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I'm intrigued. What is it that makes us 'visit' a profile? Is it a question posted? Is it a view of a photo? Is it something else completely? I ask as this site was sold/advertised to me as a dating site! It is many things and is often good fun, but it is NOT a dating site (unless you can tell me otherwise).

By Silvertongue7
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I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm just as nosey as hell.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

It’s usually my fat thumbs that send me to someone’s profile.

Fat thumbs up to you.


I would classify it as a social site with dating features. Why do we visit profiles? I can only speak for myself, and I'll be 100% honest. If a woman posts something interesting or replies to one of my posts, I may bring up her profile to check for compatibilty and/or to see what she looks like. There are some very pleasant looking people here and of course I like to look. I certainly hope no one has taken offense to it. Too, if a lady has offered a particularly noteworthy polite or interesting response I will check briefly to see what other interesting things she has posted or commented. And if it's glaringly obvious she has sent me a "signal," I of course will go check her out. Has to be pretty obvious, though, for me to "signal" back. I've been trying to tone down my flirt game...just a little. Just the tip.

If I see something interesting that a man has posted, I'll check him out too, especially if I think we see eye to eye on things. What else has he posted that I will like? One can never have too many friends and allies in this world. And, frankly, I'm not 100% unattracted to good looking guys. There, that's a bit of forthright honesty I would not likely share anywhere else.

Shawno1972 Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

It's the only way to block people. smile002.gif

CaroleKay Level 8 Apr 20, 2018


Really? Is that the only way? smile009.gif Still funny. smile009.gif


Awesome lol


I generally visit to see their bio and read comments from people who have either followed me, made great comments (or not) and/or to catch up on some of the posts/comments from members I follow. Reading posts and comments on their profile is a great way to get to know someone and enhances conversation in messenger because you've taken the time to get to know them better.


I visit people that visit me. But outside of that, my usual process goes something like this:
1) Hey, this person is witty/funny/kind/cool
2) Hey, nice profile pic, too
3) click
4) Damn, why do you live in Narnia?!

Lather, rinse, repeat. =)

tmaaz Level 5 Apr 20, 2018



It’s usually if someone posted something interesting or made an excellent retort, I want to put a face with the intellect responsible. So if I check you out I was somehow either educated or entertained.



I check our profiles for a few reasons.

  1. The person makes a very relevant and poignant statement.
  2. They ask a thought provoking question.
  3. They look interesting.
  4. I am bored.

I'm guessing you're bored atm? smile007.gif

@Silvertongue Not quite.

@Donotbelieve does that mean I've made a relevant and poignant statement, a thought provoking question or I look interesting? I'm even more intrigued now. smile009.gif

@Silvertongue Well, you've narrowed it down to one of those three options.

Imma let you figure it out.

@Donotbelieve Doh!!! I'm just a simple man. Help me out here! I need sleep. smile007.gif


I visit profiles out of curiosity. That's really the gist of it.

Somebody says something really provocative - I look at their profile.
Something really witty - I look.
Something outlandish and moronic - I look.
Something kind, caring and warm - I look.
Something insightful, vulnerably honest, and real - I look.

I look at profiles to get a little more information about a person - to see where they are coming from, to get an idea of their expectations of this group, this life, etc. And to get an idea of their motives. A profile may or may not determine my intentions regarding how much time and brain space I give to their words.

As just one teeny example -- the person who a- joins the site today; b- does not look around, get a feel for the community and does not comment on any other posts; c- posts only one or no photos; and d- has one post telling everybody he wants to get fucked -- and fucked hard -- bareback -- and sucks cock well enough to keep you begging for more every day of your natural life -- well, that will all determine my "interest" in that person -- or lack thereof.

Profiles can sometimes, but not always, help me decide if I want to hang around that person at the block party.

BlueWave Level 8 Apr 21, 2018

About 60% of the time, it's because my mobile device isn't correctly picking up my scroll-tracking and thinks I tapped instead. (Sorry, everyone.) The other 40% is just me being nosey: e.g., do I remember this person?, is that a new photo?, is that my grandma? — y'know, the usual.

resserts Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Usually because of a comment they've made. Also sometimes if they are in my region.

But how do we know if they're in our region if we don't view the profile? Or maybe I'm missing something?

Somewhere there's a list of localish folks on my main page. Or maybe it's under the 'meet' button?


I bet you have had a lot of visitors today ?

MsAl Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

Yeah, one or two.


I visit theirs so they'll visit mine, and I'll visit theirs again so they'll visit mine again, and.......wait! That was 7th grade

Just ask your friend to tell their friend....Oh shit that's about 3rd year lol

did you get any valentines?


@btroje nada one!

@btroje, @Stacey48 Yeah! I suppose it has that aspect

@Stacey48 A bit, yes. Definitely.


Whan someone makes an interesting comment or post, or when there comment relates to their location or is obviously a different climate, I check for location.

Rugglesby Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

I check someone out when they say something wise and witty, or irritating in some way. I'm always curious.
And of course anyone who writes to me, or whose looks intrigue me !

Any and all sites can be potential fodder for dates, if you think about it.

evergreen Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

I visit profiles of people that make me laugh or consistently answer the same as I would. It's intriguing.


Over 1,253 have viewed my profile. 2 more in the last 10 minutes.

WTF!!!!! that is nuts!!!!

@Nickbeee 5 more people now.

@Akfishlady IDK?

@Akfishlady Oh, okay.


I rarely do. Might be from popping up in my inbox or from a discussion. I mostly interact with discussions or polls.

I agree that it's a social site with dating features.

I don't doubt that and as I've mentioned, it's a fun place, but..... I was introduced to the site on the 'pretence' that it was a dating site for like minded (non religious) people.

@Silvertongue yes I saw that pretense too. But it also said community. It definitely has both. To me OkCupid has a much better matching system.


A variety of things will make me look at a post, someone who's liked a comment, someone who sends me a message, someone who's different, or I'm just being nosey lol

It can be a dating site, there seem to be quite a few who have met up and done the 'date' thing so I guess it works in that regard but i would say it's more community if I had to choose.

ipdg77 Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Location usually.
If they're within reasonable distance I'll likely day hello.
Chit-chat online is cool, but if rather meet in person.
From years in other groups I realize most people don't really want to meet, but I've nothing to lose by attempting.


I check out profiles based on comments

PhoebeCat Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

Me, it's the coments !! and their humour.. I ignore the visual it can be missleading online!!

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

@Akfishlady I tend to have the attitude if I like what people say then I will look and it is important as I have my tastes .. Though very open. I have fallen in love with people in the past based on who they are.. and I have thought I had fallen in love with someone based on looks when younger and less wise maybe lol. Once or twice. I think when you fall for someones person and being it's very different. Not sure if it's different for males too.. I like to challenge myself. A lot of men do behave in a monkey fashion lol. It appals me sometimes lol smile001.gif I think your smile is your best asset apart form your personality. Smiles go thing a long way !! You are beaming so that is good me thinks.


I vist a profile to see who "liked" one of my posts or comments, who has replied to one of my comments or posts, and who is following my posts.

wordywalt Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Either interesting questions or answers.

ebdb Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

to check out women. the world is a dating site

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