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LINK The Christian Right Is Very Angry That Pornhub is Offering Free Premium Content | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

We’re all making sacrifices and pitching in to help others during this pandemic, and the website Pornhub is no different. Call it a marketing tool (heh) if you will, but the site said all customers could have free “premium” subscriptions (SFW link) for a limited time; all they had to do was register through the site. The site said it was a way to “lend a hand” and give people an “extra incentive to stay home.”

They’re also donating surgical masks and to first responders and hospitals.

Not a bad at all.

But naturally, the Christian Right is upset about all this because adults making their own decisions goes against everything they stand for.

snytiger6 9 Apr 10

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& one of the porn sites (pornhub?) is eliminating the interracial designation. Tho interracial will still be viewable. We are making such progress in the "porn community".


Oh NO, Pornhub is EATING into the Profits of the Christfool Prophets is it?
This terrible TRAVESTY MUST be bought to an IMMEDIATE CLIMAX.
( Puns and severe Sarcasms intended btw.)


Oh! My gosh! Don't say the christian right (oxymoron by the way) is worried about someone undercutting them.



bobwjr Level 10 Apr 10, 2021

Pornhub reports the Bible Belt is a viewership stronghold!
Of course it's the perv neighbors, not them...


Porn viewership at hotels go up during Christian conferences


Ha! The zealots are mad because they are fighting the restrictions insisting people gather at their churches without masks resulting in an increase of COVID infections. Meanwhile, those the zealots like to demonize are demonstrating greater concern for communities by creating incentive to prevent the spread of the disease and providing masks. Of course they are mad because their claim to a higher contribution to communities has just been shown to be a sham. It has always been about claiming superiority over everyone else and Pornhub's action has just revealed it for all to see.


Aw, bless the poor little fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles and necrophiliacs!


Making sex in the church is mostly awesome but all christian choose it to be bad habbit..

Especially during the sermon!!!

Then you can yet OMG during the chorus!!!



How did they know about it? Was it those email notifications they signed up for?

Well yeah.


Why these insane religious leaders offer premium contents that does not sell, they are just jealous of the fact people like to suck and fuck and not listen to biblical fairytales of death, incest, rape, slavery, and hell!!!


I’ve got something for Evangelical Christian pebblebrains!!

The back of this has a picture of a target.


I wonder if the faithfool leaders are upset because no child porn was offered?


"PornHub says that some of their best sales occur in the bibly belt - go figure, who would have thought so many evangelicals would be hypocrites," said the man with sarcasm dripping down his jowls.

I have read in a couple of places that Utah has the highest rate in the country for online porn viewership. You gotta love that.

@linxminx If you want to hear a fun song, look up Jonie the Jehovah's Witness Stripper, supposed to be based on a real friend of the singer.

@Beowulfsfriend Just looked it up, great song, great laugh from it.
Maybe you should send it to the J.W's near you....LOL.


Why would anyone give any weight to the opinions of hypocrites?
I find such people plastic and artificial, just under the fake smile and dignified posture I always find raging lunatics that side with passive aggressive racism, that’s allied with misogynistic rhetoric, and will jump to the defense of every anti-humanist argument they hear whether they understand it or not.

As I just wrote, PornHub claims some of their best sales are in the bibly belt.

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