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LINK South Dakota's new social studies standards promote Christian nationalism

South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem is on the verge of instituting social studies standards for public schools that promotes Christian nationalism without ever saying it outright. The standards treat Jesus as a real-life historical figure, say the Founding Fathers believed in “an eternal God” who created a standard of justice in nature, and downplay the nation’s embrace of slavery and systemic racism.

Noem announced the new standards on Monday, claiming they had no “political agendas” and focused more on Native American history, unlike a controversial draft of the standards released last year. But the political agenda is loud and clear. You don’t even have to read between the lines.

Just consider who was assigned to put the 128-page draft together. Ideally, the 15-member group would include 15 educators and/or history experts (in various specialties) because why the hell would you need anyone else? But that’s not what happened. ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 16

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There is a reason they are targeting children. Children are easier to manipulate than adults. They have control over the information taught, are in a position to guide and influence, then they can add an unhealthy dose of fear, and most of the children will absorb it all.

Betty Level 8 Aug 23, 2022

I get sick and tired of all these mental defectives who try to ram their genocidal maniac of a god down everybody else's throats.


I’d much rather live in South Dakota that California where they have lunatics like Newsom running the show.

You would love 1930s Germany,

@Garban California is a lot like 1930’s Germany.

@Trajan61 describe the similarities, please.

@Garban Single party rule, strict gun laws and lots of strict regulations that make no sense. Need I go on?


We are on a slippery slope, sliding down, down, down into theocratic authoritarianism...


Our Founding Fathers believed in a eternal god. WOW! When will we ever get tired of others telling us without evidence what someone else believed in?


I'm sure the FFRF will take it to court.

I hope so.


One more reason not to live there.


Intellectual incest.

Leetx Level 7 Aug 16, 2022

I agree. It is an insidious form of psychological and systematic abuse and it is legal. That is terrifying.

Yep... It's almost like they are "grooming" the children. Hmmm... where have I heard that before




Sugar coating history, etc. is bunch of bs and keeping kids in the dark. Do repubs want the kids of this country to fall further behind the rest of the world?

They don't care. They just want people who don't question them, so in other words, they want the kids to grow up less educated so they won't question anything the repubs say or do.

@Redheadedgammy Power, control, and wealth. That is the motivation.

@Betty That does seem to be the repub playbook.


Sounds like south Dakota wants to be like the deep south. They teach a different history that I learned in the north east.


The real losers in all this repub bullshit are the children who will be taught that garbage!

For the repucks, that's fine, as they need less educated voters.

The textbooks when I was a student were whitewashed. Why can't the truth be told?

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