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Weird comfort foods

Do you have any weird comfort foods from your child hood? Foods that don't normally go together and that others think are gross?

When I was a kid, we didn't have a lot of money. My mother did the best she could as a single mom. She'd make me spaghetti with Ketchup. When I've been particularly beat up and bullied by life and circumstances, and I really "want my mommy" (lol), I like to make a bowl of spaghetti with ketchup.

ScienceBiker 8 Apr 27

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Although I won't eat bologna now, my favorite sandwich as a kid was peanut butter, Miracle Whip, bologna, American cheese, and iceberg lettuce on white toast. (I will occasionally still do it with roast beef, though.) And ketchup spaghetti is college food in Sweden. You're not as weird as you think.

Oh goodness! That sandwich! Reminds me of when we dared my little brother as kids to make the weirdest thing out of the fridge & eat it! LOL!!

Does the oil from the peanutbutter and miracle whip clash? I can't even imagine that taste and I'm not sure if I want too. I'll probably end up trying it though.

@Fulishsage I'd swap it out for mayo these days. It's much better than you'd expect.


Graham crackers broken up in milk.


OK...I'll admit that I'm from the South....gimme shrimp & grits and I'm a happy woman!


My go-to comfort food isn't weird, it is Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup (or a close facsimile) with lots of crackers broken in it. If I've been sick, just don't feel great or just a little down, I want that soup. Now, if I have been sick with a stomach issue, milk toast is the most extreme comfort food. I can't think of more than once or twice when I made it that I was not sick. For those who never had it, you make toast, apply butter, sprinkle sugar on it then pour warm milk over it. When it is all soggy, you eat it. I am shocked at how many people are like "EWWWW!" when I tell them I like milk toast sometimes.

I really enjoyed bread torn in pieces and pour warm milk on with sugar. Oxo cube and hot water in a cup and bread with real butter dipped in. Banana and sugar sandwiches and my favourite of all Macaroni and Custard.

@Tiffanny Lived with my grandparents much of my early childhood. They were raising kids during the depression. I don't know if that is where this came from but bread torn up in a glass of milk (cold) was a common snack for my grandpa. We all ate it occasionally. No sugar added. It is tastier than one would expect.
I do like buttered toast dipped in hot cocoa.

@DotLewis I do believe that bread and milk was from the war but I did enjoy eating it Dot.


Fried chicken gizzards. Yummmm!


Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches that my dad used to make. I prefer Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise now. Chicken gizzards are also a thing he somehow got me to try (and like).

I'm trying to comprehend this...


White bread pizza. White bread, tomato sauce and american cheese. Also cinnamon toast with way too much butter and lipton tea.


Crepes with molasses. Breakfast for dinner.


Tapenade works for me. It's a paste of olives, capers, anchovies, basil, garlic and olive oil. Or pork liver pate, which is braunschweiger mixed with Blue Bonnet. What can I say: I have weird tastes.

Agreed, tho I love Braunschweiger! (tho I don't like liver, LOL)


When I was sick my mother would make bacon, butter and potato soup. When poor it was bologna on Wonderbread (has to be Wonderbread) or dumpling soup.


I'm not sure if it's completely weird, but shredded cheddar cheese on pears and salt and vinegar potato chips dipped in cottage cheese.

Do you melt the cheese?

@Fulishsage No always just fresh or canned pears with grated cheddar cheese from the time I was little.


Couldn't do that, but my Mom, when things were tight, which was often enough, made bread margarine & sugar for dessert. It's not a 'comfort' food. Just a memory. Maybe the comfort food would be ground-beef, egg noodles & beef gravy. Still will eat that!


Canned tamales and pork & beans. It's the only way to make canned tamales edible. I really liked it.

@Jehe79 ?


Peanut butter, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich.

I had a peanut butter and cheese sandwich yesterday for lunch. I'm not poor as far as I know. If had bacon it would have been in there too.


Canned tomatoes and noodles, Most of my friends think that's weird, But I still today will make that.


I don't recall eating any weird food combinations, but one time I remember my father told me as a kid he sometimes ate pieces of bread with just ketchup on it.


Don't know if y'll ever heard of dhal. It's split peas cooked till it's a liquid and seasoned with specific spices. Its usually eaten with rice and curried chicken. I just used to drink it from a cup. Up to now I still do that much to the amusement of my family! Lol lol lol

Ah Triniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

@smarcelle hahahahaha I got caught!

@bluefairy well I am a trini so I would recognize


Canned corned beef hash, the stuff that looks like dog food.


Hot cornbread crumbled into milk.

@ScienceBiker Wow..having durian growing up would have been awesome. They're coming back into season now but the price is still intimidating. Usually during May prices drop low enough that I can justify to myself buying one every day.


I do not but that brought a memory back. Bussines travel to a factory in another country, one of my peers at breakfast buffet, got water melon and refried black beans not only on the same plate but he was working on chopping the water melon in pieces to mix it up with the beans. I don't really care but boy, you should have seen the locals eye brows !!! Ha ha ha so freaking priceless !!!


Elderberry jam reminds me of my grandmother.

Elder berry eh! Is that a nice thing to call your Grandmother!. 😉

@morlll are you doing the monty Python sketch :Your father was a hamster and your mother smells of elderberries?


I'm not sure it's weird, but I used to eat liverwurst, mustard, and cheese sandwiches. YUM!


We used to have cheese and marmite or cheese and jam sandwiches, I don't eat cheese anymore though.


Two slices of bacon on top of a slice of cheese on toast. Ketchup over everything.

ebdb Level 7 Apr 27, 2018

@ScienceBiker Agreed! You can add bacon to anything and that is just good. Although, I will admit I have not tried a baconut but I'm sure if one presented itself, I would be willing to eat it and not think it weird.


I like toast with peanut butter and a scrape of marmite toasted under the grill when I was pregnat I used to eat scoopfuls of vanilla ice cream with pickled onions.

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