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LINK OK Lawmakers Want to Spend $85,500 to Put “In God We Trust” in Public Buildings | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Once again, Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma are trying to pass a bill, HB 2085, that would require all 342 state-owned buildings (including public schools) to display the words “In God We Trust.” It’s a bill that’s likely to pass given the makeup of the legislature.

The most damning thing about this unnecessary bill is that it uses taxpayer money to cover the costs of the signs instead of using private donations as other states have done in similar situations. According to the state’s own Office of Management and Enterprise Services analysts, this would cost “$250 per building” — or “$85,500” altogether. And that’s just for starters since we’re not even getting into the maintenance.

It’s just a colossal waste of money.

snytiger6 9 Mar 2

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The only lesson I take from this is . . . Oklaholma theists in power slash their voters don't have nearly the strength in their faith that they like to say they do. Us heathens are that much of a threat.

It's really something. These so called pro-life xians can't find the budget for tornado-fortifying spaces in schools to keep their children safe, but they can find cash to plaster those same schools with "In god we trust".

Sounds more like a wager.

In god we trust . . . not to blow this building apart and kill thyne souls gathered therein?


I’ll take the conservative government of Oklahoma over any of those left wing states like California and New York even though I’m an atheist and disagree with them about their religion.

I guess you favor a theocracy over humanism then.

@snytiger6 Oklahoma government is not a theocracy. Iran is a theocracy and you can’t even run for office unless you are approved by the Muslim clerics.


E pluribus unum should be our motto


Unbelievable and stupid


Yet nothing for people


Separation of church and state!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping the ACLU will sue for just that reason. It's actually in the Oklahoma Constitution that a separation of church and state is required.

@Lorajay more states have that in their Constitutions than don’t. But the Republicans don’t care anymore than they do about the Federal Constitution.


So these half wits decided, now, of all times, that this is the biggest thing on their plate.
Reminds me of an old Second City episode where one of the lines is "I've got a cabbage for a head"!


Which one, or will they call out all of them by name?


Only if they let us tatoo #'s on their foreheads. Sheesh! What a waste of money to promote religion where it doesn't belong.


Maybe Satanist need to sue for Hail Satan in all of those public buildings too.

That is definitely another option. The Church of the flying spaghetti monster use that tactic to get the ten commandments with the spelling of adultery wrong on it moved.


When you are so insecure in your faith that you need constant public reminders of what you think you should believe.


So much for freedom of ( from ) religion .


This disgusts me. My secular gov should not be abused this way. Nor should my taxes.

Leelu Level 7 Mar 2, 2021

Nothing but that of course. But they already exist in public buildings such as courthouses, at least here in NY.


What a complete waste of Tax-payers money.
How many Indigent/Homeless people could be catered for IF the $85,000 was spent to alleviate their situations instead and make their often very miserable lives just that little bit brighter?

Don’t expect common sense from morons like this.

@CuddyCruiser Never have, never will and never do.

@CuddyCruiser it actually is common sense for them. They know it will rev up their base and create more fear and hate of the left.

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