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What can I do to be a better representative of atheists?

Marine 8 Apr 16

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In my opinion, just live a life of humanist principles and do/cause no harm.


Babies. Eat more babies.

You atheist baby eater you😉

This answer had me in stiches for hours. Thank you.


I don't suppose you can fly? That would really make walking on water kinda meh.


Easy, do not bash other point of views you may disagree with, including political views. If someone bashes you first, then retaliation could be in due course, just don't go on the offense first. Afterall, in a world of 7+ billion human beings, there is bound to be many varying views, and we all should strive to get along with each other and live in peace. Good post that asked a good question.


Be honest. Be kind. Be virtuous. Be an example of morality based in humanity rather than dogma.


I can help be a representative of atheism by not doing what so many people assume an atheist to be.
Don't play into the stereotype.


Be yourself

jeffy Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Your "Own" thing?

Coldo Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

If you want to be a "better representative of atheists" you might want to simply keep your mouth shut when in the company of those who find some kind of solice in believing their chosen nonsense. It is no more the jobs of atheists or agnostics to sell their points of view than it is for some religious fool to try to sell others his or her point of view. Just like a good religious person, a good atheist or agnostic will keep it to themselves.

Very good argument but as rational people, do we not also have a responsibility to correct those, who may seek to do wrong while justifying it through some emotional understanding. An understanding that is obviously not from rational, informed, logical deduction, but from fear, hate, and ignorance.

@Nomack It concerns me that you chose the term "correct" when all we can do is share our different opinions. The fundamentalist that we are having so much trouble with claim that they are trying to "correct" our infidel ways and I have no respect for or trust in them either. It seems clear to me that the only way to make this a better planet to live on is the insure that all who have the ability to cause harm are adequately educated and those who try to coerce others to do dirty deeds are held responsible before the fact. We don't have much of a chance as long as lawyers are allowed to, and even obliged to mislead the courts in order to defend the guilty; but that is for later discussion.


I've never felt the need to be represented


(good question) I remain honest, and myself.. Most seem pleased to have me around, and when they find out I’m not religious, or ‘A-Theist,’ you can sometimes watch their gears shift a pleasant way 🙂

Politically, I no longer support or vote for the party I once belonged to ..that now most often supports ‘prayer breakfasts,’ or religious privileges, and attempts to frame itself with ‘family values’ while conjuring up and supporting the dregs of politics..

I’ll write letters to editors, support various candidates & campaigns, show up for volunteer community enhancement activities, donate to proven worthy causes, support public schools, and perhaps most of all - do the right thing - ..while knowing nobody’s watching 😉

Varn Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Don't be a jerk would be the first thing. I loathe the American Atheist Society because I view them as jerks. Is it really necessary to create billboards that read "Do you believe in myths? And below that they put Santa next to Satan". Santa is now a threat? Don't wear it on your sleeve - consider the total picture before you open your mouth. Be respectful of opinions that may differ from your own unless the opinions being offered are by someone acting the part of the bully. And don't be so impressed with yourself that you fail to consider the value people with opposing views have in your life. As an atheist I bowed my head when grace was said at Thanksgiving dinner - they were thinking God - I was thinking can't want for left over turkey sandwiches - they didn't know - I don't have mind readers in my family. I have no shame in doing that because my grandparents remained a vital part of my life until they passed in 2000 and 2003. A relationship I wasn't willing to risk by getting into a debate about whether or not everything they had believed in for nearly 80-years wasn't based on reality.

I loathe the American Atheist Society because I view them as jerks.” Jerks? They’re a courageous organization, if not the first to actually use ‘the name.’ As a long-time member … who couldn’t even finish your statement - you, sir, strike me as a class A Jerk!

...finishing your piece, let me add - Chicken Shit, too.. If you aren’t willing to support those fighting for you -- then you don’t deserve to use the name they’re fighting for. You’re no Atheist … a sniveling appolitest coward comes to mind 😀 Yah, ‘you loathe AA’ … and it just took all I had not to tell you to Fuck Off 😉


I am Sorry for your Lost Marine... All Squids were very fond of the Great Gunny in Movies. Just be a Humble, Honest Representative of Who and What You Are. Your Actions Will Carry. Semper Fi.


No one represents me.
I am a unique atheist or deluded, but either way, I represent myself.
I like much of what I hear from public debates by other atheist but even then I can at best agree maybe 80% of the time.


Do not hide in the closet. Learn and talk to others. Join groups and there are lots. FFRF, the Humanists, the Brights (online like this but different) and many more. We need people to get involved. The only way to put the religionists in their place (which is supposed to be a quiet one) is to stand our ground and not let them bully us. We need to take back our country(s).


Idon't know-I don't go out of my way -wear t-shirt out in public for crowd/supermarket? I will do the same.


Could make a T-shirt with an arrow on it says they believe in a fake deity.

Good one


Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.

Now I want to watch Conan the Barbarian again. Thanks.

@NoMagicCookie welcome!


I dunno man. Atheist is just someone who doesn't believe in deities. What can I do to be a better representative of bearded-men? Lol. I guess try correcting people when they conflate terms. I see this often. Such as Atheist=Antitheist, though atheists are more likely to be antitheists, this is not true. Atheism does not equal communism, stalinism, or maoism. Atheism is not a religion or ideology. Atheism broadly speaking is not the belief that no gods exists, rather without belief in gods. When theists call Atheists arrogant, remind them that they are the ones that tend to assert superiority. They say they know gods will and how everything happened. Whereas, I would say, I'm not entirely sure how everything happened, but that's okay--I won't pretend I do. Funny thing is they call us arrogant when we point out obvious flaws in their religion or beliefs. The fact of the matter is we're merely encouraging them to think more critically. Not saying we know everything. I for one have yet to find a single good reason to adhere to any religion.

Great response


I am not sure what overt thing I might do because when required I never hold back upon my personal views which reflect on religion,politics and daily living.I guess I could try to be better prepared to address why I have chosen to be an atheist.


Get to know people, and get them to know you, before you reveal that you're an atheist. Let them discover that you're a decent human being first. Then, when you reveal that you're an atheist, they'll see that atheists can be good people, and it will be difficult for religious people to say anything negative about atheism based on their knowledge of your personality.


Talk, share, show no fear in the face of crazy. If that doesn't work? Start a bible fight by whipping bibles at people's faces as they walk into church. Oh, you might get charged with whatever hashtag is a crime right now, but that kind of stuff happens.


Talk about as much as you can, whenever you can. Read up on religion so you get your facts right. Go getvthem Marine.


I am a very outspoken atheist and often engage with theists. The foundation of my arguments usually include, because I value truth, (things that can be demonstrated) and all religions are based on faith (things that can not be demonstrated) asserted as truth (what I consider to be dishonest)

I assert faith based assertions, especially when they contradict testable claims supported by evidence, should be exposed for their lack of truth value. I openly trace such false claims to be an sad product of religion.

I once had a friend that disliked my promoting truth over superstition but a few years ago she opened her eyes and she became aware of the damage being done to our world by those who value faith over facts. She now openly asserted we (atheists)/(civilization) need to use our science over dogma if we wish our civilization (ecosystem, world etc.) to be healthy and survive.

To quote her, “We can no longer afford to let religion based outcomes destroy our world. I fear for the future of my children.”

Please demonstrate that God does not exist. But yes religion is a political system manipulated to subjugate.

@Nomack Please demonstrate that witches don't exist. And while you're at it, I will sleep a whole lot easier at night knowing that ghosts don't exist as well. So, please demonstrate that too. Thanks.

@David1955 Why

@Nomack if it's okay to ask for a demonstration that one form of supernatural phenomena does not exist then it should apply to all forms of such phenomena. Of course as an atheist my view is that it is up to those making claims about such phenomena to prove them, not for nonbelievers to disprove them. It's also a basis of science and the notion of presentation of evidence.

@David1955 So as an atheist you subscribe to the "belief" that there is no God being that is is not proven. So I ask simply to disprove the existence and your response is me first. That is a deflection of argument to avoid admission that you could very well be incorrect, in my opinion.

@Nomack I was making a comparative point that your comment previously asking for proof that a god/s does not exist is a false question. You don't have to prove a negative. This is understood in science and evidence based reasoning. It wasn't a serious question to you about proving those things don't exist, but you missed it. Considering your last reply that's all I have to say to you.

@David1955 Stating it is a false question means there is another possibility as to existence or not. And no I was making the comparative argument with NoMagicCookie. As atheists are making false dilemma stating there is no God when there may be several possibilities for any evidence of creation. So as to your post, you are asking for proof of god when you have no evidence suggesting otherwise, and then claiming a "false question" which you have already done. In layman's terms "the pot calling the kettle black".

@Nomack Why in the world should I attempt to attempt to demonstrate a "not" statement. At no time did I make a positive claim that no god exists. (actually I didn't even mention god) I fully base my introduction ( I often debate for many hours and address a long list of "Christian failings" ) on questioning the theist's (faith based) assertion that their belief in faith based claims meets the standards of evidence a truth claim demands. For you to insist I demonstrate a "not" "god does "not" exist is a classic "shifting the burden of proof" fallacy normally employed by the weakest of the theists I routinely encounter.

Let me give you my favorite example of how ridiculous your question is.

I have an invisible flying unicorn that rides a magic toaster in orbit between Mars and Venus. (there is an ancient book that tells me this is true so I am an Unicornist) I have a personal relationship with my unicorn as it tells me what is moral and how I should live my life and treat others. Now, by changing God to Unicorn, to quote you:

"Please demonstrate that my unicorn does not exist."

If you were trying to be sarcastic, I have found it necessary to preface such a ridiculous assertion with "SARCASM ALERT"

@NoMagicCookie First to be an atheist is to not believe in "God" so you did mention "God" and quite simply believers have faith for and non believers have faith against. It is ridiculous.

@Nomack First, No you are wrong (again). To be an atheist is to not accept the claim that there is a god. This is my position and the position of the many atheists I associate with. Although many Christians use your definition, you do not get to redefine my position to support your straw man argument.

Let me try to explain this definition using words. "a" is "not". "Theist" is someone who believes in a god.
so when we put those together we have "not someone who believes in a god."

This is different then someone who claims a god does not exist. Really though I made that clear earlier.

Second, there is no "faith" claim or assertion to not accept the assertion that there is a god. This is yet another common Christian straw-man claim that is in your usage of the argument, nonsensical.

@NoMagicCookie Oh my gosh what a adolescent arguement "you don't accept the claim there is a god" also neither have "faith" and finally the letter "a" means "not" which translates into "not someone who believes in a God". And you end with my arguement being nonsensical. Insanity.

@Nomack OK, you seam to be having problems understanding the most fundamental properties that the burden of proof rests on the one making the claim, even the majority of the more addle-minded theists eventually (although often reluctantly) succeed this point,

I'll break it down for you again using small sentences in hopes you may understand.

If you look back on my Unicorn analogy (which I find as ridiculous as any of the other positive gods are real assertions) I was in hopes you would understand my unicorn assertion (like all other gods, not supported by evidence) requires no faith to disprove this assertion as my unicorn example, is not supported by facts (supported by evidence).

Evidently you did not understand that lesson so I'll spell it out for you.

I'll begin with a quote illustrating how your (prove god is not real) assertion by is laughable by quote from Christopher Hitchens.

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

You are under no obligation to demonstrate my Unicorn god is not real as like all other supernatural god is real claims, I have not met the my burden of proof.

This applies to all positive supernatural god claims. as they share the "Faith" based assertion of a god existing that has yet to be demonstrated with evidence.

I am therefore under no obligation to assert a (faith) based claim to dismiss the "god is real" claim.

Now, let me demonstrate how your final argument is indeed nonsensical.

your "and non believers have faith that

To set the stage it is necessary to understand that (you implied) positive (god is real assertion) is based on faith (belief without evidence)

Your quote ". . . believers have faith for (a god being real) and non believers have faith against (a god being real)."

God is real is a faith claim.
logically, your statement can be distilled into
non believers have faith against faith.

This assertion qualifies as a high level "Face Palm" and is nonsensical.

Read this quote again, very slowly, and try real hard to understand.

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

Faith is not a requirement to not believe a faith based assertion.

I hope, but am not optimistic, you have the mental prowess to understand just how sad your arguments stand.

@Nomack Think this is a much better example of why I find your assertion nonsensical:

When we distil your argument we are left with:

to NOT have faith, you must have faith. This is called a paradox and your assertion meets my definition of nonsensical. The fact that you find my supported (and this rather obvious objections to your malformed assertion) observation offensive does not change the reality that your assertion is not well formed.

To make this point even simpler,

Let’s replace “faith” with a longer definition so you will hopefully be able to understand how sad your argument is:

To NOT believe assertions without evidence, you must believe assertions without evidence.
Yes, when you distil the logic of your argument, Your position is that bad.

Hope this gives you a better understanding of the flawed logic beneath your argument and why I find it nonsensical.


Your not being able to understand my "faith" and finally the letter "a" means "not" which translates into "not someone who believes in a God" is a profoundly sad admission of your lacking cognitive abilities to understand a rather simple concepts as I did go on to point the difference between the contrasting statement that you are attempting to assert. Try reading my quote again, in context, really slow. If that doesn't work maybe you could ask someone else to explain the meaning of those words that you find confounding.

@NoMagicCookie Here you go learn something []


Just be myself

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