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Morris is a pro Trump preacher. He's also lying in his flawed logic. What does "scientifically impossible" mean? Next he will tell us that Trump is coming back but he keeps seeing his shadow.


Not a clue as to what "scientifically" means, does he.......


Notice they never talk about Agnostics like me
Atheists are easy bogeymen. Why? Because the only position as indefensiible as their own is atheism.
Agnosticism is the only defensible position, in my opinion.

You have to kidding don't you?

@Triphid No I think I'm right, or I wouldn't be saying it.
Am I 'right?' Reasonable people might differ.

@Storm1752 Imo, Atheism holds a truly defensible position in that it succinctly states that the Atheist "Holds to NO belief what-so-ever God or ANY Gods have truly existed."
Whereas, Agnosticism merely states/postulates that " I am unsure of the Knowledge, etc, of the existence of God or any Gods so I'll wait until proof can given and then decide for myself."

@Triphid No, atheists and theists have one thing in common: they think they KNOW the 'truth,' whereas Agnostics say on these kinds of subjects the truth is unknowable. You claim to know 'god' doesn't exist. Well? Is that a fair statement? Theists claim to know 'god' does exist, right? Is there a shred of hard evidence for either belief?
No. No more than for the existence of extraterrestrials; lots is smoke but no fire.

Not true, since there is no reason to believe in a god, why confuse the issue by saying "I don't know"? Using your thought, one could just as easily say that since one cannot prove blue horses don't exist on many yet to be discovered planets, I'll say maybe they do.

@Alienbeing There's no reason not to believe in 'god' either, since your rejection of the very idea depends on your subjective definition. And the definitions of people like you.
How can you set up your own subjective, easily debunked definition, then claim it is the only definition and conclude based on it 'god' doesn't exist?
Of course THAT 'god' doesn't exist. No kidding!

@Storm1752 FYI, it IS the ONLY LOGICAL conclusion that NO God/Gods have ever existed EXCEPT in the Imaginings of Human Beings for the purposes of explain the perfectly natural happenings that occur around them in a 100% NATURAL World and Universe beyond this tiny rock we call Earth.

@Triphid That's your belief system. I don't have one.

@Storm1752 Not subective at all. The FACT is there is no reason to believe in any God. If you disagree, provide a reason to have such belief.

@Storm1752 I also do NOT have a system of Belief as such since I trust in Logic, Reasoning, Facts and Proven Evidences.

@Alienbeing Prove me a reason why NOT! There's no reason to believe anything either way. Opinions based on conjecture, sure, why not. But certainty? No.
Hence, agnosticism.

@Storm1752 The reason is there is no reason to even suspect a god. With no basis for a belief, why even suspect? What other things that you have not reason to believe do you think might exist?

It is a fact that there is no reason to believe, not an opinion. If you disagree with that statement ,provide a reason to believe. Last, opinions do not have to be based on conjecture, an opinion can be based on fact.

@Alienbeing 'Suspect' a god? I don't. What are you talking about? And 'a' God? Who says 'god' is an entity? Or ANYTHING, for that matter?
I equally don't 'suspect' there is no god. I'm neutral.
My OPINION is a separate matter. Not faith or lack thereof, not belief or disbelief, just an OPINION there's more to it than meets the eye.
But maybe not.
So it seems to me atheists confuse OPINION with belief, as if it's appropriate to speak with certainty about it either way. I don't think it is.

@Storm1752 Your reply shows you had no understanding of what you read. As such it is not worth a response.

@Alienbeing Oh well. There seems to be a lack of understanding all the way around. Besides, just because I listen to a person's OPINION doesn't mean I have to agree with it.

@Storm1752 Your last sentence again shows you did't understand what you read.


I heard of people being liken to being as thick as 2 short planks, Dumber than an Ox, as sharp as a box full of hammers, thick as a brick, etc, etc, BUT words to describe how truly dumb, dense, stupid and asinine that wanker is totally escape me.

How about "His comparable to the vacuum of space."

How about “dumb as a Christian”? Nothing else comes close.. not even my favorite - does not have the brains god gave a gallon of goose grease.


FTA: "Morris just needs to learn how to read". I doubt that he has the mental capacity to learn anything, let alone learning to read.


Funny how this faithfool is an atheist to all other human gods, but his.


From the same scientists that brought us GeeZeus riding a T-Rex.


Idiot wouldn't know science if an android dog bit him on the ass


WTF??? Jaysus!!! Some people don't have any notion of the rubbish they say...


I guess that means we are all miracles?

BD66 Level 8 May 6, 2021

Actually, many xtions would say yes to that statement.

According to Joel Osteen, each and every one of us is a true miracle of God because Joel Osteen is completely full of shit.


You can always count on a Xian to get it wrong. A "theist" is someone who believes in a God so an "atheist" is someone who does not believe in a God. The word, atheist, makes no inference as to whether or not a God itself is real.


It is well known that Christians have sought to redefine atheism as someone who makes the claim that no god exists, a position that they CAN attack. Sadly, that phony definition has spread to the point of being a dictionary entry.

Francis Collins, the evangelical hack given title over the Human Genome Project notoriously said he used to be an atheist, citing the phony definition. Again, a Christian claiming they used to be an atheist is a common whopper they tell to each other. Collins, supposedly a bright guy, still says he started as a god-denying atheist. Anyone with that level of acuity should know the actual meaning of atheism if they ever truly considered it. As an evangelical, Collins feels no shame in lying to further his cult, and that's why evangelicals who support Trump(Putin) cannot be shamed. Their degenerate immorality poses an imminent existential threat to our country (fascism and ecological collapse).


Whoa!! Whoa!! Now all of a sudden, someone in religion understands (or try to) understand science?



What does he know about science?

He might know how to spell it. 50/50 chance I would say.

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Which also happens to be the size of his ability to use his brain.

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