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LINK 'Goes Well Beyond Neglect': Lawsuit Alleges Texas Elementary School’s Only Two Black Students Were 'Choked, Punched and Tripped' While Staff ‘Turned a Blind Eye’

Two elementary students at a Texas school were humiliated, physically and psychologically tortured because of their race, a lawsuit obtained by Atlanta Black Star alleges.

Tatiawana Jackson said her son was choked, punched and tripped by other students, and his teacher would punish him by not allowing him to go to the restroom, leaving him to urinate in his pants. Chanda Johnson’s daughter was slapped so hard by another student that she lost hearing in one ear, and another student bit into her hand to the point where she required stitches, a federal complaint filed on July 28 says.

Staff at a North Pointe Elementary School in Clear Lake City did not report most of the violent attacks the children endured at the school, contrary to district policy. The students identified as John and Jane Doe were the only two Black students at the time, and the school “swept” the “incidents under the rug, rather than deal with the apparent racial discrimination,” the lawsuit alleges. ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 16

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Did the state time travel back a hundred years? What the (bleep) is wrong with them? Is their education system so bad that they are unaware of HUMAN RIGHTS? Do they not know what the word Human means?

Something very wrong with that state.

Betty Level 8 Aug 16, 2022

TexA$$! TexA$$! TexA$$!


Meanwhile the state of Texas is running vacation advertisements for white families to enjoy the countryside of the big drought-ridden state's deserts and lack of decent human rights.

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