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Most people on this site know atheism is not a religion. For the very welcome people with different perspectives, being without belief in something is not a dogma.

Most of us don’t believe in leprechauns and it never needs to come up because there isn’t much of a leprechaun following and certainly not one that bleeds into all areas of our lives. So a-leprechaunism is no more of a religion than atheism.

We are not theists. That’s it.

bragadm 5 Sep 18

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Gotta love these educational moments. So many ways to think about a simple subject.


Then why be so dogmatic about it?

I hope that’s now how this post came off. l certainly like to hear other’s perspectives. I just thought I’d post this because I’ve been told that my lack of belief constitutes a religion.

Atheism is certainly not a religion, it’s the antithesis of religion. But people can still be dogmatic about their lack belief.


Ok, so you do not want to worship a God thingie, but atheism implies god thingies do not exist.

What term is there for a person that knows God thingies exist but is not interested in worshipping other people's or any God thingie?

Word Level 8 Sep 18, 2021

"What term is there for a person that knows God thingies exist but is not interested in worshipping other people's or any God thingie?"


Of course, that's assuming that the postulate "I have a god/goddess/divine something-or-other" applies so they can whack the other person over the head with it.

Rather a feckless argument, I think. I tend to just smile and walk away. You know, leave 'em guessing so they are not tempted to dunk me in a river or burn me at a stake.

Or try to convert me... ugh. ::: shivers ::::


Heresy - belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.

Christian doctrine: Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

Why would someone oppose helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption?

Your posed analogy is a double negative. That aside:

If one believes in an omnipotent being (ie god/God/gods) yet doesn't wish to worship such, they're usual called diests. They're creationists, but that's as far as it goes. So I suppose you could use that label.

@SeaGreenEyez history of deism []

Herbert of Cherbury and early English Deism
There is one Supreme God.
He ought to be worshipped.
Virtue and piety are the chief parts of divine worship.

I used to think that atheism implied god thingies do not exist. It felt like the opposite side of the theism coin. As a result, I used to think atheism was no better than theism because you can’t know that god thingies don’t exist. But now I understand that atheism itself does not state or imply god thingies don’t exist.

And to your 2nd question, I’ve never encountered someone who knows god thingies exist. I’ve encountered people who believe in god thingies, some very strongly, but never anyone who could show evidence for god thingies. So your question about what you call someone who knows god’s exists, but… is valid on a philosophical level. And it looks like it kicked off some conversation in that thread.

@bragadm there are many references, not just biblical that people are gods.


Most commonly, it is the rich, powerful or popular people that are considered gods. This style of god does infact exist. This does not prove invisible pasta in the sky with meatballs, or does not prove omnipresent style God, etc.

Illogical atheist want to say, the only style of a validity defined God is a non-existent style of God. It is illogical of most debating atheist to dictate that the only "truely" arguable style of god is the non-existent style.

God thingies exist, atheism by definition and premise is wrong or illogical.

Also see photo for recorded acceptance of famous people like Kit Carson and Daniel Boone as Deity.

@bragadm just referring your profile you say"...drink the koolaid."

If you do your research, that is referencing Jim Jones a self professed agnostic and atheist that "used religion " to get people out of religion and then kill over 900 people.

@bragadm and if you read thru my group "Illogical atheists guide for ending Christianity " you my be able to understand what biblical text calls God is the evolution of a mind virus organism that evolved to have self cognition and evolved into Jesus character, Angelic lord of host Lucifer the devil.

@Word That isn't the only definition of deism. In modern times, the more widely accepted definition/ideology is based upon a human beings ability to use reason:

The basic beliefs of all Deist theologies is that God exists and created the world, but beyond that, God has no active engagement in the world except the creation of human reason, which enables us to find God by doing good.Jun 4, 2015



You cite one verse "Christian doctrine: Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27"

In order to set up your rebuke....

"Why would someone oppose helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption?"

I love the larp ("in the beginning there was the Word" ), but you are gonna have to try harder than that, alfalfa and omega. You make me smile. Remember, before there was a Christian bible, the Egyptians worshiped cats as gods.

....and we haven't forgotten this.

@LatentumCattus The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.” Isaiah 19:25

Biblical text clearly credits "the Lord" as being Egyptian..

Otherwise, what was your point?

@Word - again with the single citation.

Ooohh, I like you!

Cite: Leviticus 14 - a cure for leprosy (yeah, the primatives didn't know it was leprosy, the diagnostic term will be absent from the text - but we all know this is what they were talking about). Sorry, I'll take the antibiotics, thank you.

What are you, some sort of defrocked Jesuit in for the lulz?!?

Oh, oh, oh.. btw... how's the city of Tyre doing, framed against your narrative?

@LatentumCattus are you familiar with a mind virus organism?


I believe in leprechauns... I'm one of them myself...

I have a colony of leprechauns in my yard. They and the fey folk get along most of the time.

@Gwendolyn2018, great stuff, thanks for letting me know. You have to put me in contact with them!!!

@Paddypereira I think that they accompanied my Irish ancestors (two lines of them) who came to the Colonies in the 1730s. You'll have to come to MO if you want to get in contact with them. They go in out this door:


One of the joys in my life is to tie up theists in the pretzels of their own logical fallacies, the three most common being:

  1. Special pleading for their particular god ("Why do you deny that the Universe was created by the Committee of Little White Mice?" )

  2. Unsupported assumption ("Why do you assume that the Universe was created?" )

  3. Personal incredulity ("Why do you assert that the notion of time before the Big Bang makes any sense?" )


Shit stinks does not make it a vaping flavor!!!


Unless you are Irish.


Atheism is a lack of belief in any gods. Theism is a belief in gods.


Atheism certainly is not a religion, but it is more than the absence of theism. There are books about atheism, there are sites for atheists where they discuss what atheism is all about...
So it´s a kind of worldview on its own.

While I agree with you that there are atheists who take atheism to more than just an absence of theism, at it’s base level atheism is nothing more than being without theism. It’s not a world view in itself like others have pointed out in this thread that silence isn’t a sound or off isn’t a TV channel.

There are atheists who are anti-theists. These are people who are likely to be motivated to write books or create atheist YouTube channels to counter the dangerous lies that come from theists and their religion.


However, you need to be good boys and girls, so the Great Pumpkin will bring you wonderful treats and goodies on Halloween!


I would imagine that most of us nonbelievers have understood for some time now, that our lack of belief is as much a religion (or for that matter, a religious stance), as “OFF” is a channel on your television or “Non-stamp-collecting” is a hobby.

IMO, atheism is not a religion, but what you want to call any concept is subjective. With regard to the TV reference, I saw it as atheism is as much of a religion as off is a TV channel. In other words, atheism has no content, It is merely lack of belief. How do you call that a religion? does standing in a garage make you a car?


(Sarcasm) How about Trolls, smurfs, rotten snozwangers and vermicious knids? LOL.


“...atheism is not a religion.”
Which is, oddly enough, something atheism has in common with theism: neither of them is a religion.

skado Level 9 Sep 18, 2021

Interesting and certainly true. I guess there could also be atheistic religions based on faith and worship of something as long as it’s non-theistic.

Yes, also true.
Some forms of Buddhism, for example, are said to be exactly that.

@skado The term “atheist religion” is, IMHO, oxymoronic, like “married bachelor” or “open secret.” I would avoid the term “religion” altogether and simply refer to such non-theistic, faithless associations which lack belief in a higher power, miracles or the need to worship, as a philosophy or school of teaching.

Never thought of it that way, but I agree theism in itself is not a religion. It's what a person does with the theism (or atheism for that matter) that could constitute a religion, such as creating tenets, etc.

For example, in order to be considered a "religion" for the purpose of legally marrying people, the "Church of Spiritual Humanism" had to create tenets for the members of the clergy to profess. They are pretty simple and easy to follow and include no deity or supernaturalism at all.

How would theism exist without a corresponding religion?

I'm sure there are plenty of people who believe there's a god, but don't belong to any religion.

Nice. I can agree with those for the most part.

Wikipedia claims there's no scholarly consensus on precisely what constitutes a religion. So I suppose there's no authoritative source either of us can rely on. All we can do is share our views. I know there is one ancient thread of thought (or a few) that relieves the concept of religion from having to include belief in any gods. That much is historical fact. How we choose to view it in our own respective worldviews is just a matter of personal preference. I'm currently reading a book by Loyal Rue called "Religion Is Not About God". []


Theists MUST twist ; spin ; cloud & and create
reality because they are not content with the world. I gave up trying to convince the older set. Where as youth have open minds ; and are sometimes objective .
The mindset of having an " agenda " is a slippery slope/ defending free thought is a principle .


This one days it nicely 😊

I don't collect stamps and that is not my hobby. I'm also not going bald. 🙂


Hard to get anything past you.


No shit, Sherlock!

Unfortunately not to some who have commented on my posts.

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