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LINK FL school board member admits prayer resolution is about "God and Jesus Christ"

There’s no reason whatsoever for a public school board to issue a proclamation honoring prayer. Not only did the Miami-Dade Public Schools board make that mistake, they couldn’t even pull it off without giving away the underlying Christian nationalist agenda at the heart of these kinds of shenanigans.

Last week, board member Christi Fraga offered a resolution declaring May 5 the “National Day of Prayer.” Why would a school board do something that normally reserved for politicians (and, even then, is nothing more than pandering to a Christian base)? Because this is Florida. There’s no shortage of elected officials who are more interested in advancing right-wing Christianity than helping students.

snytiger6 9 Apr 18

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The state of Flacida strikes yet again I see, perhaps the over-usage of Viagra has caused the drug to leak out and infect the water supplies thus cutting off the blood supplies to the brains and diverting it to the sexual organs making a great percentage of Flacida residents even bigger Pr**s and C***s than they already were.


Christian supremacists have succeeded in infiltrating Floriduh. They are attempting to infest the whole of the USA.

It is infiltrating almost every State in the United States of Absurdity, imo, is now becoming the New version of the National Socialist Movement with the vile swastika being replaced by the Crucifix.


So tell your kids to pray for the destruction of all religious institutions and egos. Do it openly and fairly loudly so others can hear you. Their parents can explain to Principal that this is their deepest hope for humanity's survival so their child did nothing wrong. Maybe some folks will wake up?

It's Floriduh. Folks waking up is not going to happen.

@anglophone So mock them through the kids and every other method. Use their own demand to do it through. It works for comedy.


School board members ARE politicians. These blasted boards are mere stepping stones for would-be higher office holders. Pandering shamelessly to the fundamentalist base is their best ticket for winning political attention.

So make them regret opening their fat ugly mouths. My suggestion is a separate comment but I think it's time we changed strategy against the zealots. Use the kids, as they are used in all wars, to embarrass and plant seeds of destruction to that institution. Stop this attempt to do it with logic.

Well that IS where the Australian system in schools has it over that of the U.S. hands and fists BECAUSE our School s are operated both by the State in which the school is situated and by a P. and C., a group of interested Parents and Citizens who meet at regular intervals, usually once per month, to discuss, debate and decide what it right in the school and for the students and what should NOT be included in the school curriculum, etc, etc, and NO_ONE is either a member of a Political Group or has Political Ambitions.
This I know full well for a FACT since I served 3 consecutive terms ( years) as President of the School my daughter attended.


Once you stop indoctrinating children and start actually educating them, membership slowly shrinks and donations dry up.


They are insidious and unflagging in their mission to convert, indoctrinate, and brain wash.

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