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LINK Court lottery gives Biden administration a chance to revive COVID vaccine mandate | Reuters

Wow. Is this what our country has come to?😦
A hugely serious public health issue could likely be decided by a lottery whether a conservative or progressive court is selected.

From the link

Lawsuits filed around the country challenging the Biden administration's workplace COVID-19 vaccine rule are expected to be consolidated in a single federal appeals court on Tuesday, giving the government a chance to revive a rule that was blocked last week.
But on Tuesday, a federal judicial panel is expected to select - by lottery - an appeals court to oversee all of the lawsuits that have been brought. There are 13 federal appeals courts and the rule has been challenged in at least 10 of them by business groups, Republican-led states, employers and unions.

RichCC 8 Nov 16

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I’ve been vax’d and boosted (my arm’s still sore for a week). Further, the more red state people who die might make it a bluer state and red is death so go ahead and not mandate it. I win either way.

I got boosted last Friday -- no symptoms yet, not even the mild sore arm from the vax. Ha, ha.

@RichCC I'll rub your joyous experience into my arm.

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