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LINK Conspiracist Lara Logan: Darwin's theory of evolution was bankrolled by Jews

(She obviously didn't read about the Beagle's voyage or Darwin's book(s).)

During an appearance on the QAnon-promoting podcast “And We Know” last week, FOX Nation host Lara Logan claimed that Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution because of Jewish financial backers.

And if you’re wondering how any of that makes any sense… it doesn’t.

(Refuting the story of creation in the old testament, refutes the Jewish faith even more than the Christian faith.)

snytiger6 9 Mar 29

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They must have thought of everything that is sinful..... Kudos to the Jews !

twill Level 7 Apr 2, 2022

Lol...they'll espouse Anything for another 15mins of notoriety..lololololololololol


As a Jew, I'm glad to know that my tribe, financed such an epic work.


I know, eh? Dammit.


She might need to share a padded room with Greene.


That explains it all. The Jews were behind it. I guess this woman is too dense to see that she is an ignorant racist. She also has not studied her religion very much.

Lara Logan suffers from being willfully ignorant and being willfully stupid. She needs to go back to kindergarten.


Those Jews sure prove to be a clever lot time and time again !!?!🤠

Buck Level 7 Mar 29, 2022

Over & over again , LOL


This woman is such a freaking moron!

I'd hazard to posit that she could well be " out of her mind" BUT imo, her mind departed the scene many, many, moons ago and has no intentions of ever returning.

@Triphid I agree with your opinion of her 100%!!


Seems the insanity and pure stupidity is experiencing an exponential growth rate in the world. Overpopulation is bad enough without adding these kinds of people to the mix.


It's a damned shame that it's illegal to slap the shit out of these people when they're spreading their lies.

Agree 1,000% there, imo, a good slap around the cheeks with a 2 day old wet haddock may well be a good remedy for her stupidity.

@Triphid I wouldn't do that to a fish.

@KKGator Yes, I momentarily forget myself regarding cruelty to animals, even dead and rotting fish, I hope you will forgive that momentary slip of the mind.


I thought it was the Creation story that came from the Jews? 🙂

BD66 Level 8 Mar 29, 2022

It did, kind of, then at the Councils of Nicaea they did the usual Pre-Christian styles of twisting and turning before agreeing upon the final draft which eventually, to stop the in-fighting and bickering, became the 2 versions that can be found in most Holey Babbles to this day.


Somewhere in this vast population we call "intelligent human beings"...we will find "intelligent human beings"...we need to keep looking...😂

Yes, but most definitely we shall not locate that which we seek amongst the Religio-tard Communities.


There, there , Scarlett. Go take a nap and when you wake up it will be the Twenty first century C.E. and civilized people will be of the opinion that all are equal, even vapid women and men.

MizJ Level 8 Mar 29, 2022
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