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POLL Survey: Nearly 40% of Black Atheists Hide Their Beliefs from Their Families | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

It is still 31% in other groups who hide their lack of beliefs from their family.

As a gay person who came out back in 1985, I know that as more gay people came out, it got easier for all gay people. Perhaps more atheists should be more honest about their lack of beliefs as well (come out as atheist).

Does your immediat family know you are agnositc/atheist?

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snytiger6 9 Oct 6

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I am much more out with my friends, I come from a very long line of catholics, since I was raised Methodist, we already don't talk religion.


The shit that comes out of my mouth leaves little doubt I suspect....😎

Buck Level 7 Oct 7, 2021

My immediate family knows I’m atheist but I never discuss my lack of beliefs with my Christain friends.


It was easy for me and they accept it. I realize some people may have much more of a difficult situation.

Coming out of the closet as a black atheist.

That's so sad πŸ˜žπŸ˜”


I'm not gay and not black but the only ones left in my family that would give a damn are my 2 daughters. Unfortunately the pandemic, a murdered grandson, and wishful thinking has made my kids turn more towards a god belief. I get told often that "I believe in my own way." That's when I tell my kids everyone else feels that way too. This is why there are so many damned religions.

When I came out atheist my mother and sister were already dead. Sometimes my stepdad told me "you are going to split hell wide open." Now he is dead too. BTW, the biblical hell started in the grave and now its location has changed and moved over time. Myth does that sort of thing.


The only person I ever hid my atheism from was my grandmother, and there were two reasons:

  1. Because she felt that my parents had handed over guardianship of my "soul" to her and my grandfather, (what actually happened was that my folks didn't say no when she and Grandad would drag me, kicking and screaming, to church with them) and the truth would have devastated her.
    and 2. Because she would have never ever let it go and would have badgered me about it any time I was in her presence, which was often, since I was her favorite grandchild.
Deb57 Level 8 Oct 6, 2021

Sometimes peace is better than confrontation. As long as she wasn’t still dragging you to church, best to let sleeping dogs lay.

@Barnie2years that's how I saw it, too. She was good to me and my kids and helped us immensely when their father abandoned them. She was not worldly enough to understand anything beyond her own little bubble and that bubble was tiny.


My parents died a long time ago and now, the 7 of us raised Catholic are all but one atheist. One sister is a JW.


I was never quiet about it, anywhere.


The whole world knows I'm agnostic. When members of my Secular Humanist group ask for private groups on our facebook page, I wonder what is the point?


Can't really answer, since I don't have an immediate family.


I strongly recommend against disclosing one's atheism at work. Your family can't fire you. Christians will go out of their way to sabotage your work or find some other way to express their 'love'.

Most of the people I work with know I'm an Atheist and they are fine with it. None of family knows, because it wouldn't go over with them. Being gay and transitioning to be a vegetaraian wouldn't go over well either.

@freedom41 that’s a lot to keep under wraps!

@Barnie2years yes, I know. I'm considering making a mass anonucement on Facebook and see where it takes me. I think I would be better off in the long run.

@freedom41 Oh, my! How could you possibly eat vegetables? I'd keep that secret.

@freedom41 I am very open about it at work. I'm friends with several religious people and it has not been an issue. There's a shortage of special educators so if they got rid of me I could easily work somewhere else.


I used to hide my status back in my teens and had planned to ever onward, but Facebook (though an unfortunate comment on a very amusing but offensive depiction of Jesus Christ) ended up thwarting that plan. Though it took about 2 years (and resulted in me skipping that years Holiday gathering), it all ended up better in the end.

After awhile, no one seemed to care. Some cousins openly acknowledged that they were not really religious to begin with. And others experimented outside of their childhood conditioned beliefs.

I never tried to deconvert anyone. But I can't help feeling that I kicked the door open for many to at least examine what they had never really considered before. Which is all I can ask for.


Everyone who knows me knows I'm an atheist.
I've never kept it quiet.


When talking to my mother, I use the word Agnostic because it's a little softer. My wife and kids are the only ones that get to hear the militant stuff. My sister and I never discuss religion, though I know she's a believer.


Those where it matters, or I am in frequent contact with, yes. Those who don't need to know, no. I don't lie, if asked I tell them, but I don't bother to offer the information without being asked. I don't lie, but I don't advertise, I guess.

It's nobody's business anyway. And, I don't see it as "hiding".


I don’t see it as something to be hidden, I see it as something to be worn with a badge of honor and to be outright flaunted…….In the same manner as wearing a concert shirt of your favorite band.


My immediate family and everyone else with whom the topic of religion has arisen. I will not be kept in the closet and I don't care what the repercussions are.

So yer cumin’ out of the closet? LOL

Others opinions are their business, not ours.

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