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LINK Ministry affiliated with Duggar family falls from grace

When the Duggar family caught the public’s eye in 2004 with its first television special, “14 Children and Pregnant Again,” the lifestyle depicted on screen was alien to many viewers.

Conservative Christian parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not use birth control, home-schooled their family, wore “modest” clothing — including ankle-length skirts for the girls — and strictly limited influences from the outside world.

Yet some Americans recognized their own values in the fundamentalist Christian family, as well as the influence of one man: Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Gothard once filled convention centers and earned endorsements from prominent politicians, and some of his followers were living out his values on national television.

The Duggar family has attended and promoted IBLP events on and off camera. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, regular speakers at its semiannual Family Conferences in Big Sandy, Texas, have said Gothard’s teachings “changed our lives.”

But today, the IBLP is losing income, and Gothard, 87, has been forced out over allegations that he abused young women working at its headquarters. And the Duggars’ shows have been canceled: “19 Kids and Counting” in 2015 amid revelations that their eldest son molested four of his sisters as a young teen and “Counting On” last year ahead of his child pornography trial and eventual conviction.

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With the Duggar family you might have 14 children pregnant again.


They never should have been promoted on TV in the first place.
The girls in the family never had a chance at a decent life of any kind beyond a house slave and an incubator.

I don't watch hardly any TV. But I think it is safe to assume that some wacko "secular" media company produced, promoted and broadcast this trivial garbage.

"secular" in my mind is the religion, consumer & over population promoting MSM/ Mass Media that is constantly referred to as evil by the right wing.
At least I know one thing in this case : Evil = Brain Missing


Detestable excuses for humans.

Despicable excuses for ANY kind of life in this Universe imo.


Having so many children is child abuse and wife abuse too. Someone should pin that man down and give him a vasectomy at once before he does any more damage.

I most Happily VOLUNTEER my services, I shall dull my knives in readiness and have plenty of highly concentrated saline water on hand as well for 'rinsing out the wound sites as we cut ( hack away).

@Triphid you are a helpful vegemite

@Jolanta When it comes to Scum, I do try my very best.


That woman is lucky to be alive after giving birth to that many children.

Very, very lucky, who knows WHAT damages have been wrought upon her pelvic muscles and structures, after that many births, probably most of them being Natural Births, the muscles and tendons holding her uterus in place would, imo, be severely weakened, if not torn to shreds, and I'd guess she'd now have a Prolapsed Uterus to contend with.

@Triphid I don’t worry about her so much as the children. There’s a reason why they limit a teacher to children ratio. Did they get the love and attention they need To avoid personality problems as adults? Have they learned what a real relationship should be after being molested? Would they have not been molested if there were fewer of them to be supervised?

@Sookiesue I care about everyone, children especially.
And as a retired Mid-wife let me tell you that a woman, as only it is ONLY something that afflicts women btw, with a prolapsed uterus endures many terrible things UNLESS it is treated, things like the head of the cervix becoming exposed outside of the body via the vaginal opening, constant Thrush infections that sre much, much worse than if the uterus was not prolapsed, etc, etc.

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