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Prayer selfish?

I know that prayer is useless, but I just think prayer is somewhat selfish cause here you have people being thankful for things that probably would have happened on their own, but then you see the starving kids, right along with children with cancer living such a hard life that if it weren't for the kindness of people stepping in to help in a lot of cases, those poor kids would have absolutely zero hope. What do you think of prayer being selfish?

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 2

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can be.


Today at work, a Christian co-worker said he wishes to be a millionaire. I said to him and my assistant manager, "Just pray for the money!" They all know I'm an atheist. Then I told my assistant manager, "He might as well just shit in his hands and clap." She laughed, then told me to go clean. Lol.

They must forget that their book says that the rich go to heaven like a camel goes through the eye of a needle. 🙂



Do something about it, don't pray for it. Prayers are useless. Praying to an invisible super being that lives in the sky and control all and knows all. He does not need anyone to pray to him if he is all powerful and knows it all. If someone is hungry, give that person some food. If someone is suffering and you can help, just do it.



I like the quote that "Praying for someone is like masturbation. It makes you feel good, but doesn't actually do anything for he person you are thinking about."


Drives me crazy on facebook..a picture showing a sick dying kid and the meme saying " please pray for thid child" like that is going to help anything


If prayer worked, I think the world would be over-populated. Everyone whose died would still be alive. If prayer worked, people would be basically perfect or rich. Yes, it's selfish. Especially when they say all their prayers are answered by god.


I think that it depends on what is being prayed about. Prayers about items, possessions, or sporting events; I completely agree with seeing it as selfish. Prayers about people doing well are a showing of sentimental thought. Prayer being useless limits my ability to care enough to think of more examples because I'm too tired tonight.


it's definitely the cheaper option. id be well pissed off if I was drowning and people just stould and prayed for me while I scrabbled for some physical help.


Yes, I think that prayer only helps the prayer feel good about themselves. People rejoice when prayer seems to produce the outcome that they were hoping for - if it doesn't, it must be "God's will."


Ummm yep! It is very selfish and self-centered. It also gives the "faithful" an "out" from doing something. I have heard people say I have prayed on it and god showed me it wasn't a good time..LMAO? If they are hearing voices they are f'n insane. There is no divine power or ultimate evil unless you count my ex wife. There are just good people, bad people and really really bad people. Most of the bad people I have known and studied have always been people who believe in a divine power.

Do bad thing, pray for forgiveness, feel good, do the bad things again ......go on doing the same circle again and again. Bad people need a god to forgive them. I have no god so when I do something bad , I take the responsibility of my wrong doing and try not to repeat it.


I think is, I think most of the time people are praying for something good to happen for themselves.

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