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I had an interesting conversation recently with a ultra pacifistic liberal.
He wants to reach out and make friends with the MAGA types that work at our office.
He says, "Let me explain it to you, most of these people come from religious families with overbearing father figures that administered physical punishment. They were also told by those Dads that they did it because they love them and it's what the Bible says Dads should do. So for them love is abuse and being beyond question, relying on a fictitious authority to justify their hate and anger that they can't resolve."
"When they voted for Trump, they voted for Daddy!"
I had not considered it that way, but I still keep them at a distance and I'll be damned if I'm going to put effort into reaching out to people that despise me already.
I can't help them with their Daddy issues, but I can draw a line.

Sorry that was kind of random, but maybe someone can use the Daddy thing like a Bene Gesserit psychology witch from Dune. I'm not up for getting into their heads.

Willow_Wisp 8 Aug 1

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It is a difficult situation. And trumpaloes must be dealt with somehow.

They really deserve our scorn, but our criticism only intensifies their psychosis. They can't hear facts and they can't hear reason.

There are reportedly ways they can be approached, but research indicates it involves very intensive and sincere contact. I don't know who they're going to get to put in all that work, cuz I sincerely don't give a shit any more.


My friend Bryon, Navy Vet, beaten, hated and abused by his dad as a child.
Loved Trump ! That manboy got him all excited.

Now he's telling me he is buddies with a certain drunk, egotistical, known abusive SOB...."Curt's not a bad guy "! ( he also thinks Curt & I are mortal enemies....because I see for Curt for what he is?)
Anyway I don't even start or mention Curt in my converstaions, Bryon brings him up.

IDK about all people's childhoods, but Bryon doesn't seem to be able to move on

twill Level 7 Aug 3, 2022

I've been looking at this problem of Trump cultism, and all the authorities on cults seem to be talking about non-violent ways to deal with the MAGAs. They say we have to stop calling them stupid and stop trying to use logic with them. That advice is very hard to take. I see euthanasia as the only solution to MAGAs.


Im sorry... But you cant reason with a turnip


There comes a time when logical people of average and above intelligence take responsibility for their actions and come to grips with their problems.


We need to remember that 'abuse' is the gift that keeps on giving. At some point a line must be drawn.


Poor Guy. 😔 He's actually bought into the crazy without admitting he actually understands these people. So sad.

It doesn't take Daddy issues to be a Trumpster. It takes racism, wilful ignorance, fear of change, and guns/violence. That's why people are Trumpsters.

In one way, your seemingly kind coworker buys into Trumpism, and that's why it's so dangerous. When you feel sorry for racists and monsters who attempt to end democracy in America, your just about down that rabbit hole.

Good thing the Trump movement is on it's last leg. He's losing support in quick succession. We'd best get ready for the DeSantis folks. They're not nearly as stupid as Trumpists, which makes them more dangerous.


I believe there is some truth to what your friend/coworker said. However, I do not feel it is my responsibility to help them see the light. The only way people like these trumpers see the light and stick with it is when they figure it out on their own.


I'm happy with a diagnosis of "dumb as fuck".


And of course, obeying daddy, meant that you did not have to take personal responsibility for things, or address issues by thinking about them, daddy took away the need to do all those difficult things from you. It was not hard, since he probably did not bother himself. But it did mean that you could be as lazy as you wished, as long as your arms legs and mouth moved in the ways that pleased him, the brain did not need to work at all.

And he taught you to despise school and learning, because it would try to make you do those difficult things.

And when have no longer got daddy, then he taught you that, you can go to church, for the same things.


That generalization could be true for a lot of people. Sounds a bit like how I was raised, and I'm likely the only one of my siblings who didn't vote for the bad daddy. I'd say most of those folks are beyond reaching with logic or psychology, but good on your co-worker for trying. I have no patience for trying to reason with the MAGA types. If they never grew up, I really can't help them.


I suggest acid in their coffee

C20H25N3O or hydrofluoric acid?
or be extra cruel and put in both?

@Willow_Wisp My first thought was C20H25N30, then I decided to leave it up in the air, either would definitely make a statement.

@Beowulfsfriend So LSD it is.

@willow_wisp a little gunpowder!


Who's your daddy?... lol

Diaco Level 7 Aug 1, 2022

I agree that it's an opportunity, and I agree it's not an obligation.

skado Level 9 Aug 1, 2022

I'm sure that's true in a lot of cases. The Daddy is your standard malignant narcissist, the seeing Trump, that could be triggering. But triggering of what - submission? Fealty? Obedience? Perhaps the inclusion of sexual perversions actually helps the triggering? The dominating alpha male is tolerated to rape whoever (Trump, Gaetz, ad nauseum).


I think many just need someone to hate. MAGA principles says it’s good to hate people outside your group.

I was the oldest and the black sheep.
I warned my brother that when I went into the military he would be the new fucked up kid and he didn't believe me until I came home on leave and he asked how I knew... there's always a black sheep, it's like the Flying Dutchman is with captains.


I believe his analysis is way overly simplistic.

It's not my forte to decide if it is or not, so it just as well be on the cover of the Enquirer or the ones I remember from the 70's.

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