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Has anyone else been attacked by a certain person here for no apparent reason? Just wondering.

Organist1 8 June 25

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I use the block feature and you should. You’re too nice to be harassed and trolled


Of course. Not all people on here are mentally stable. Some are drunk. Some are in nursing facilities & on medication. Think of it in that manner & realize there are nutters out there. Remember President You-Know-Who actually received too many votes.


I blocked AlienBeing today. Conservatives are often assholes and jump to name-calling right away. AlienBeing felt no concern for pregnant women needing to travel out-of-state to get an abortion. I called him on it and there it was. And he never contributes meaningfully to the conversation other than to express the standard white fascist privilege. I'm all too aware of how Conservatives only troll BS for attention. What an insecure idiot. Sucks to be him.

That is why I always ignore the Madman from Mars.

That's who was calling me names today. No more, as he doesn't exist to me. 🙂

All very true, can't stand the asshole, blocked him ages ago. Thanks for stepping up. As usual.


There are definitely some people with anger issues and a partially overlapping bunch that want to pick fights to prove they can win at something, also some dazzled with their own brilliance and deeply resentful of our lack of appreciation. I used to listen to Joy Browne the radio shrink and she always opined that negative attention is better than being ignored.


There are 2 on here, older males, that appear to suffer some form of dementia.
I know one lives in a nursing home.
Nice as pie, then you are beseiged, just assaulted........don't take it personally.

That explains a lot. Thanks.

The highest and most universal wisdom of all time - “don’t take it personally”.

@skado I always wondered about The Four Agreements. Is it wrong to take personal attacks personally? Never say die. I say kill.

It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about which consequences you prefer. If someone attacks you verbally, and you see it for what it really is - someone else’s irrational behavior - and ignore it, then you are in control. If that person can provoke you to kill-mode any time they want, then they control you. And any effort to “kill” is not going to be met passively. The outcome is never guaranteed. It usually just burns up everyone’s energy and time in a pissing match stalemate.

If someone is telling lies about me publicly, then I may correct the record and promptly disengage, but if they’re just calling me a poopy-head, then I’m happy to let them reap the reputational rewards of their childishness alone.

@skado Revenge Is A Dish Better Served Cold But It Has To Be Served.

For you.
None for me, thanks.

@barjoe especially if your name is Trump!

@Organist1 Like Mary Trump? She got her just desserts.

@barjoe What happened, I no longer listen to the news as my tv has been disconnected from the cable.

@barjoe I meant Donald and his immediate family, for whom dessert is long overdue!

@Organist1 I know, but I believe Mary played a huge rule in Cheeto Man's defeat. She might have made the difference. She did the right thing, but she also got revenge for herself, her family and her father Fred Trump.

@dalefvictor I haven't had cable for 10 years. I can watch any channel I want. I stream sports, any movie or show I want. You need internet. Philly metro has WiFi Xfinity WiFi hotspot that I have a password for but I pay $40/mo for internet for security and I need the bandwidth, too much buffering.

@barjoe Yes she did, and she has an insider's view to the sordid family Trump. I really enjoy her commentary, and sort of identify with her as well, because I too have a narcissistic sibling.

@Organist1 My only brother refuses to take my calls for months now. It goes to voicemail and he never calls me back. Holds a grudge for a reason that's unknown to me. I don't know if he's narcissistic but he has done this before. I call him once a week or so to let him know I'm alive, if he cares. I heard from his step-son that he's having health problems. I refuse to call his wife, I think that would make it worse. It's a mess.

@barjoe So sorry...siblings are so often not what we want them to be. My sister screams at me if I don't do exactly what she wants, so I don't contact her too often. Friends are sometimes way more like sisters and brothers. Sometimes grudges come from earliest childhood through no fault of your own.


block without shame nor remorse.


There are/were some members on this site that had the brains of a snake. I blocked lots of people at one time. Then I had a moment of weakness. For a New Year's experiment I unblocked everyone. It took less than a week for a good portion of those to be reblocked. Now when someone on this site is an arse, I block and don't look back. Life is too short to deal with arses when you can prevent it.


As mentioned previously, just some conservatives. Although I wouldn't use the word "attack". More like show a complete disregard to logic, reason, empathy, and common fucking sense.

As a metahor for complete disregard to logic, reason, empathy, and common fucking sense, I like and use attack. I block those who attack.


I've been attacked by a number of people here, although mostly the conservatives when they aren't able to produce any supporting evidence for their factual claims. Once I decide someone is wasting my time, I block permanently. Let us know if you want some support.



And they got blocked pretty quick ! 🙂

Buddha Level 8 June 25, 2022

Not for no apparent reason.


Two or three certain persons.

skado Level 9 June 25, 2022

It's so annoying when you want a safe and non-judgmental place for conversation. Trolls are everywhere.

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