From the article...

“Mad” Mike Hughes, the Flat Earther who planned to launch a rocket high enough to “prove” Earth is flat, has died in a failed launch.

Hughes, whom I interviewed on multiple occasions (he once said to me, “GO F*CK YOURSELF” in response to my inquiries), reportedly died after his self-made rocket crash-landed in Southern California. I described Hughes as a “future Darwin Award winner” in November 2017 and reported on another one of his failed launches later.

It turns out that wasn’t far off the mark. The limo driver and amateur stuntman’s steam-powered device was recorded crashing into the ground, according to TMZ.

snytiger6 9 Feb 23

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Unfortunately Hughes was not alone in his thinking. Some people are as serious about the earth being flat as any other ridiculous belief. You can't communicate without a frame of reference. Reality makes a good frame only if the person you are communicating with, is in it. I've seen a lot of people with only one foot in reality - especially during this pandemic.


Why did he die? I mean its not like its...oh wait a minute


Did that idiot has kids or anyone depended on him ? Sad .

I would hate to think his DNA is being passed on.


Wow, what can one say.


Good for him. If stupidity gets you killed......GOOD, you deserve it.

What if one can't help being "stupid", like Wendy the Slow Adult?


Lmao. Play stupid games.....


Flat or round, it is still hard when you smash into it.


Well, he won the Darwin Award.


Died not because of the fall. They once said they'd die before admitting they were wrong.


Darwin award winner!

Most definitely, even Champion Darwin Awardee imo.


Though it all happened a year ago, at least he's proven that " What goes up MUST come down"........LOL.
And he went out with a BANG as well.

Now represents the splat Earth society.


Maybe he hit the dome on top. 🤔🤭😁

Or went through it.


It's still funny.

Limo driver and stuntman.
Guess he didn't have time to squeeze in aerospace engineering or physics.
Might have helped.


Ok, he wanted to get as close to the Karman line, 62 miles above the planet. Just how did he think he would be able to breathe up there, or even come back down and decelerate for a safe landing?
It is a shame that he died. Had he gotten to some still much lower altitude than the Karman line, he'd have had to see the roundness, and find a way to explain it away. "Hey, they knew I was going up, and they painted it round!"
Ideas have consequences, as Q has shown us!


I was thinking this was old news. He died a year ago.


He can now be entered for a Darwin Award.

Shit for brains will be better.

@CuddyCruiser Borrowing our Aussie saying are you, that's okay we're always happy to share.

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