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LINK Richard Dawkins - "What if you're wrong?" South Park - YouTube

Just ran across this and had to share

FvckY0u 7 Jan 21

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What’s if you’re wrong? I don’t know possibly gaining more IQ point


And what if there is some God that hasn't revealed himself and who values the intellectual honesty and courage of nonbelievers, and who despises the sycophantical lies of believers, and all the harm which has taken place under that guise.

sounds like another belief although not a common one.

@darren316 None whatsoever. A mere hypothetical intended solely for the consumption of (and to give indigestion to) the religious.

There is no reason for believers to think that. In the Old Testament Yahweh admits he's jealous and angry and illustrates in frequently.

@darren316 Only if someone believes it

@twill I was only suggesting one more possibility, one which is often neglected , to add to the possibilities Dawkins cited as a retort to Pascal's Wager. Meant only to help sow seeds of doubt, with no necessity to persuade to another faith belief.


Hilarious and true!


A little bit of reason goes a loooong way.


Wrong about what? The Dawkins character says it quite well in the cartoon. Yet, I meet others who think they would still be a Baptist if they were born in Palestine. They don't get it. Neither do others when I tell them the bible as we know it today came into existence some 300 plus years after the time of Jesus. Most people do not get that either. I saw a funny Facebook post recently where Noah was sneaking around trying to catch two water buffalo so he could put them on the ark. That was funny. Believe it or not, my own dead mother once explained it to me that god had all the animals that were to be on the ark simply show up wanting to get on board. That is worse than funny, but what if we are wrong?

Actually although the idea of a bible was formed some 300 years later, the modern compliation is not even that old, and was still being modified well into the middle ages. While the fundies favourite the King James is only four centuries old.


I believe in one less god than you do.


And how do you know that it was not gods wish that we should all be atheists ?



To think I could have been one of those people breaking out in applause at one time in my life.


Yep, there is no real argument. Yet there is which is sad.


You can’t even prove that Jesus Christ lived. Once they can do that then we can go to step 2

But……The Bible is proof…as evangeloons or most of the brainwashed would say. In Catholic School this was taught as if it were fact.


It's not what if. We KNOW they are wrong. A mountain of evidence, really, all the evidence there is, proves they ARE wrong. Yeah, you can delude yourself into avoiding a mythical hell. But, you give up the one existence you have to a life of insanity, behavioral depravity, cognitive dissonance, and hatred.


IF I'm wrong, and I end up facing some sort of deity, and knowing myself as I do, I'd spit in its eye and take a swing at whatever constitutes its jaw, in no particular order. Whatever is the most practical and expedient.

But, that's just me.

Yeah and any diety would have a hell of a lot of explaining to do, in my book, and don't even try to judge me on my puny little sins, Mr Diety. A vast amount of suffering and death and misery in your name and I'd like to know what you've got to say about it, big shot. Like that.

@David1955 Precisely!


Yes, very famous, and it's a perfect reply.

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