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So God is Buddha?

GeorgeRocheleau 8 May 3

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Oh, ye of little faith. (Thankfully.)

Very little faith.


Hard for me to believe god has an average size penis.

But, we were "made" in his image! Okay, who is going to do the research into the size of godly penises? I did once read of Vishnu, I think it was, stating that his penis reached from the vastness of the sky, to the depths of the oceans.


Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama, a fellow human being. He was clear, as I have read, that he was not a god, or anything like one. He had a secular epiphany about human suffering, and traveled in order to spread his insight.

That. And the free housing and sustenance.

@MsKathleen These were normal for itinerant "prophets" at that time and place. He had no need to try to take advantage of it, if that's your inference, having been born into a royal family.

@BirdMan1 I know that and have read his teachings...I even TRY to follow them, although I am far less successful than many.

@MsKathleen Namaste.


When asked to say grace before a meal, I put my hands in a meditative position, and chant, "Buddha, Buddha, Bless the Foodha." 😛

Gonna try to remember that one,


No, god is dog spelled backward.

No god is. Period.

@MsKathleen your period? Not interested.


Fat bottomed girls make the world go round. --- Mr F Mercury

Indeed we do!


In some cultures fat is beautiful.


God has much whole lot mental health issues

And he's a jerk.


And now, the rest of the story.


Buddha was not fat--the Chinese god, Hotei, is sometimes erroneously identified as Buddha.

@michealgrins07 I think that I don't understand it well, but it is more appealing than Xtianity. However, like Xtianity, it has different sects. Buddha said life is suffering and the attachment to material "things" is the cause of suffering. Maybe so, but I am not ready to divest myself of things or the people whom I love. I don't believe in reincarnation, but it is more appealing than the thought of heaven. As I weakly understand it, Nirvana is being absorbed back into the godhead--maybe the godhead is the universe. Taoism is appealing, but I know little about it.


No. Buddha is God and all of us can be Buddha. "It's all very inside." - Hawkeye Pierce

I said, “you are Elohim”


Hey, ain't NOTHING wrong with having a BIG Booty, since as the old saying goes " the bigger cushion, the better the pushin' "....LOL.


I guess Sky Daddy was short of few mirrors when it came to making me then also....LOL.
On a second note here, IF Sky Daddy made Mankind in HIS OWN image then WHY is his Word, the Goat-herders Guide to the Galaxy, aka the bible, so full of racism, slavery, etc, etc.?
Could be because Sky Daddy can't even stand himself let alone his GREAT creations, Human Beings?

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