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LINK Preacher: God Will Save Us from COVID-19 by Turning Off Our Virus Receptors | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack, who once claimed to raise two babies from the dead, has the cure for COVID-19!

Just believe in God. Because — wait for it — God will turn off the virus receptors in your body. (follow link for video)

snytiger6 9 Apr 2

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This is just painful. 😘🤦🤦

These scammers should all be charged with Practising Medicine without a license.... Spending time in prison would do them a world of good.


Oh! If only. Preachers of one church in South Korea said essentially the same thing - that God would protect believers from contracting the disease. They insisted member attend crowded services with no masks. As a result, over half of the cases of infection in South Korea were among members of this one church. Who knows how many cases resulted from people these church members came in contact with.

Similar incidents were documented here in the US where defiant preachers resisted social distancing and masks. A number of higher profile anti-maskers have died because the contracted the disease.


It's sad some dummies will believe every word that dufuss said.




I believe my BS receptors have been activated!


LOL, like that IS going to work, didn't Sky Daddy leave the tap running in the bathroom and flood the entire world once.....LOL.
I mean surely since Sky Daddy has been around for ever, as the Christfools would have us believe, then Dementia and Alzhiemers MUST have set in long, long ago.


Why is god waiting?



This guy should be locked up in Bellevue Psycho ward.


These people are unbelievably infantile!

Imo, more like certifiably Insane to say the VERY LEAST.

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