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Embarrassing nickname?

Did you ever get saddled with an embarrassing nickname? By family, friends or anyone else? What was it and how did you earn it?

jamessmithwick 6 Apr 15

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When I was 16 I fell asleep completely drunk in my best friends tree. It was in the middle of a huge rager and I felt it was necessary to get naked, climb, doze off in, and the subsequently fall out of said tree, impaling myself several times with little pine needles and branches on my unexpected and uncoordinated descent.

Hahaha. That's awesome.


A friend from college still calls me a name he gave me so many years ago. For a short period of time I was a professional dancer so I got the name "Go-go.


My nanny as a child a wonderful and jovial stereotypical large, elderly African American woman named Annie called me Bo Weevil from birth, so i was called "Bo" until my mother died 9 years ago. Mom was the last of the family to call me that. The name died with her.

Hey it


My maiden name is Bird. Most everyone called me Baby Bird. My name is Barbara and when very young I introduced myself as Blah Blah Bird so my sister called me Blah Blah. In elementary school they called me Bird turd. Only scarred me a little. When in Grad school in Cairo they called me "Asfoura"= Bird out by the Giza pyramids.
Now I'm "Colton's Mom. Lol.


Being th youngest in my family of origin, for a few years i was saddled with the nickname of "short person".

However, the joke in the end was on them, as I grew to be taller than my parents and all of my siblings.


My nick name was Timmy and i have always hated it.

I have an old friend named Tim and he has always hated being called "Timmy" too.

@Paul628 i feel his pain!

@twshield The struggle is real. 😉

@Paul628 lol!




I was always "Tommy" as a kid, until I decided to change to "Tom" at around 19 or so. But the worst one was "Goldilocks", which is what they called me at the first job I had in a factory.

they called me mindy for a while coz I had a fringe


Divine Levine


Jillybean. I have no clue how I got stuck with that name. It was my sister's ex who called me that.


No embarrassing nickname but a "pisses me off diminutive".

While some people call me Sil (I love it) other had the bad taste of addressing me as "Silvita". I ignored them.

I too hate diminutives. Or sometimes the opposite, with an "on" tagged on.

@Petter In my case (Spanish) the opposite will be "ota" as in SilviOTA...Grrrrrrrrrrr

@DUCHESSA Pero tambien "tonton" (for a really stupid fool!) Or that magnificent musical instrument "guitaron gitano" a portable double bass guitar.

@Petter Esa es la versión masculina de tonto.........and the instrument is "guitarrón".

@DUCHESSA missed the double r.

@Petter Is not "double r" but RR (erre)

@DUCHESSA In English, saying double r means rr. I missed the second r, ie the double r.

@Petter Sure....but "guitaRRón" is in Spanish...........jijijijijij

@DUCHESSA Claro, pero mi respuesta era en inglés.
By the way, I love hearing a well played Guitarron Gitano, especially when accompanied by guitar and mandolin.

@Petter No le busques la quinta oata al perro....jijiji A mó no me gusta el guitaRRón.


When I was 14 at summer camp, there were five of us girls in the bunk who were close. One of them loved The Three Musketeers and decided we would all be named after all of them -- she was D'Artagnan, the next three were obviously Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. I was the last one, so what name did they give me? Glucose. I grudgingly took it on, but I wasn't happy with it.


Not really embarassing, but I had an aunt that called me Pibby Greeks from the time I was a baby. Not the foggiest idea why....


My family used to call me nika-sneakers. I ended up liking it when I was older, but when I was younger it made me feel bad. Not as much as triple stuffed jelly doughnut though, that one stuck around for like 6 years. Kids are mean.


As a child, my nickname was "Monkey" because I loved climbing trees. I stuck a book in the back waistband of my shorts and nimbly climb a tree. Hopelessly skinny, waistbands were always loose. I'd settle into the crotch of a tree and read.

Below me, kids ran around fighting, arguing and getting into trouble. It was fun watching the melee while safely hidden above them.


I don't think it is embarrassing, but my nickname is 'Bears.' It has been for as long as I can remember. It's a play on my given name of Barry. Which I DO dislike.


Saxy stilts or herman or drac take your pick


One of my exes called me "Rache" but that wasn't embarrassing.


Almost everyone in my neighborhood had a nickname and pretty much all of them were derogatory. Mine was Spock, but it only lasted a few years. For some of them, their nicknames have lasted a lifetime. Kids are mean, to put it mildly.


"Big Bird", I was tall and thin and about twelve when Sesame Street premiered. Our surname is Trout and my even thinner younger brother was called "Fish Stick".


My dad gave me the nickname "Worthless." Needless to say we had issues.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

"Alvin" for Alvin in the Chipmunks
mehh 4/10


I have no idea how I earned that nickname. In 7th grade on weekends I would play neighborhood football in a field across the street. I was the yougest playing with juniors and seniors. Then one day on the field when I was playing defense and he was offense, the oldest senior named Rod started singing "What's it all about, Alfie?" Still to this day I haven't a clue what he was talking about.


Mighty Whitey. It was reform school, different time and space.
Actually a sign of respect but I never liked it.
. When I moved to Texas mid 1970's guys where I worked called me Farrah ( Fawcett ) because of my hair......I just took it as a compliment.


My dad called me Pudger.

That wasn't very nice!

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