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Is it important for you to think that you have contributed in some small way to the benefit of society?

Does it make a difference one way or the other?

atheist 8 Apr 21

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Yes. And I have been lucky enough to be able to do pretty often.


My reasoning goes like this. I am a human being and recognise there are others who are like me. We each feel pain and struggle to live. I want to live in a kind, gentle world where I can thrive. I therefore should do what I can to make this world a better place for myself and others. I find meaning and purpose in helping others.


I believe our purpose in life is to improve the world for future generations. If nothing else, do more positive than negative. I hope I raised my son better than I was raised. Hope I broke the cycle of dysfunction. I tried, anyway.


Being a part of something bigger, whether in a secular or religoius sense, I think is in our DNA.


Who ever said god put it there? 😉

But yeah, like a corporation or the church or the mafia... or a nation or a community or the earth or the universe.


"It in our/your DNA" is a figure of speech.
It means it's ingrained in who we are.

I take your meaning. Depends on your exposure to said figures of speech if you will understand it as such or not. I don't think it's practical to identify every use of a figure of speech but I'll try to be more aware of people misunderstand their use for sure....


I think it's so very important, aperson should help and contribute to all that he or she can, it doesn't matter how big or small it is. Just do what you can.

Yeh that is it .. just do what you can and if everyone does that it works

@atheist As best it can for now lol !!!!


Makes a difference to society .. pretty much everything I have done this lifetime has been directed at helping or improving. Workwise and socially. It just feels right but I don't do it for me really ..


Yes. oh yes/ I believe in the quote, "Service is the rent we pay for the time we spend on this earth."


Yes, I live in a society and benefit from it, so I feel that I must give back or contribute positively to that society. I like to think that I have made some difference. I've mentored people who tell me I've made a difference in their lives. I don't do it expecting anything in return and don't believe that I'll receive any rewards for it.


Yes, it's important for me to feel I am benefiting humanity rather than taking advantage. And no, I don't think it makes much of a difference. I simply cannot help myself.

@atheist Yes, but it doesn't do much for humanity as a whole ... or society. Guess I'm into self-gratification 😉

@atheist very small ripples.


Yes, and yes.

@atheist -- My little part of the world is a better place than when I came into it. I can't speak for all the others.


It makes a difference and if we are all wrong and there is some sort of final accounting I'll hold my head up and say "This is what I've done." with no regrets or fears.

Kimba Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

I think everyone and everything we do contribute or negatively ipothers and the planet whether consciously or not. For me it is important that I make a positive difference as much as possible or at least to offset the negative effects like garbage pollution etc. Though I fall short, I have a goal of leaving anyone I meet in a better or at least neutral place than they were before. So even if they are upset I am me and compassionate. I aspire to do more by leaving less of a carbon print and purging all the stuff to live in tiny cheaper space to enjoy life more and use less resources. But I strongly feel even the little things like being kind to others can have a ripple effect and transform the world.


It is not important to me, however, I aspire to do that but am not sure if I have made any difference and if I have it has been very minimal or even noticable.

  1. No
  2. Pretty general question. To me, no. I'm just as dead when that happens.
    But I'm sure I've made a difference in some people's lives, for better or worse - that's for them to decide.

It makes a difference to me. I believe I've done good while I'm here and I will leave a legacy. I'm satisfied and if I die today I will have no regrets.


In the grand scheme of things, no... Biological success is probably all that really matters; but that's where we are different from the rest of the natural world. Because we do have society, and culture, it's worth preserving, and contribution...

I don't know if it is important to everyone to contribute to society; but we all do it in our own way regardless.

I've made a career of helping people be complete again, through prosthetics, and orthotics- and I find it fulfilling in a number of ways... But, in the end, I do it for my own fulfillment, not ever really thinking of it's benefit to society... Well, okay, I do find fulfillment in benefiting the people who are walking around in the world on devices that I made for them; but is that important?

More important to me is that I get to do something I like doing, and it affords me the ability to enjoy the life that I want.

In the end, we will all be dust, and nothing matters all that much- except to realize that life is fleeting, and precious, and it's as good as we make it.

This has been a very convoluted response to your question, but I guess what I'm saying is no: It shouldn't be important to think you're benefiting society. It's more important to do what makes you happy, and hopefully it benefits society anyway.


@atheist Living a life just for self satisfaction sounds a bit shallow and self absorbed. There must be a higher standard for a well lived life.

Humans are social animals. We thrive when we cooperate, nurture and provide for each other.

@dare2dream Yes! You said it. We thrive when we cooperative, nurture, and provide for each other. We do that best when we're happy doing it.

@atheist @dare2dream My grandparents raised their children during the depression, and they told tales of putting children to bed hungry and having to let them cry themselves to sleep. After that, any thing you had was abundance. Their philosophy was add a potato to the pot and there will be enough to share with all comers. The world has abundance, there are huge supply chain issues, and greed and avarice amongst those who have the abundance. One day I hope those individuals realize that hoarding does not make you happy, sharing does. Yeah, I know, not in my lifetime.


Yes Being a good example is great for starters. Growing up my family constantly helped others. My Dad was in his eighties when I walked out to my yard where he was handing someone down on their luck a quarter. He was saying it was the last of his money and it was! I adored my Dad. He was the kindest gentlest man I ever met!


I grew up immersed in community where that was just part of the culture. My parents were activists in the Civil Rights Movement. There are 5 of us kids: two librarians, one teacher, a PT and a nurse, all of us in service positions.
How can one breathe the air, enjoy the natural resources, be alive without paying it forward?

@atheist Because nurses get shit on. I love my job but I'm a case manager not a floor nurse. If I based my self esteem on my career, well... nurses are to blame ( convenient scapegoats) for everything that goes wrong...I'd be unhappy, too. But I guess the job is satisfying, great benefits and I've infused my life and relationships with meaning and purpose that it's hard to find in a career.
I almost think we should start a nurse group. Do you want to talk more? Feel free to PM me.


@CandyWorner, are you self-identifying as another demoralized nurse by profession? lol

That might be the name of our group 'Demoralized Nurse by Profession'. If we're to be a group, we should put out suggestions and vote on a name.

@atheist it was just chatter...


Earth Day tomorrow! I wish I could go to an event. Sundays the buses don't run.

@atheist Sleeping now, because when I'm physically sick, he is too.

@atheist Yes he is.


Eh for me it's just making sure I don't screw things up.

@atheist I mean if I can help folks sure but what is it they say leave nothing but foot prints



@atheist I felt that was sufficient.


Well,yes.If you think about it human existence has always been about contributing to the society in our benefit
either bad or good


Some days it's the reason I get out of bed.
Other days I think "who cares, what does it matter?"

@atheist How Dare You!! I am Totally Unique... 😉
Ya - I suspect that I'm no different.


Not really, mainly because I have no power, no money, and no connexions. I'm not going to make any kind of difference any time soon.

@atheist I honestly don't know. I mean, I guess people have told me I brighten their day and such, but nothing impactful, I don't think.


Society? Pfft. I'll help a friend move, lend'em money til payday or just lift their mood if their down. But society is beyond my influence. Wouldn't listen anyways.

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