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Take a guess. What helps make chocolate candy hard?

Petroleum wax. We use to make it where I worked. Spooky isn't it? Just about everything comes from crude oil. I'm sure there's a vegetable oil process too. We made big slabs of wax we sold to Hershey in making chocolate bar candy.

BucketlistBob 8 Apr 16

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Damn...I was gonna say porn..

I was going to say, somebody licking it. But no, the answer is much more technical and disgusting.

Ha ha, I was thinking, playing with it for a while. ?



I don't understand...

Chocolate icing in a pastry bag works best. ?

@BucketlistBob you asked what makes chocolate candy hard..??

@FinchiMcQ. You got me.... sex


People don't typically realize how prolific petroleum is and how valuable it really is. Burning it as fuel is such a waste.

It is used to agriculture to produce phosphates and organic nitrogen for fertilizer allowing more of the fields to be in full use at a time.

Used for plastics and paints and resins. All of which we have very limited option to go to if we run out of.

Used as the base material for almost all organic chemical process which includes alot of medicine.

By changing energy production means it would only be a shift in the rate that fossil fuels are used but by no mean would they stop being used and we would still use up all we have left by the end of the century.

But if we don't change we'll just keep burning gold.


I had a Hershey bar once - never again.

If I'm going to eat chocolate, which is not that often, I prefer dark chocolate with at least 80% of cocoa solids. You can get it with all sorts of flavours added, such as chilli, lime, strawberry, etc.


Meeting unwrapped female choclate candy ????

Sorry I beat you to it. But thanks for the tag.


So when you're eating a candy bar, there's a good chance you're eating a dinosaur! KEWL!!

Or whatever oil is made from...

@SKDeitch Allow me my delusions!


As with almost all food products, there's the real thing and the processed thing. You're talking about heavily processed chocolate, made as cheaply as possible.
Think of the root product - the cocoa bean, which contain cocoa butter. Of course there are other things added. Cocoa butter has a melt point of about 100 degrees or less. So a true chocolate product will stay firm until it reaches the melt point.

Yes... this is a pretty cool "artisanal" chocolate factory not too far from me. I was lucky to get to tour it before it opened with a friend writing an article about it. They did not use any petroleum, but during the tour they mentioned most "mainstream" manufacturers do. It's more expensive... but how much chocolate should we be eating anyway, right?!


I'm now really glad to have cut down on the chocolate I eat, mostly becuase of the sugar content. But I try to avoid chemical cocktails and petroleum products are out for me.

I'm in a similar boat and certainly avoid putting anything petroleum based on my skin.

@girlwithsmiles I went that route about 4 years ago. I use a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil at bedtime as a moisturizer. I make my own deodorant, toothpaste, soaps. No petroleum products on my skin or in my food.


As a kid, me and my mom made candy and part of the process was melting chocolate and adding a portion of parafin wax. This allowed the chocolate to harden as it cooled. It's amazing what a barrel of oil will produce as biproducts.


I'm a baker, I already knew this. However, before everyone swears off chocolate, did you really think there was some kind of magic involved?

If we knew the exact contents of a lot of foods we enjoy, we probably wouldn't enjoy them as much, or at all.

Well lets see, cookies(chocolate chip, double chocolate, no bakes, etc,), brownies, fudge, cakes, cream pies, muffins.


Wow, I would have bet extra sugar, ie like toffee. Truth can be scary

@MrLizard I prefer hard to soft and sticky. And I love coffee toffee


Well I'll be dammed. I didn't know that.


Glad you didn't say it was KYJelly but I guess it's all the same.


But it tastes sooooo goooood.

That's what I would say when I was spending the night with my girlfriend which is now my wife. I say something different

What a great song 🙂


You know, people keep telling me if I knew half of what was in my food, I'd never eat again...

It's not true. I've seen terrible things and still eat shitty food. The scarier thing than what's in it, is what the addictive chemicals do...making you not care what you're eating


Thanks. I'll never eat a Hershey bar again. I try to buy organic & fair trade chocolate but will grab a Hershey bar once in a while. No more.


I don't eat chocolate candy.

@MrLizard I don't eat candy at all.


Oh yes... we shut down that plant with like a months notice. We made grease too.


I adore chocolate, but I don't eat Hershey's or nestled. I love European chocolate and Mexican chocolate. If you have never had Mole sauce you should try it. ( it isn't chocolaty, but is made with it). I'm also a dark chocolate fan. I even make Smores with it.





Same thing I used to rub all over the deck of my surfboard to provide traction. Yum.


Having worked as Sales Merchandiser for five years I did get a personal tour of the factory. Amazing what goes into a Hershey Bar? I don't eat them anymore-they changed the formula and its much softer and has an aftertaste.


Hershey leads in helping save the ecosystem by introducing the new MORE BARS TO THE GALLON formula.


Trying so hard to think of a witty pun best I can do is a twirl or a whispa and a curly wurly just sounds wrong ...

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