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LINK Bill Cosby to be released after Pennsylvania Supreme Court - CNN

This doesn't appear to be too popular of a decision here in Philadelphia. He's probably too arthritic to open a bottle of Quaaludes anyway.

***update Mr. Cosby was released from SCI Phoenix Project just before 2:30 p.m.

barjoe 9 June 30

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At his age they probably would have released him early for medical reasons anyway. At least he served some jail time, more than many other rich people who commit crimes do.

I don't think he's a danger, but that's not the point. I'm glad he spent a couple years in prison.


Well, at least he's really old and would not be able to rape another even with drugs.


It's actually a good thing when people like Bill Cosby and Robert Kraft can spend enough money to hold corrupt prosecutors accountable.

It's too bad more people don't have the money to do so.

BD66 Level 8 June 30, 2021

The prosecutor that was corrupt was Bruce Castor who cut the original deal. Robert Kraft didn't do anything except patronize a sex worker. He didn't drug and rape women. No equivalency between the two. He got a happy ending massage. Cosby could've done that, he'd be fine.

@barjoe Once you make a deal with the State of PA (regardless of who is representing the State of PA), the State of PA should be required to hold up the deal. I agree that the Kraft case and the Cosby case are not the same thing in terms of severity, but they are the same thing in terms of overreach of the state's ability to prosecute citizens.

@BD66 There were holes in that agreement and the court decision wasn't unanimous.


He hasn't been exonerated.
Just released due to prosecutorial misconduct.
Unfortunately, he cannot be retried.
However, he is still facing civil cases.

Yet, due to prosecutor's mishandling, he can sue the state.

@Beowulfsfriend Yeah, that really sucks.


I understand people getting upset over criminals being let out over technicalities, but to me it’s always preferable to allowing prosecutorial misconduct. We can’t allow these kinds of things.


I think as much as I despise this Cosby POS, to tell someone they have immunity. & then say "Nevermind" is not acceptable for anyone......


All that time air time and public outcry for 2 years? It doesn't get much funnier than that.

It isn't that he is innocent, not at all!
The (really stupid!) Prosecutor promised immunity & then changed his mind after Cosby acted on his promise. THAT is why he is being let out, not that his innocence has been contraire!

@AnneWimsey The article doesn't state on what reasoning so that's news for me. I question whether this case is about race more than class. I think it's his celebrity position which made it unlikely he would do penance or not (and for how long). 2 years is an insult to all his victims but that's not how he sees it. For Bill it's all about how he sees it.

@AnneWimsey A bullshit technicality. They didn't rule that he wasn't proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They ruled the prosecutor who brought the case was bound by his predecessor’s agreement not to charge Cosby. That predecessor was Bruce fucking Castor, the idiot defense lawyer for Trump's impeachment.

@barjoe That's also news to me. Castor shows up in some low places, alright. The end result is that Cosby wins and that injustice, caused by white incompetence, will placate the Cosby family. Law suit by them to follow, I'm sure.

@rainmanjr White incompetence? You are silly. Cosby still had to pay millions I a civil judgement. He'll be dead soon. We'll see who's incompetent.

@barjoe He's not in jail. That's due to incompetence or a deliberate act for Cosby to exploit.

@rainmanjr He spent 30 months in state prison.

@barjoe That’s not an insult to every victim? Bill doesn’t care about the victims, he cares about himself, so Bill gets the last Fat Albert laugh. His death, soon or not, doesn’t change the legal incompetence that freed him.

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